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  1. these are only beats/instrumentals that don't contain vocals The tape (with vocals) is the following: Like A Prayer (Demo) (Leaked) Angelo (Angels With Dirty Faces) (Leaked) Spanish Eyes (Demo) (Unleaked as of now) Cherish (Demo) (Leaked) Little Girl (Promise To Try Demo) (Unleaked as of now) Out Of Time (Till Death Do Us Part Demo) (Unleaked as of now) Dear Jessie (Demo) (Unleaked as of now)
  2. CharlieXOX


    anyone has the remaining tracks of the ROL assembly Sky Fits Heaven (Demo) Nothing Really Matters (Demo) Never Love A Stranger I'll Be Gone Has To Be 2 Be Careful
  3. CharlieXOX


    birthday suit should be leaked next
  4. CharlieXOX


    we need to update the list with Beat of my heart rolling stone new york (Golden unreleased singing live) drip drop
  5. the song's demo leaked tody. it is sung by livvi franc http://streethiphop.co/livvi-franc-red-hot-kinda-love-demo-christina-aguilera/
  6. CharlieXOX


    pleasee can you know the snippets that we have like rolling Stone And Beat To my heart to which era they belong??