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  1. Fletch


    1. Lost Without You 2. A Lifetime to Repair 3. Sincerely Yours 4. Golden 5. Radio On 6. Raining Glitter 7. Live a Little 8. Shelby ‘68 9. Music’s Too Sad Without You 10. Rollin’ 11. Stop Me From Falling 12. Dancing 13. Every Little Part of Me 14. Low Blow 15. One Last Kiss 16. Love
  2. Fletch


    Raining Glitter or Live a Little.
  3. Fletch

    Legendary video underrated single
  4. Fletch


    One of my brackets is The One vs Get Outta My Way...
  5. The choices in this ranking...
  6. Fletch


    Light Years Aphrodite Golden Let’s Get to It Fever Enjoy Yourself Kiss Me Once Rhythm of Love
  7. Fletch


    Not y’all dragging Raining Glitter before it even came out
  8. Fletch


    I was shaking because that’s literally the only place I can get physical music from for a good distance
  9. Fletch


    girl what, I was just in there buying it today
  10. I bought my copy today... I am wigless
  11. Fletch


  12. Fletch


    X > Body Language > Golden > Fever > Aphrodite > Light Years > Kiss Me Once X is really just THAT era for me in terms of 2000s. Bops. Looks. Feelings. It isn't by any stretch of the imagination cohesive...... But it all works for me.
  13. Fletch


    All The Lovers vs. Dancing Get Outta My Way vs. Me From Falling Put Your Hands Up vs. Golden Closer vs. A Lifetime to Repair Everything Is Beautiful vs. Sincerely Yours Aphrodite vs. One Last Kiss Illusion vs. Live a Little Better Than Today vs. Shelby '68 Too Much vs. Radio On Cupid Boy vs. Love Looking For An Angel vs. Raining Glitter Cant Beat The Feeling vs. Music's Too Sad Without You Heartstrings vs. Lost Without You 8 to Golden, 6 to Aphrodite.