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  1. I already did I can't put up with her shit anymore for the 4th era in a row
  2. Shitty performance for a shitty album from a shitty singer EDIT: We- just noticed it's not in BG lemme rephrase myself... Undeserved flopping for the bestest album from the greatest singer
  3. Waiting Where Life Begins Erotica Words Rain Bad Girl Deeper and Deeper Thief of Hearts Secret Garden Did You Do It? Why's It So Hard Fever In This Life Bye Bye Baby
  4. Gone Take a Bow Falling Free Like It or Not Wash All Over Me Easy Ride Secret Garden Voices Everybody Stay Mer Girl I Rise Love Makes the World Go Round Act of Contrition
  5. The Edge of Glory Babylon Applause Teeth I'll Never Love Again Summerboy Angel Down
  6. Supernova Miss a Thing Last Chance Fine Wine Say Something Dance Floor Darling Real Groove Magic I Love It Celebrate You Till You Love Somebody Hey Lonely Spotlight Where Does the DJ Go? Monday Blues Unstoppable
  7. safety net motive positions love language west side pov nasty my hair obvious just like magic six thirty 34+35 off the table shut up
  8. I think there won't be tours in 2021 as well cuz seeing how the situation is right now... OT: She might perform at the EMAs and drop one more video and that's it for this era. She will perform at the Grammys too ofc and the tour is getting CANCELLED for sure.
  9. Her most underrated album I've learned to appreciate it over the years and now it's actually one of my faves
  10. We have the same top 3 so I think we're on the same page sir
  11. Welcome to the 123123123rd edition of rank [insert record name] threads I have been listening to Tay this whole day so I wanna see y'alls rankings 1989 Red reputation Speak Now folklore Lover Fearless Taylor Swift
  12. You should've sat there and ate your musty a$$ food! OT: Yes bestie u spilled @Royale MTN is her best song ever me thinks
  13. The way she's a MONSTER in Brazil Brazilian liddos really deserve a stadium residency from her tbh
  14. Stupid Love OT: It's the only female album with all songs released this year that has reached 1 billion streams too See when you do talentry
  16. Music - Shego Music - mylifelies Music - STJ MDNA - The Sorcerer Music - CharnyBoy MDNA - Max Music - Madonna MDNA - Fletch Music - Freaky Prince MDNA - Phoebe
  17. I'm all in for 911 being the next single but what I'm not here for is it being released around 9/11. Let's pray she doesn't lose her career in 3 days