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  1. I was catching up with the latest season yesterday and a nostalgic feeling came over me and I've been revisiting the seasons today. I'm going to rank the seasons from worst to best: 9. Roanoke 8. Freakshow 7. Hotel 6. 1984 5. Murder House 4. Coven 3. Apocalypse 2. Cult 1. Asylum The 3 seasons that came in last were so bad that I don't even remember the plot anymore. It was obvious that the center was given to Gaga in Hotel and apart from her, the season would've been my least favorite. I must say that 1984 could've been in my top 3 had they stayed with the whole slash
  2. That's why mama signed the fuck up
  3. Where's my pen cuz bitch I'm signing
  4. 1. Like a Prayer - Moira O'Hara 2. Like a Virgin - Freaky Prince 3. Like a Virgin - Phoebe 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  5. @Divine @Dennis Reynolds can you guys please remove the color name and sparkles from my username? nicki5

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  6. She is either going to eat pizza or blow Michael without even acknowledging them
  7. "A surprise appearance by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande at the Rose Bowl in LA was canned on Thursday due to fear of crowds not following social-distancing rules. The pop stars were expected to appear at Voss Events’ Drive ’N Drag show Friday, but the venue pulled the plug after the Chainsmokers’ Hamptons concert made headlines for maskless fans crowding in front of the stage at what was meant to be a safer “drive-in” event. “Gaga really wanted to do it, but the Rose Bowl pulled the plug because of what happened in the Hamptons,” a music insider told Page Six. “They feared that once th
  8. Alice Babylon Replay Sour Candy Enigma Free Woman Rain on Me 911 Fun Tonight 1000 Doves Sine from Above Plastic Doll Stupid Love Rain on Me, Sine from Above and 911 have decreased rapidly to be honest. Meanwhile Enigma, Free Woman and Babylon are slowly but surely fucking making their way to the top
  9. No. I want to keep my ears working thank you very much.
  10. you can still send in your rates til july 6th bb
  11. It has a few pretty good songs I ain't gon lie 7*
  12. @Ariana @Maria @Freaky Prince @Chris Morlock @CharnyBoy @Merryem @Simón. @LÉON @StrippedX @Gilly @fab @pang @STJ @Madonna @Urbanov Hi guys, would it be a problem if you had to rate ASIB's songs too? Since me and Kevin have a pretty good concept for the ceremony and we need one more album for it to be complete. (Look at this album as a bonus round and the 5,00 average per era score won't count this time around) Anyway, I will leave the PM-friendly tracklisting in a spoiler and if u can, please PM your scores to me until July 6th 12PM local time. Yours truly, Fibi
  13. @Fletch @Urbanov @Luca @Daenerys @Hyun. @Tahj @CHANEL #1 @STJ @Infrared tagging some active members who like/stan Gaga to send in your rates. The deadline has been extended to July 6th 12PM local time.
  14. Phoebe

    Artist Randomdonna

    I'm down for it
  15. the way it didn't </3 the deadline was extended
  16. Madonna's 3rd and best-selling studio album, True Blue, turns 34 this year. Happy birthday to this pop staple and impactful 80s masterpiece. What are your favorite songs this record? Celebrate by streaming the album: https://open.spotify.com/album/6fmnT17jc2Sc69q3nza1eD
  17. Mine kinda remains the same too Get Outta My Way Everything Is Beautiful Illusion All the Lovers Can't Beat the Feeling This album should be in the history books in my honest opinion.
  18. Y'all need to understand the difference between overplaying an album and an album ACTUALLY aging. And also, kinda brave of you to talk about aging music with your stan badges but oh well
  19. The price was the same as the basic copies of the album tho and the dot one was photoshopped. But still, I'd rather get a line that's genuine and know that it's from her than get one ala Demi style.