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  1. LFKEOWISJOSJWKSJSJSJSJSJSJ Bitch those visualsssss Can someone post the full setlist please?
  2. Rachel Green


    I Run Away Before the Goodbye When I Found You What It's Like to Be Me Lonely Boys (The Co-Ed Remix) I'm a Slave 4 U Overprotected I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman I Love Rock N Roll Let Me Be Bombastic Love Cinderella Anticipating That's Where You Take Me
  3. Didn't say it wasn't but the original idea of the video was great but she scrapped it... for what? And I will never forgive her for scrapping the original mv for Make Me. Glory would've done 10x better if she released it.
  4. Blackout's vids were a mess. And Make Me...'s video exists a.k.a. Brit's worst mv ever, so no.
  5. Femme Fatale Circus Oops!... I Did It Again In the Zone Britney ...Baby One More Time Blackout Britney Jean Glory
  6. Rachel Green


  7. Rachel Green


    I mean you stan Bjork so it's kinda OK for you to listen to satanic and ''not-human'' voices.
  8. Rachel Green

    Coming for Barbra's 12312312312 self titled albums
  9. Rachel Green


    This is the first time that I've seen someone stan Cum for Breakfast. There's a first time for everything indeed.
  10. Rachel Green


    Indeed. And taste btw.
  11. Rachel Green


    Not Myself Tonight Bionic Birds of Prey Lift Me Up Woohoo Desnudate Stronger Than Ever I Hate Boys Vanity Monday Morning Prima Donna Glam Bobblehead You Lost Me I Am All I Need Elastic Love Little Dreamer Sex for Breakfast My Girls Green - 11 Yellow - 9, 10 Orange - 5 Red -
  12. Rachel Green

    The 3rd best song on Biconic
  13. Rachel Green

    Invitation vs. Maria Make Me vs. Sick of Sittin' Private Show vs. Fall in Line Man on the Moon vs. Right Moves Just Luv Me vs. Like I Do Clumsy vs. Deserve Do You Wanna Come Over? vs. Twice Slumber Party vs. Accelerate Just Like Me vs. Pipe Love Me Down vs. Masochist Hard to Forget Ya vs. Unless It's With You