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  1. ME! since her leads are always lowkey shit anyway why break that tradition!
  2. Fletch here

    I keep saying miss americana and the half blood prince tay2

  3. @Liam yes sis this shit slapped thanks all for the new member nom, although I know there’s probably no way I’m gonna win makes me happy to see it happen at least. congrats to everyone nominated
  4. Tasso in most missed sksksks
  5. Agugaga got some noms for this? I
  6. Fletch


    Cruel Summer Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince False God Daylight Lover The Archer The Man Afterglow Soon You’ll Get Better I Think He Knows Cornelia Street It’s Nice to Have a Friend I Forgot You Existed You Need To Calm Down Paper Rings Death By a Thousand Cuts London Boy ME!
  7. False God is in mine... it’s a serve
  8. SSers definitely lost it, or they were deliberately told to throw us through a loop — and Taylor is probably the kind of person to ask that
  9. At least this holds the excellent achievement of no Ed Sheeran in her post-Red albums! 1989 and Lover won
  10. The album is nice but the obvious filler kills the middle. Could’ve done with some interludes perhaps? Nice to Have a Friend would’ve been a nice one. 1. Miss Americana 2. Cruel Summer 3. False God 4. Daylight 5. Soon You’ll Get Better