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  1. I apparently obtained the rare radio edit version of Kesha's "Woman". This is the snippet to prove that I did. I am not really looking forward into leaking this... at least, anytime soon - or now.
  2. When I had the unreleased collection back in 2012, I organised them by the year of when they leaked since I don’t know the songs’ real year of production. Now, I don’t have them and I’m collecting them (again), I left the Year in the metadata blank.
  3. Keathen


    I swear I saw artworks of Kesha’s albums edited, removing the ‘$’ and replacing them with a normal ‘s’. I think it’s in this forum. Can anyone link the thread? Much appreciated!
  4. Keathen


    @Chris Morlock https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xnI2NWt0qwpdcckGEADVDUr35ohWLFb0/view - still prefer this version, tho.
  5. Keathen


    Honey, this is a 30-second preview version, as the spoiler below the playback reads. Download the track buy clicking the 'Buy' button or the icon with a shopping cart at the top-right corner of the playback. Now, you know.
  6. Would you agree? I don’t effin’ care if you dislike the song! I wanna know if you like this version instead. I swear, Katy only received the backlash because of the rumour of Ari being in it is false…which is the nature of rumours, right?
  7. Keathen


    When Kesha was allegedly abused by Łukasz "Luke" Gottwald, he was despised by all for what he's done. Even the people are working with him, willingly or forcefully. Like Kelly Clarkson when she was blackmailed if she doesn't write/produce songs with Dr. Luke. What if Katy Perry started to work with him again? I mean--Dr. Luke was one of the reason for Katy's rise during her One of the Boys and Teenage Dream era, and maybe PRISM [#NoShade]. But upon hearing backlashes about Kelly being forced to work with Luke, will Katy receives the same when she works with him? I ask you all this since there are still people who has the nerve to say that she needs to work with Dr. Luke again. Maybe they didn't hear the news about the legal battle of Kesha and Luke, 'tis why they still want him to work with KP [for #KP5]. Or maybe they're wanting Katy receive backlash for working with him as much as she worked with Migos, or she has no choice, or people just wants to troll?
  8. An upbeat version of the song by Dua Lipa anyone? - Dua Lipa - Bang Bang (Remastered)
  9. Keathen

    What? The original mix or this one? If it's the original, well... idk. I don't even think it's included into an Italian edition of her self-titled debut album. Btw, I hope you liked the remastered version I made.
  10. Keathen


    Here, hon! It got taken down for obvious reasons about SoundCloud's BS copyright system. https://soundcloud.com/young-keathen/teenage-dream-demo-snippets (I can't embed the playback link, atm)
  11. This is giving me OOTB vibes.
  12. My fingers, crossed/tied into a knot. Hope this will be the case, tho. Can't KP5 arrive any sooner? Yup! She could've revive a bit of Rock spirit to the 2000s peeps out there.
  13. Keathen


    Oof! Just bumped in to this thread again.