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    When I had the unreleased collection back in 2012, I organised them by the year of when they leaked since I don’t know the songs’ real year of production. Now, I don’t have them and I’m collecting them (again), I left the Year in the metadata blank.
  2. Keathen


    Can't! The forum won't let me. You have to PM me first instead.
  3. Keathen


    May I interest you in Katy Perry Solo Edit Albums?
  4. Keathen


    But what about Sia's version? Hope you do as well.
  5. Keathen


    I wish those exists. What I have are demos entrusted to me. And since Katy Perry's Passenger in untagged version is starting to widen circulation around the traders, I will be the one to leak it. What I can only say that I have besides these is a LQ snippet of Katy's Teenage Dream demo. Discussed by professional traders and said they're legit, so I cannot leak it to the mass... yet.
  6. Keathen


    No, you're not, hon. What you say is a fact!