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  1. Lead single: March 8 Album: July 5
  2. peterstyles13


    State Of Grace vs ... Ready For It? Red vs End Game Treacherous vs I Did Something Bad BOTH 22 vs Don't Blame Me All Too Well vs Delicate I Knew You Were Trouble vs Look What You Made Me Do I Almost Do vs So It Goes ... BOTH We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together vs Gorgeous NONE Stay Stay Stay vs Getaway Car The Last Time vs King Of My Heart Holy Ground vs Dancing With Our Hands Tied Sad Beautiful Tragic vs Dress Everything Has Changed vs This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things The Lucky One vs Call It What You Want Starlight vs New Year's Day BOTH Begin Again vs I Don't Wanna Live Forever Red: 11 Rep: 7
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    It's coming, ladies! A tropical vibe lead single with a summer album! Love that for us!
  4. wow edgy OT: Still a cool song
  5. get banned then OT: Cool song
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    We love the best song released since So It Goes...
  7. peterstyles13


    We love talent, whew
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    I’m a snake!
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    Thanks sis Hopefully this forum won’t ruin my life like the other one
  10. peterstyles13

    The most underrated song on Reputation: So It Goes Scratches down your back now So, so, so it goes
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    Hi everyone I'm Peter and I'm obviously new here. I'm 19 and have been a Taylor fan since 2006 and a dedicated Swiftie since 2011. Favourite album = Red Favourite song = State Of Grace Can't wait to talk to y'all, this forum needs more Swifties