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  1. Fletch here

    I need it digital cos baby when it’s physical I end up alone


    1. Sleep Deprived

      Satire on the streaming era? mad5

  2. Fletch


    Did what she needed to do
  3. An experience!! First listen trinity Is It Real, Eat Sleep Wake and Do You Feel Loved? they turned out
  4. First two tracks are amazing title track is kinda dull
  5. Sis I wasn’t even aware this was coming let me listening...
  6. Fletch


    album is amazing period 3am, more and you should be sad current trinity but I know this is gonna change
  7. Fletch


    It’s out here now Ashley was a beautiful open
  8. 1. Dynasty 2. Xs 3. STFU! 4. Comme des Garçons 5. Akasaka Sad 6. Paradisin’ 7. Love Me 4 Me 8. Bad Friend 9. Fuck this World (Interlude) 10. Who’s Gonna Save U Now? 11. Tokyo Hotel Love 12. Chosen Family 13. Snakeskin