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  1. Fletch here

    Boss told me today that my promotion is being lined up... we love to see it


    1. An Impossible Princess

      Congratulations Fletch!


      Sincerely yours,

      Tama/Bionic-AHHH!/An Impossible Princess

  2. Fletch


    Style. Into You is way overrated
  3. Fletch


    Unpinning madame x things gives me that buzz
  4. Fletch


    I shall do it now!
  5. Fletch here

    give me just a little bit more a little bit of XS oh me oh my 


    1. Jake

      She came a little too hard with that song didn't she?


  6. Fletch

    Oh no is this the dance monkey person
  7. Fletch

    We—... the jokes are writing themselves
  8. Fletch


    Bopping to Play tonight, what an album
  9. Fletch

    The ones that aren’t Art Deco and freak aka actual highlights
  10. Fletch

    Presented without comment!
  11. Fletch

    Me too like we go from NFR to this?????? Make it make sense On Mars baby
  12. Fletch

    Not you listing 3 snoozes in that list your blood pressure is skyrocketing for what baby!!!
  13. Fletch

    Strike 2748 to your name Honeymoon is so boring
  14. Fletch

    what in god’s name is going on here? This is serving a huge step down from NFR, giving big maga bbq family vibes, I’m genuinely a little upset. the aesthetic just isn’t it... I’m fearing another Honeysnooze is approaching
  15. Fletch here



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    2. Billie Frank

      Will it have a "The Blessed Madonna" remix? 

    3. Fletch

      47 minutes ago, Billie Frank said:

      Will it have a "The Blessed Madonna" remix? 


    4. Kai

      7 hours ago, Billie Frank said:

      Will it have a "The Blessed Madonna" remix? 

      I hope so, can't wait to scream


  16. Fletch

    Thanks!! Stream Let Me Reintroduce Myself to keep your good standing with me!
  17. Fletch

    Next time you reply with a take that song or anything adjacent I’m throwing you to the wolves You tested me today and I’m very upset Gwen Stefallah doesn’t deserve