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  1. Planet HER is not just be an album, it will be a moment. It will be taught in the history books. It will be the most powerful and impactful piece of work the world will ever see. More important than Jesus coming back to earth or the bing bang. Planet HER will dominate.
  2. But we won’t be able to make it not bop
  3. song of the summer incoming!!! Queen of Music
  4. Song of the summer 


  5. What is this not gold rush, tis the damn season and long story short panneries! Kiiii
  6. We most definitely do sir
  7. Hey, how are you both? carla1 @Princess Aurora @Max


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    2. Max


      The forum seems to agree bebe1

    3. Royalty
    4. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      It's 8am for me now fall5

  8. I need payday to be rn 

  9. Kylie is a fucking legend and it’s about time you all dealt with that as a matter of fact she rarely misses, always puts on incredible tours and has a stage presence and performance ability that absolutely needs to be respected more. I can only gather her haters are from the states who have been tasteless enough to let her brilliance slip through their fingers poor y’all
  10. AOTY dropped hope you’re all streaming 


    1. Urbi


      No jj2