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  1. Kylie is a fucking legend and it’s about time you all dealt with that as a matter of fact she rarely misses, always puts on incredible tours and has a stage presence and performance ability that absolutely needs to be respected more. I can only gather her haters are from the states who have been tasteless enough to let her brilliance slip through their fingers poor y’all
  2. AOTY dropped hope you’re all streaming 


  3. Nashe never misses



  4. Let me sue and also never call me that again!
  5. Yeah her albums are long but I think the vast majority are really rewarding listens! Her first two I definitely agree, Concentration 20 onward for me is all pretty great, and her sound changes a few times in that time, so if you ever get around to it I’d love to see your opinions
  6. let me spread the holy word of Namie Amuro 



  7. Have you listened to anymore since? What are your favourites?
  8. The rule was silently forgotten about over a year ago. Signed, the other mod!
  9. This should’ve been kept to your internal monologue
  10. Happy birthday to my bestest bestie @Urbi!! You’re an old cunt now but a very excellent friend, have an amazing day

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      Happy Birthday Urbi! 

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      Thanks y’all oprah2 

  11. Brooklyn Baby i see some of y’all are high on something
  12. Rent free. It’s ok baby I know it’s been a rocky 12 months stanning Lana but lashing out like this is not the way
  13. This is huge for her too, I’m really happy for this queen
  14. Yours Truly: Honeymoon Avenue My Everything: Only 1 Dangerous Woman: Sometimes / Touch It Sweetener: Breathin / Borderline (I can’t make this one not bop) Thank You, Next: NASA (sorry I can’t make this one not bop either) Positions: West Side / My Hair
  15. Ariana - Positions (231) Beyonce - 6 Inch (25) Britney - Do You Wanna Come Over? (70) Chrstina - Genie in a Bottle (39) Dua - Physical (238) Ellie - Power (78) Katy - Harleys in a Hawaii (169) Kylie - Say Something (259) Gaga - Replay (285) Lana - Doin’ Time (98) Madonna - Forbidden Love (109) Mariah - Petals (43) Rihanna - Same Ol’ Mistakes / Only Girl (In the World) (both 26) Selena - Look at Her Now (24) Taylor - Miss Americana / So It Goes (both 69) Avril - I’m With You (42) Billie - Bad Guy (24) Gwen - Let Me Reintroduce Myself (155)