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  1. I knew you had taste. No, I was talking about how superior Born to Die is to Nintendo Games.
  2. born to die? yes, it is amazing.
  3. why do you do btd like that? flopped.
  4. No, she better pull a "Circus", "Ray of Light" or "Confessions on a Dance Floor" after that. Because we need Gaga to be a global star not a local.
  5. Vote for Video Games. EDIT: Oh, you're not in this.
  6. Vote for Video Games you filthy sluts!!!
  7. 01. Born to Die - Imperfect 02. Video Games - Ghostface 03. Video Games - EvilRegal 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13.
  8. Same. Tbqfh, I have forgotten half of Golden's songs, except the first five and Raining Glitter.
  9. E - V - VIP I - Invisible L - Last Goodbye R - Rainbow E - G - Gold Trans Am A - Animal L - Love Into the Light
  10. Best of Me Your Body Let There Be Love Cease Fire Lotus Intro Around the World Make the World Move Red Hot Kinda Love Army of Me Just a Fool Circles Light Up the Sky Blank Page Empty Words Shut Up Sing for Me i'm sorry but i really love this album and i'll keep defending it till the day i die.
  11. Really?? Where? They hardly play her on the radio. But I've heard Your Song a couple of times.
  12. What are these bops sent from above?omg The first 30 secs from Mannequin Factory reminded me of Judas but when I saw that RedOne produced them it was all clear.
  13. FU Betta is the only song I liked. But the others were utter sh!t.
  14. Ok, @Freaky Prince I'm done with listening to the songs. I'd rank them in this order: Ivy Levan (The Dame Says and Biscuit are THE bops adding them to my library as we speak ) > Jaira Burns > Lizzo > Tinasha > Neon Hitch
  15. Also, I'm starting to like Natalia's Trouble album as well. What kind of voodoo have u done to me?
  16. I will, maybe. PS. sis I have a confession to make: Yesterday I listened to Brooke again and holy fuck, Opulence, Nasty, Happy Days, Pop Rock... are that bops. And those visuals for Opulence...
  17. I listened to the Jsiains Burns songs and I like Low Key in Love and Ugly but I wasn't impressed with Sugarcoat that much. I will let you know what I think of them as soon as I am finished. PS. I don't care for Tinasha.
  18. Whew, I better get to work. Thank u for these recommendations.
  19. I'm bored with today's crap that it's called music and I've been listening to Liberation 24/7 and I don't wanna overplay it. So, please suggest some artists so I can check them out.
  20. Nicki is releasing 'Queen' aug10 so there's hope for Xtina to debut at #1.