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  1. Not We Found Love and Roar fighting for this title Literally one of the most annoying songs of all time
  2. Alice Sour Candy Replay Enigma Rain on Me 911 and Sine from Above were in my top 5 at the beginning but Enigma and Alice kinda shitted on 'em.
  3. Diamond Heart / Alice A-YO / Stupid Love Joanne / Rain On Me John Wayne / Free Woman Dancin' In Circles / Fun Tonight Perfect Illusion / 911 Million Reasons / Plastic Doll Sinner's Prayer / Sour Candy Come To Mama / Enigma Hey Girl / Replay Angel Down / Sine From Above Grigio Girls / 1000 Doves Just Another Day / Babylon Joanne: 3 Chromatica: 10
  4. The visuals are amazing omg But the lyrics baby girl... where are they?
  5. Gaga has a song out called Engima?
  6. Thank you for hosting this megarate @Ariana. The graphics were next level!
  7. This planet tour was so shitty I demand a refund @Ariana
  8. Shit on Me still in? Is it the crack or the mental illness?
  9. If Rain on Me wins trust that I'll be rigging the scores for Gaga's discography megarate oh yes
  10. When you're ranking the album from bottom to top maybe
  11. After seeing these tragic song placements... It'd be an honor
  12. The fact that Cum on Me is still in Sine From Above or Sour Candy deserved top 5 placement
  13. Sour Grammy is out? Okay time for me to leave this dumpster
  14. Sour Candy, Replay and Alice are still in See when you do talentry
  15. I fear @Winnie.#BLM's M***** X disease has spread around all of Chromatica