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  1. SOTY just got even better ladies yup yup YUP
  2. Just Dance when it released in the UK. I could tell you exactly where I was, what I was doing and where I was going when that life reaffirming moment happened.
  3. Fletch


    This is sending me
  4. <3

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    2. pang

      why are you here kfdlsh,jafkjdsnf weirdo can the REAL mods HELP

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      Exactly, can real mods help, please? Fletch is visibly being harassed

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      please leave me alone fan.

  5. Fletch here

    @Madonna when someone mentions stanning erotica, sweetner or lust for life anigif_sub-buzz-8208-1496420243-1.gif

    1. Ariana

      *when a member that rhymes with Xtina makes a BG topic mad1

    2. Madonna

      But I stan Lust for Life dead2 

    3. Princess Aurora

      When a member mentions Lady Gaga mad1 

  6. no pop girl could ever replicate the power of Kylie Minogue in any of her albums period
  7. I am so excited for this omg
  8. We are never leaving our homes ... https://t.co/O4Pv1f8NjM
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    She can keep it tho
  10. Fletch here

    Thith one ith for the boyth with the booming thythtem top down ac with the cooling thythtem!!!