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  1. @ajp First week sales: Carly's The Loneliest Time: 10,314 Miley Cyrus's Plastic Hearts: 19,053
  2. @ajp Carly Rae Jepsen vs Taylor Swift: Better music: Carly Better promotional and PR team: Taylor
  3. @ajp Carly has used the hiding likes feature on her Instagram. No one will be able to see how many likes her posts get from now on. Good for her because she has decided that her likes number doesn't represent her self-worth.
  4. @ajp All Carly's fans I talked to said they BOUGHT her albums. They don't stream.
  5. And Ellie has also been getting Carly's treatment since Brightest Blue era. Ellie flopped so Interscope immediately halted all the promotion. Just a common rule: once an artist is no longer commercially viable, the label will stop promoting him/her, unless that artist wants to be big and pay for promo cost him/herself (I don't know anyone who is that hungry for fame, do you know?)
  6. promo songs / album tracks lol anyone can edit that site there won't be anything released from this album. Side B will be out in October though. The title track's music video is the most expensive one of this era. TTY is the cheapest, just her standing and dancing in front of a green screen.
  7. Yes. They have to tour to pay back the label the recording cost and promotion cost.
  8. @ajp Technically, this is NOT a single. It is just an album track with a music video. So are all of her songs with music videos after Run away with me. Her last single was Run Away With Me (released in July 2015). RAWM was sent to US radio but it wasn't put in any Spotify playlist due to lack of budget. As you said, she and her team decided to pull RAWM from radio and cease all promotion for the album, as well as her career as a MAINSTREAM artist because Carly herself knows that she has carved a niche for herself as a cult artist instead of a mainstream artist.
  9. @ajp Carly is BIGGER than Ellie Goulding in the USA. First week sales: Brightest Blue: 7,4k The Loneliest Time: 10,3k
  10. It is a COLOSSAL flop. They spent much more money on promotion than Carly did.
  11. Yes. It costs around 75,000$ to send a song to mainstream radio. The promotion cost is even much bigger. Her decision was correct in retrospect. It would have flopped due to no GP support. Look at what happened to The Loneliest Time (song) and Made You Look. Both songs went quite viral the week before the album release but TLT failed to gain a lot of streams because it was Carly's tiny fanbase that did all the streaming, no one knows the song outside the small bubble that is Carly's tiny fanbase. Whereas Made You Look became a global hit because the GP supported Megan.
  12. @ajp Your thoughts on this? https://twitter.com/PopDataMusic/status/1591239669156810752
  13. tragic number. But she doesn't care because she probably has her (rich) boyfriend fund her music career.
  14. @ajp Carly quit MAINSTREAM music industry in July 2015. Run away with me is her last song to be sent to US mainstream radio by her label Interscope. Everything she has released since July 2015 (all songs and albums) is not sent to radios nor promoted. It is factually incorrect and is also a common misconception that she is ''indie''. Carly is NOT indie. She is signed to a big label Interscope. Her albums are loaded with mainstream producers who also worked with Taylor Swift. The only difference between Carly and Taylor is that Carly doesn't sell a lot like Taylor because Taylor's songs a
  15. @ajp First week pure sales: The Loneliest Time: 10,314 copies Future Nostalgia: 17,439 copies