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  1. photoshop. it's kind of a tedious process
  2. i'm comparing her and selena, i thought that was fairly obvious you know you can't argue with the facts and tea i just spelt so you and others automatically just label me as "mad" or "obsessed"
  3. i'm mad? news to me. i thought i was just spelling the tea and giving credit where it deserves
  4. unfortunately not everyone can do both and be successful like selena
  5. well for starters, buttchin has nothing in the looks department on the beautiful and talented QUEEN selena yikes.... 2. wizards of waverly place lasted 4 seasons over a span of 5 years while sunny with a chance only lasted 2 seasons for not even 2 years and lastly, selena managed to rake up her only two solo albums to #1 on the bb hot 100 while demi only managed to rake up one #1 out of SEVEN studio albums poor little rat no wonder she was such a bitter cunt on her days on the xfactor panel, and remains as such in the shadow of her peers
  6. at least she knew all of the words
  7. Review

    me acting like i knew what heartbreak was at 12
  8. Review

  9. currently beyonce but britney 1998-2004
  10. love that my avi of the beautiful, talented, one and only, still relevant miss britney spears is getting in some good use
  11. um race really has nothing to do with it there's plenty of women of color i find beautiful, rihanna, beyonce, mariah, etc. ariana is just not cute anymore and that's just my lil ol opinion