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  1. Fletch


    What a snatch.
  2. Fletch


    what a terrible suggestion to make about her second best album
  3. Fletch


  4. But she also cut Breathe so no one wins here
  5. I love the setlist. I’m at peace now that she’d Never drop things like Kids etc... she gave us some songs that I wasn’t expecting so I think this is my favourite tour setlist since Showgirl, but Aphrodite is still her best over all...
  6. Sounds like a fucking snatch.
  7. she getting fucking do Million Miles and Put Yourself In My Place since they were teased tf.
  8. I love how she’s also done Slow on every tour(right?) since it came out and we never tire of it. Iconic song (not u w*w) FUCK K*DS
  9. If I had actually gone I would’ve been stood in the crowd like this:
  10. Omg I’m fucking furious I had to give up my golden circle tickets for tonight...
  11. Yeah we fucking stan forever.
  12. Confide in Me is on the setlist...
  13. I’m pretty new to enjoying Christina’s discography as a whole so this list will be a mess no in particular order; lift me up, right moves, can’t hold us down, get mine get yours, monday morning, deserve, ain’t no other man, i am (stripped), let there be love, here to stay
  14. Fletch


    Justice for Bionic