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  1. Aren’t you an educator maybe you need to read a book @Madonna
  2. Renaissance AOTY bey5

    1. Mario Spears

      Mario Spears


      Renaissance is flawless! truly AOTY!

  3. Happy birthday to our third favourite Romanian (after Maria and wrs) happy birthday legend!! @Gabe.

    1. Kylie



    2. Gabe.


      im so sorry for missing this 💀 i didnt log in in several days 

      thank you thank you thank you! :serving:



  4. I know I’m just being Mrs petty
  5. Thank you all!! Sorry I wasn’t present for most of it,.. but I did have fun when I was here. @Snow you did amazing sweetie, and everyone was really good with their trinities too!!
  6. I was one week away from a psych ward if I had to listen to your shit trinities again
  7. Apologies for my mental break
  8. I will be back for next round thank you for bearing with
  9. To anyone relying on me for events etc, I’m truly sorry for my absence in the last few weeks.

    I’ve been dealing with mental demons for a while and I’ve finally got a diagnosis and medicine, but it is hitting my psyche extremely hard. I don’t really have any motivation, I’m still getting adjusted to my meds and going through therapy is very taxing and draining.

    if I’ve been off with any of my friends or other people in general I’m truly sorry. Hopefully I’ll feel better soon. I like being here and want to make more effort. I don’t want to let people down 

    1. Chris



    2. Kylie


      Love u! I hope u feel better soon hug1 I know it’s a big step, but know that if you ever need to talk or need some support….you can always PM me hug1 

  10. I’m almost fairly sure this has just showed you anything but
  11. @Kristina heartbreak anthem
  12. Freaky and Billie out a happy day for me
  13. omg the way these are the songs we talked about in discord You should’ve submitted these and you would’ve been my choice
  14. please be freaky so he can go back into retirement