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  1. This era looks so visually appealing. It’ll be out locally at midnight! https://music.apple.com/nz/album/333/1577329560?uo=4&at=11l6hc&app=itunes&ct=fnd
  2. Happy birthday to one of my gorgeous besties @Gabe. have an amazing day my love 

    1. Mr. Mendes

      Mr. Mendes

      Happy birthday legend! @Gabe.

    2. ajp


      Happy Birthday! @Gabe. 

    3. Gabe.


      omg ny3

      thank you all so very much! cry6


  3. Ariana Grande - 28 Beyonce - 40 Britney Spears - 31 Christina Aguilera -30 Dua Lipa - 40 Ellie Goulding - 4 (-) Katy Perry - 4 Kesha - 19 Kylie Minogue - 25 (+) Lady Gaga - 34 Lana Del Rey - 22 Madonna - 28 Mariah Carey - 28 Rihanna - 31 Selena Gomez - 10 Taylor Swift - 31
  4. If you live in the UK and enjoy this heat you are deranged ari7 I’m fucking melting 

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    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      @Shego All the old people who go on holiday in Devon and Cornwall. nicki5.png


      @Fletch can we leave Cumbria too? Old people in Yorkshire need somewhere to go on holiday that isn't Scarborough or Harrogate. nicki5.png


      @Lukas East London... Condolences. Actually just condolences to anyone in general in the south east. nicki5.png

    3. Lukas


      @Billie Frank I grew up in a small village in italy so East London is fantastic jj2 

    4. V For Vendetta

      V For Vendetta

      RIGHT!!!!!!???? I mean I love Summer, but this is ridiculous rih10 

  5. secure. your. wigs.


  6. The first album I ever bought for myself was Animal by Kesha
  7. ascending with my bestie @Urbi


    1. Urbi


      This album is so good oprah15 

  8. She is the moment

    secure your wig sis Tinashe is coming


    1. Royalty


      Going independent was the best thing she could do oprah15 

  9. Wolf Alice Blue Weekend AOTY (until 333 hits)

  10. These vaccine side effects… no ma’am 

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    2. Fletch


      @Max king of stating the obvious 

    3. Max


      Well then stop bitching about some side effects, pussy katy7

    4. Fletch


      warn Max for inappropriate attacks outside of NHB whit2

  11. Planet HER is not just be an album, it will be a moment. It will be taught in the history books. It will be the most powerful and impactful piece of work the world will ever see. More important than Jesus coming back to earth or the bing bang. Planet HER will dominate.
  12. But we won’t be able to make it not bop