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  1. Rachel Green


    poor dat.
  2. Rachel Green


    that's a weird way to spell music of the sun and a girl like me.
  3. Rachel Green

    the delusion in the op... thank u, next indeed
  4. Rachel Green


    On this day 6 years Rihanna released her 7th studio album, Unapologetic. It has sold over 4 million copies worldwide and spawned the smash hits: 'Diamonds' and 'Stay'. Happy birthday Unapologetic! Share your memories with this album.
  5. Fantastic, chique, freak, SLAY!


  6. Rachel Green


    this gives me "do you ever feel like a plastic bag?" teas
  7. Rachel Green


    i'll be waiting.
  8. Rachel Green


    send them anyway. we love a controversial megarate
  9. Rachel Green

    suddenly i'm allergic to nuts
  10. Rachel Green

    i'm not hungry tho