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    YAAAAS and also to show she can also sing. The performances for a stripped-back era would be chill and really showcase her vocals since she wouldn't have to be running around trying to do choreo that really isn't her forte.
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    Katy knows how to write a pop melody ouf but when she mixes pop with rock, it's heaven
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    Thank you bb
  4. I would be so here for a stripped back Katy Perry album à la Joanne. I really wish she would return to her old style. I've always felt Katy's voice really suited the punk rock and acoustic genres. Her earlier music had that Hayley Williams of Paramore spunk. I think an album that features fewer writers and more of Katy's pre-commercial artistry would win back the GP and garner huge praise from fans and critics alike. Might even allow her to finally snatch a Grammy and have a breakthrough with the older generation and ditch the toddlers. Plus, her songs with the least writers are always the best in my opinion. Just imagine her returning to this, so simple yet so tear-jerking: ONE writer I'd totally be down for an album full of this: The lyrical content could be completely different and non-religious, I'm just speaking in terms of how the album could sonically sound. Both written by one or two writers. A TALENT. Let's also not forget iconic PunkKaty As for her looks, I'd be here for grungy/dark/soft goth Katy (aka Dark Joanne if she was into streetwear) Please Katy, bring these styles back for your next album! What do you guys think? What are you expecting? What do you want Katy to experiment with in ha comeback that will snatch weaves and shut ha haters?