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  1. Phoebe has left FOTPers!

    surprised divorce court GIF

    1. Phoebe


      Chile it was by accident someone add me back please


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  2. Chile the Yoü and I avatar slay omg ari7 

    • Academy Award
    • American Music Award x2
    • APRA Music Award
    • ASCAP Pop Music Award x6
    • Bambi Award
    • BET Award
    • Billboard Japan Music Award x2
    • Billboard Latin Music Award
    • Billboard Mid-Year Music Award x6
    • Billboard Music Award x7
    • Billboard Touring Award x3
    • Billboard Women In Music Award x2
    • BMI Film, TV & Visual Media Award
    • BMI London Award
    • BMI Pop Award x21
    • Brit Award x3
    • British Academy Film Award
    • BT Digital Music Award
    • CD Shop Award
    • CFDA Fashion Award
    • Channel V Thailand Music Video Award x2
    • Cilo Award x9
    • Critics' Choice Movie Award x2
    • Danish Music Award
    • Do Something! Award
    • Dorian Award x2
    • ECHO Award x3
    • ESKA Music Award x2
    • Fashion Los Angeles Award
    • GAFFA Denmark Award
    • GAFFA Sweden Award
    • Gaygalan Award x4
    • GLAAD Media Award x2
    • Glamour Award
    • Global Award
    • Gold Derby Award
    • Golden Globe Award x2
    • Gracie Award
    • Grammy Award x11
    • Guild Of Music Supervisors Award
    • Hollywood Music In Media Award x2
    • Hungarian Music Award x2
    • iHeartRadio Music Award x2
    • International Dance Music Award x6
    • Jane Ortner Education Award
    • Japan Gold Disc Award x10
    • LOS40 Music Award x2
    • Meteor Music Award
    • MTV Europe Music Award x10
    • MTV Italian Music Award x2
    • MTV Millennial Award
    • MTV Millennial Award Brazil
    • MTV Movie & TV Award x2
    • MTV Video Music Award x13
    • MTV Video Music Award Japan x4
    • MTV Video Music Award Brazil
    • MTV Video Play Award x8
    • MuchMusic Video Award x3
    • National Arts Award
    • National Board Of Review Award
    • NewNowNext Award x2
    • NME Award x5
    • NRJ Music Award x2
    • O Music Award x2
    • Patron Of The Artists Award
    • People's Choice Award x3
    • Pollstar Award
    • Poppy Award
    • Q Award 
    • RTHK International Pop Poll Award x13
    • Satellite Award x2
    • Shorty Award
    • Space Shower Music Video Award
    • Swiss Music Award x2
    • TEC Award
    • Teen Choice Award x3
    • Telehit Award x3
    • TMF Award x3
    • UK Music Video Award x2
    • Virgin Media Music Award x8
    • Webby Award x8
    • World Music Award x5
    • World Soundtrack Award
    • YouTube Music Award


  3. I might be becoming a Noanne stan shock1 Thanks @Phoebe

  4. moo8


    1. Phoebe


      7 hours ago, Freaky Prince said:

      There's literally... nothing false in it? laughcry1

      He didn't even read it, he just saw GodGa's name attached to it and downvoted. laughcry1

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  5. @GLORY @Luca @Venus XCX @Roman Zolanski I'm hearing the thing again brit2  It's the Mac notification and not the messenger sound. brit2 0:16


  6. remember to stream caution by the best selling female artist of all time mariah carey

    1. Phoebe


      i didn't know madonna had an album called caution

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  7. Justin Bieber's shit stains on his panties on my Twitter timeline... GET IT AWAY FROM ME!

  8. Justin Bieber's shit stains on his panties on my Twitter timeline... GET IT AWAY FROM ME!

  9. jNDiXiz.gif

    1. Phoebe


      The face you make when your next album flops harder than your past 2 studio albums combined. cry6

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  10. Listening to a 2012 hits playlist and omg the nostalgia bebe1 Please someone take me back bebe1

  11. the girls ain't doing it like this no mo


  12. @Freaky Prince she's the mother i never had. she's the sister everybody would want. she's the friend that everybody deserves. i don't know a better person.

  13. Am I the only one who hasn't watched a second of GOT and has absolutely no idea what is it about? bebe1