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  1. Honestly I don’t get some of the judging this season... maybe I’m bias but there always seemed to be some shit in Trixie’s way. She only really bombed Snatch Game
  2. TEA....... her and Ben had the best characters by far, if Bebe really did better the edit should’ve reflected that
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    Put Your Hands Up???
  4. ugh wig I’m gonna add it asap
  5. winner winner chicken dinner
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    People who say X is her worst need to hand their stan cards in at the door.
  7. Tell them. Should’ve gave us all free tickets instead of these rude cunts
  8. Raining Glitter for third single.
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    justice for flower
  10. Being vanilla but the tea is the only absolutely terrible song is Beautiful. I Was Gonna Cancel & Sexy Live could lowkey go but aren’t offensive. I think Kiss Me Once has always had a bad treatment from fans like, Million Miles is THAT song so is Feels So Good and Fine and If Only
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  12. Of course...
  13. I’m so hungover and miserable today so my mum gave me an early birthday present and it’s two golden circle tickets...
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    The end of KM94.