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  1. Speak to me after working a 70 hour week
  2. 1. Ex-Girlfriend 2. Monday Morning 3. Danger Zone 4. Happy Now? 5. Naughty
  3. I have been hunting this vinyl forever it’s either too much at the time or gets snapped up immediately having all the Tragic Kingdom variants is a life goal
  4. 1. Tragic Kingdom 2. The Sweet Escape 3. Push and Shove 4. Truth 5. Rock Steady
  5. This is gonna be beyond excellent if Pay Your Way in Pain is anything to go by
  6. So Good was so bad so I wasn’t expecting anything, and luckily for me I hadn’t heard any of the singles and I have to say.... I LOVE this album? It’s so feel good, the production is amazing and catchy? Maybe I am a Poster Girl stan!
  7. 1. New 2. Its My Life 3. Cool 4. Platinum Blonde Life 5. Don’t Let Me Down
  8. 1. Hella Good 2. Hollaback Girl 3. Yummy 4. Wind it Up 5. Spark the Fire
  9. 1. Don’t Speak 2. Early Winter 3. Wonderful Life 4. Running 5. Used to Love You
  10. It’s the serve


  11. Definitely keep comments such as these to BG, in future. Thanks!