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  1. Kylie is a fucking legend and it’s about time you all dealt with that as a matter of fact ny1 she rarely misses, always puts on incredible tours and has a stage presence and performance ability that absolutely needs to be respected more. I can only gather her haters are from the states who have been tasteless enough to let her brilliance slip through their fingers carla1 poor y’all 

  2. 10 minutes ago, Atlantis Princess said:

    I didn't rip4

    I stopped because her albums were pretty long from what I remember and I didn't really have time. Then I got away from anything kpop/jpop for a period and got sidetracked by other artist's discographies. But I'm sure I will return to her's again sometime. 

    From what I listened my fav songs are: LOVE 2000, Sweet 19 Blues, Body feels EXIT, Something Bout The Kiss, Let's Do The Motion.

    Tbh her first 2 albums are kinda hard to sit through cuz it's mainly really bad mixed dance music but I know her sound starts to change with Genius 2000 so I have that to look forward to I guess.

    Yeah her albums are long but I think the vast majority are really rewarding listens! Her first two I definitely agree, Concentration 20 onward for me is all pretty great, and her sound changes a few times in that time, so if you ever get around to it I’d love to see your opinions 

  3. On 2/15/2021 at 3:45 PM, Atlantis Princess said:

    Wait i never knew this thread existed oprah15

    I'm getting into her discography. I've listened to her first 3 up to now. LOVE 2000 is japanese Rhythm Nation yup

    Have you listened to anymore since? What are your favourites? oprah15

  4. Ariana - Positions (231)
    Beyonce - 6 Inch (25)
    Britney -  Do You Wanna Come Over? (70)
    Chrstina - Genie in a Bottle (39)
    Dua - Physical (238)
    Ellie - Power (78)
    Katy - Harleys in a Hawaii (169)
    Kylie - Say Something (259)
    Gaga - Replay (285)
    Lana - Doin’ Time (98)
    Madonna - Forbidden Love (109)
    Mariah - Petals (43)
    Rihanna - Same Ol’ Mistakes / Only Girl (In the World) (both 26)
    Selena - Look at Her Now (24)
    Taylor - Miss Americana / So It Goes (both 69)


    Avril - I’m With You (42)

    Billie - Bad Guy (24)
    Gwen - Let Me Reintroduce Myself (155)


    some choices here 💀