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  1. All the Lovers vs Into the Blue
    Get Outta My Way vs Million Miles
    Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) vs I Was Gonna Cancel
    Closer vs Sexy Love
    Everything Is Beautiful vs Sexercize
    Aphrodite vs Feels So Good
    Illusion vs If Only
    Better Than Today vs Les Sex
    Too Much vs Kiss Me Once
    Cupid Boy vs Beautiful
    Looking for an Angel vs Fine
    Can't Beat the Feeling vs Mr. President
    Heartstrings vs Sleeping With the Enemy
    Mighty Rivers vs Sparks
    Go Hard or Go Home vs Golden Boy

    Aphrodite: 12
    Kiss Me Once: 2


    1. Ray of Light
    2. Like a Prayer
    3. Erotica
    4. Confessions on a Dance Floor
    5. Bedtime Stories
    6. American Life
    7. Music
    8. Rebel Heart
    9. Hard Candy
    10. True Blue
    11. Madonna
    12. MDNA
    13. Like a Virgin
    14. Madame X
  2. 20 minutes ago, Madonna said:

    The fact you have been trying to push this narrative for YEARS and keep making different versions of this thread, proves that you’re wrong. You wouldn’t have to keep proving your point if MDNA was truly better than Rebel Heart.

    Collect her sir omg


  3. Magic vs. All the Lovers
    Miss a Thing vs. Get Outta My Way
    Real Groove vs. Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)
    Monday Blues vs. Closer
    Supernova vs. Everything Is Beautiful
    Say Something vs. Aphrodite
    Last Chance vs. Illusion
    I Love It vs. Better than Today
    Where Does the DJ Go? vs. Too Much
    Dance Floor Darling vs. Cupid Boy
    Unstoppable vs. Looking for an Angel
    Celebrate You vs. Can't Beat the Feeling
    Till You Love Somebody vs. Heartstrings
    Fine Wine vs. Mighty Rivers
    Hey Lonely vs. Go Hard or Go Home
    Spotlight vs. Silence

    DISCO: 6
    Aphrodite: 10

  4. the 1 vs. willow
    cardigan vs. champagne problems
    the last great american dynasty vs. gold rush
    exile vs. 'tis the damn season
    my tears ricochet vs. tolerate it
    mirrorball vs. no body, no crime 
    seven vs. happiness
    august vs. dorothea
    this is me trying vs. coney island 
    illicit affairs vs. ivy
    invisible string vs. cowboy like me
    mad woman vs. long story short
    epiphany vs. marjorie
    betty vs. hoax vs. closure
    peace vs. the lakes vs. evermore

    Folklore: 6
    Evermore: 9

  5. With the rumors/confirmations about the era re-re-restarting again, I thought we ought to start being active in this section so as the basic bitch I am, let's rank the album again after half a year.


    1. Chromatica I + Alice
    2. Replay
    3. Sour Candy
    4. Babylon
    5. Rain on Me
    6. Chromatica II + 911
    7. Chromatica III + Sine from Above
    8. Enigma
    9. Stupid Love
    10. 1000 Doves
    11. Free Woman
    12. Fun Tonight
    13. Plastic Doll
  6. Just now, Skyline said:

    I like Chromatica as an album but the lack of interest from her in the era is sad considering what she used to do with her first 3 eras.

    Let me be delulu for a quick minute and imagine that she's planning LG7 as we speak for next year and that's why she can't dedicate any time for Chromatica.

    I can dream, right?


    Strongly agree with the first part. I loved it at first but her lack of commitment and era for it made me appreciate it less for some reason. Let's hope she makes a cultural reset with LG7 (but she's gonna go back to the republican ballads again wbk)


  7. 4 minutes ago, Skyline said:

    The way she consistently messes up her eras somehow is a form of performance art.

    The last time she released an album with more than 3 singles or videos was 2011.


    She's a pro at that at this point tbh. ARTPOP was the last era I fully enjoyed from her


    Cheek to Cheek was cutesy, I had a problem with liking Joanne and the videos, I couldn't even finish ASIB cuz of how boring it was + her cringy persona during that time wasn't it and Chromatica had a LOT of potential but she let it all die... Yeah it was about time that I unstanned


    1. Like a Prayer vs. Survival
    2. Express Yourself vs. Secret
    3. Love Song vs. I'd Rather Be Your Lover
    4. Till Death Do Us Part vs. Don't Stop
    5. Promise to Try vs. Inside of Me
    6. Cherish vs. Human Nature
    7. Dear Jessie vs. Forbidden Love
    8. Oh Father vs. Love Tried to Welcome Me
    9. Keep It Together vs. Sanctuary
    10. Spanish Eyes vs. Bedtime Story
    11. Act of Contrition vs. Take a Bow