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  1. We will never forgive RCA for fucking up Joyride. Jail

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    2. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      No joyride is her worst. She had legit no creative freedom. Her label almost gave the title track to Rihanna cos they thought she'd make it a hit 🤡

    3. Fletch


      Joyride in its current state has some bops, but overall it’s definitely her worst including mixtapes. But it easily had the potential to be top tier. I mean tracks like Fugazi, Heavy, My Territory, Energy, Dos On... melttttt

    4. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      Underneath the Lights cry0

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  2. ven conmigo let’s take a trip whit1

  3. vote for your MOTM for February here!


  4. Me when JLo sang Let’s Get Loud at the inauguration 


    1. LÉON


      According to Wikipedia: Let's Get Loud" is sometimes regarded as Lopez's signature song.[2]


    2. Billie Frank
    3. Grams


      4 hours ago, Ruthless Love said:

      I loved her performance, but, her continued attempts to make "Let's Get Loud" happen need to stop; they are 22 years too late.

      It is.

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  5. Boss told me today that my promotion is being lined up... we love to see it


    1. Gwen Stefanee

      Gwen Stefanee

      Congratulations Fletch!


      Sincerely yours,

      Tama/Bionic-AHHH!/An Impossible Princess

  6. give me just a little bit more a little bit of XS oh me oh my 


    1. Jake


      She came a little too hard with that song didn't she?


  7. image0.jpg


    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Will it have a "The Blessed Madonna" remix? 

    2. Fletch


      47 minutes ago, Billie Frank said:

      Will it have a "The Blessed Madonna" remix? 


    3. Trunks


      7 hours ago, Billie Frank said:

      Will it have a "The Blessed Madonna" remix? 

      I hope so, can't wait to scream


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  8. goodbye 911 avi hello this gorgeous snatch 

    1. Slayty Perry

      Slayty Perry

      You know snatch is another word for vagina

    2. Fletch


      Yes and I said what I said! 

    3. Slayty Perry

      Slayty Perry

      10 hours ago, Fletch said:

      Yes and I said what I said! 


  9. I’m ready for another Tinashe project please serve it to us queen!

  10. QUEEN


  11. Happy new year to one of my favourite corners of the internet!! Hope we all have an excellent 2021 

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    2. fab


      actually it's spectral data about the composition of planet Chromatica: 

      Chlorine 21.41% Copernicium 20.22% Chromium 25.90% Cadmium 8.57% Californium 2.55% Curium 3.08% Calcium 5.66%  Copper 1.03% Cobalt 2.10% oprah11  

    3. fab


      i expect to win nobbel price for this breakthrough scientific discovery oprah11 

    4. Fletch
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  12. Merry Christmas FOTP!

  13. evermore.gifthat’s my man 


  14. Good to see Twitter clamping down on lies and misinformation once again!



    1. Grams


      Pitchfork spilling for once?

    2. Fletch


      Spilling soured milk!!!

  15. Kylie did that resurgence year after year ny1

  16. postcounts for last week are now up!


  17. Infinite Disco is so amazing Kylie is the best pop girl out there going it btw 

  18. Don’t let me bomb 


  19. society when Disco drops 

    1. Mario


      Yesss!! oprah15It will come out tomorrow!! Im already excited!!!! oprah15

  20. I hereby claim Disco by Kylie Minogue as Album of the Year according to big stannage being hidden by FOTP