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  1. anyone has the remaining tracks of the ROL assembly Sky Fits Heaven (Demo) Nothing Really Matters (Demo) Never Love A Stranger I'll Be Gone Has To Be 2 Be Careful
  2. CharlieXOX


    birthday suit should be leaked next
  3. CharlieXOX


    we need to update the list with Beat of my heart rolling stone new york (Golden unreleased singing live) drip drop
  4. New demo leaked onllne on Soundcloud. This song is not sung by Kylie. But by a demo singer. I guess that the demo has meant to be for Kiss Me Once Era by the track sound.
  5. CharlieXOX


    i'll pm you the song
  6. CharlieXOX


    ohhh. I guess the unreleased after FF are harder to get. plus, Michelle was only involved only for ITZ sessions
  7. CharlieXOX


    hahahahaa that's a fake one with Bridie Heaton voice
  8. i read that she recorded 23 track for Britney (2001). we got 16 tracks on the album (counting bonus and b-side) and 3 demos ( Mad Love, Am I A Sinner, When I Say So) and the other unreleaseds must be Bring Me Home, Baby can't you see and another mysterious unreleased. http://britneyspears.wikia.com/wiki/Britney
  9. CharlieXOX


    I hope she release the full peep show and like i'm fallin, I guess she doesn't have a copy of britney version of disguise my love (But we got the producer's demo at least right??)
  10. for BOMt?? OIDIA?? Britney (2001)?? ITZ?? Blackout?? Circuss?? FF?? BJ?? Glory?? The Original Doll?
  11. CharlieXOX


    @Marlon we need first to know if the account is real and then says YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  12. the song's demo leaked tody. it is sung by livvi franc http://streethiphop.co/livvi-franc-red-hot-kinda-love-demo-christina-aguilera/
  13. ariana grande@arianagrandefromfriday2nextfriday (ASK.Fm) said the following y’all know that sgho and sober aren’t going to be on the new album so i’m thinking about releasing them on soundcloud since y’all spammed me with tons of tweets / posts that you want to have these songs so bad. i love u mooore. Is this account is the real ariana grande ask fm