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  1. taylor1989

    what? my thread title is a question
  2. The total sales of ANTI and Witness say it all. Not to mention as of June 2018 the GP still loves Rihanna while no one knows who Katy Perry is. Why? What does queen Rihanna have that Flopty doesn't?
  3. taylor1989

    Love your answer ! That Chun Flop song is already almost out of top 100 iTunes. She is so scared of flopping she had to delay her album and we all know her album will flop hard.
  4. taylor1989

    I said it. So what? Where is Michael ''Hung up'' and ''4 Minutes''. His career last 16 years from 1979 to 1995 (pre-Off the wall doesn't count) while Madonna has lasted for 36 years.
  5. Why does Nicki keep flopping with 5 consecutive singles while Cardi B keeps slaying on the charts?
  6. His 1995 History album underperformed to his standard. His 2001 Invincible album was a complete flop. It sold less than Britney and NSync's albums despite costing 30 million to make and promote. The era only has 1 music video and hit single. Why did Madonna have her Hung up in 2005 and 4 minutes in 2008 but Michael couldn't? Michael is overrated commercially, George Michael and Phil Collins sold more than him in many countries. Michael didn't have any longevity at all.
  7. The opening artist starts at 7pm The main headliner starts at 8pm until 10pm. He/she arrives at hotel at 11pm. Sleep 7/8 hours and then the next morning goes to the airport and flies to the next city? Or is it different? Can member who is knowledgeable about music industry tell me? Bonus question: Does an artist pay for the production cost of his/her album? Or it is the label that pays?
  8. taylor1989

    tell me, why do you think pop music is gay but hiphop music is straight?
  9. taylor1989

    I have a gay male friend who listens to rap. is he straight?
  10. taylor1989

    Bodybuilding.com teas. You are homophobic and ignorant.
  11. taylor1989

    100% agree. Everytime a member praises another member's body, they use the word ''phaggot'' immediately.
  12. taylor1989

    the most homophobic and insecure website in the world !
  13. So the headliner earns about 60% of tour total revenue. But about the opening act? He/she opens the show with about 10 songs that half of what the headliner sings. For example, Carly Rae Jepsen opened Last Vegas show for Katy's Witness Tour, that show grossed $1,230,517. How much was Carly paid?
  14. taylor1989

    on that website, every member use the word ''phaggot'' in every single post.