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  1. thanks a million ! I love you ! It's true great music always comes from Scandinavia !
  2. The dramatic build up music ??its name? I heard it on many tv shows.
  3. a gold medal well bestowed for your answer !
  4. that pic was taken in 2014 though.
  5. Yeah. What do you think is the reason Britney doesn't care about her career anymore?
  6. In August 2016, Britney Spears released her 9th studio album ''Glory''. Glory sold 88,000 pure copies first week and spent only 7 weeks on chart (7 weeks at #200). To date, glory has sold 135,000 pure copies in the US. Why did it flop so bad?
  7. Britney is an irrelevant fad that lasts for 5 years. Even though I love Britney as a person. She is a manufactured artist. Taylor is true artist who sings and produces her own music.
  8. Just accept it. Britney's peak is NOT impressive . Most of her singles flopped. Sometimes #21, Lucky #23, Slave #27, Overprotected #86, Me against the music #35 Her first two albums were released DURING THE PEAK OF ALBUM SALES. Going diamond at that time is similar to 3xPlatinum nowadays. And all of Taylor's album sold more than 4 million copies DURING DIGITAL SALES. Britney couldn't tour stadiums like Taylor. 1,3 million copies in 2000 is around 300k in 2015. And Adele sold 3.38 million while Taylor did 1,216,000 in 2017.
  9. ARTPOP and Reputation have no deluxe editions. I thought deluxe versions were used to boost album sales as stans buy two copies?
  10. so Katy didn't sleep until 2 or 3 am that night. That is exhausting.
  11. That's mostly for opening act. Headliners start at 8pm. I don't get it. Why don't they start earlier? From 4pm to 6pm for example. Finishing the show at almost 11pm and then leave arenas to arrive at hotel must really really exhausting for the tour crew.
  12. and all of them are male.
  13. The world? 95% of pop producers come from a single country: Sweden. If you don't know about this, google it for more infor.
  14. thank 4 the answer !