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  1. 1. Body Language - BabyMario44 2. Body Language - mylifelies 3. Body Language - Phoebe 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  2. 1. ROL - Max 2. ROL - Freaky Prince 3.TB - GlenCoco 4 True Blue - Phoebe
  3. Confessions on a Dance Floor Music True Blue
  4. 1. Lady Gaga - Chromatica 2. Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia 3. Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure?
  5. Did your really have to put a YT link for every song? It took ages for this page to load OT: Out of Control, Cake Like Lady Gaga, Panty Party, Glitter and Grease, Second Time Around, Reloaded, Nothing On (But the Radio) and Retro Physical
  6. If I was in your place rn I'd keep my mouth shut for eternity cuz...
  7. Ma'am this was so good I literally did not expect this It caught me off guard I was chilling at home I was like OH MY GOD
  8. 1. Madonna - STJ 2. Madonna - The Sorcerer 3. MDNA - Madonna 4. Like a Prayer - Max 5. Like a Prayer - Freaky Prince 6. MDNA - GlenCoco 7. MDNA - CharnyBoy 8. Maodnna - Phoebe
  9. The way I didn't notice Well that says a lot about how bad that album is
  10. 1. Group III - CharnyBoy 2. Group III - STJ 3. Group I - Freaky Prince 4. Group III - The Sorcerer 5. Group III - GlenCoco 6. Group I - Max 7. Group II - Madonna 8. Group III - Phoebe I second this
  11. They will be back together once their new duet is released I'm sure
  12. Well based on her reaction when she first performed the aforementioned songs, especially Jewels n Drugs, I wouldn't say she does
  13. The delusion Radio didn't even fully support Rain on Me, what makes you think they would support Babylon, Replay or any other song other than Free Woman? You may not like the song but it couldn't be more obvious that it's the only one left on the album that has the potential to crack the Mainstream Top 40 chart.
  14. The other songs I listed above could be written by embrios and I truly believe that even they could write them better than Gaga.
  15. Me when I have mental illness OT: Stupid Love is far from her most poorly written song now sis please I'd take Stupid Love any day over this for an example Walk down the runway, but don't puke, It's okay You just had a salad today, Boulangerie Just ask your gay friends their advice, before you Get a spray tan on Holiday, in Taipei I admit that my habit's expensive And you may find it, quite offensive But I won't die at the hands of another I'm your mother, sister, your father, brother This family is stupid attractive If you've surveyed the way we've acted Keep it comi
  16. Not me thinking your signature was a real add
  17. 1. Rebel Heart - STJ 2. Rebel Heart - Fletch 3. Erotica - Freaky Prince 4. Rebel Heart - GlenCoco 5. Erotica - Adamescence 6. Erotica - The Sorcerer 7. Rebel Heart - Max 8. Erotica - Madonna 9. Erotica - Phoebe
  18. I stan both equally and the remix is complete shit. The 3 of them sounded really well together, but that god awful production ruined the whole song for me.