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  1. omfg saur good… Timbaland produce Ari’s next album challenge


    1. Mario


      Love this mashup!! 

  2. Agugaga’s spirit lives on in my autocorrect ny6


    1. Lukas


      I havent heard that name in years 

      satan GIF

    2. Gabe.


      that's honestly disgusting! 

  3. all the rumors are true antm1

    1. Madonna


      Rumours about what? 

    2. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      Fake ass fake boobs mess1 

  4. Happy Birthday @Saiga!!! hope you have an excellent day bestie 

    1. Saiga


      Thank you King Omg!!!! Best mod ever I fear oprah15 

    2. V For Vendetta

      V For Vendetta

      OMG Happy B'day sweetie! @Saiga

      Dua Lipa Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

    3. Saiga


      Omg thank you @V For Vendetta 


      we loves must stay together ny1 

  5. what would people say if they listened to the walls @Urbi gaga7

    1. Urbi


      Idk what that means but yes 

  6. Happy birthday to one of my gorgeous besties @Gabe. have an amazing day my love 

    1. Mr. Mendes

      Mr. Mendes

      Happy birthday legend! @Gabe.

    2. ajp


      Happy Birthday! @Gabe. 

    3. Gabe.


      omg ny3

      thank you all so very much! cry6


  7. If you live in the UK and enjoy this heat you are deranged ari7 I’m fucking melting 

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    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      @Shego All the old people who go on holiday in Devon and Cornwall. nicki5.png


      @Fletch can we leave Cumbria too? Old people in Yorkshire need somewhere to go on holiday that isn't Scarborough or Harrogate. nicki5.png


      @Lukas East London... Condolences. Actually just condolences to anyone in general in the south east. nicki5.png

    3. Lukas


      @Billie Frank I grew up in a small village in italy so East London is fantastic jj2 

    4. V For Vendetta

      V For Vendetta

      RIGHT!!!!!!???? I mean I love Summer, but this is ridiculous rih10 

  8. secure. your. wigs.


  9. ascending with my bestie @Urbi


    1. Urbi


      This album is so good oprah15 

  10. She is the moment

    secure your wig sis Tinashe is coming


    1. Royalty


      Going independent was the best thing she could do oprah15 

  11. Wolf Alice Blue Weekend AOTY (until 333 hits)

  12. These vaccine side effects… no ma’am 

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    2. Fletch


      @Max king of stating the obvious 

    3. Max


      Well then stop bitching about some side effects, pussy katy7

    4. Fletch


      warn Max for inappropriate attacks outside of NHB whit2

  13. Song of the summer 


  14. Hey, how are you both? carla1 @Princess Aurora @Max


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    2. Max


      The forum seems to agree bebe1

    3. Royalty
    4. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      It's 8am for me now fall5

  15. I need payday to be rn 

  16. AOTY dropped hope you’re all streaming 


    1. Urbi


      No jj2 

  17. Nashe never misses



  18. let me spread the holy word of Namie Amuro 



  19. Happy birthday to my bestest bestie @Urbi!! You’re an old cunt now but a very excellent friend, have an amazing day

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    2. Entea
    3. Mario


      Happy Birthday Urbi! 

    4. Urbi


      Thanks y’all oprah2 

  20. Congrats! 


  21. hey everyone stream some elevator music today! scream1 or I’ll ban 


    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      I'm still lowkey amazed a ship could get stuck for so long like that... Even with all those tugs and a digger they couldn't move it. 

  23. Now where did this queen go 


    1. Chris Morlock
    2. Fletch


      How can you not at least know Breathe or Hit ‘em Up Style

    3. Royale


      Stan! I've been obsessed with Breathe lately oprah15