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    Just popping in to confirm that I would be participating @Ronlop
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    I loved whatever little time I spent here Ron, but your priorities come first, all the best <3
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    LOL as messy as the real katy
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    Wow I think you outdid all day 1 performances combined
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    Oops, thanks.
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    ADELE PERFORMS AT GLASTONBURY All I Want Adele kicks off her set with her latest lead single off her comeback album. She briefly interacts with the audience praising the atmosphere and warning them about the roller coaster of emotions they are about to experience. She proceeds to ask the audience if they are ready 3 times and the 3rd time they said yes, the stage goes dark. A silence develops in the audience over the confusion. Suddenly a spotlight appears on a grand piano. Adele proceeds to sit on the piano and starts playing the instrumental of "All I Want". Her voice fills the entire venue, permeating like thunder and mesmerizing the audience. Her soul transcends and affects every person witnessing it. Adele was in tears at the end of the performance but so were the audience. There was a brief moment of silence when the song ended displaying how deeply everyone was involved in the performance. A single clap breaks the silence followed by a thunderous applause. Adele gets up from the piano and apologizes to the audience for making them cry. She remarks - "I swear, I have been told that I have the ability to avert water scarcity situations with ease" and the audience breaks out into laughter. Hometown Glory, Rolling in the Deep and Hello Post the performance of All I Want, Adele informed the audience that she is going to perform a continuous medley of 3 songs - one each from her previous albums 19, 21 and 25. She started off the medley with "Hometown Glory" as an ode to the city that made her. While she stood under a spotlight and performed the fan favourite from 19, a black and white video of London's main sites played in the background screen. It was a mesmerizing performance that the audience loved and won rave applause. Towards the end, the screen rolled up and revealed a band and huge panels of lighting. She immediately transitioned into 'Rolling in the Deep" from the album 21. As the song built up, the lights started making patterns adding to the amazing feel of the song. Adele soon made audience join in the action by making them sing some parts too. The bombastic ending of the song was aided by a confetti shower that the audience seemed to appreciate. Finally, Adele transitioned into her mega smash "Hello" as the curtains fell on the band and the spotlight returned. She gave an acoustic performance with her raw authenticity and powerful voice. The high notes on the song were unmatched by any other performance on Glastonbury so far and most probably won't be matched until Celine performs later. Love at your side Adele thanks the crowd and bids good bye. As she turns, a sudden spotlight falls on the piano near her. She turns back and asks the audience if anyone knew what that was for. While the audience wondered, she starts laughing. She then proceeds to ask them if they would like to hear an unreleased track from her new album. She is met by a roaring yes from them and she proceeds to sit down on the piano. She then says "Have you ever been in love with someone and even after you part ways, you always wanted them to do the best in their life no matter what and you would cheer them on with love? If you do, then you will love this song. If you don't, no worries. It's got a great melody and a poetic flow. So, you will love it either way". She finishes the performance with her usual vocal ability and grace and leaves the audience in a pleasant mood. Adele says good bye (again) and funnily remarks that the audience doesn't need to worry because she is leaving for good this time leaving them in a sea of laughter. Adele's Glastonbury set is now available to watch on CALtube. Her new singles "All I Want" and "Love at your side" are available for purchase and streaming.
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    Love at your side Written and Produced by Adele Distributed by Angel Records in association with WMG Released on 18th Feb, 2018 Adele is back with a promo single following her highly praised lead single "All I Want". She did a surprise performance of this song at Glastonbury as the finale of her set surprising everyone. It is now available for purchase and streaming. The song is in the vein of classic American songwriters that covey a story in a poetic manner like Bob Dylan. It talks about loving someone forever even if they aren't in the person's life anymore. It's about wishing their success and finding happiness in the fact that there is no animosity but just admiration and love. LYRICS INSTRUMENTAL
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    I GIVE UP OMG . HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO COMPETE WITH YOU AND @Harry_CAL fbfjgdbgjbg Your singing is great, put it on the official track <3