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  1. Gearing up to release next single "Confessions of a Pop Star" and really excited about it! I'm especially excited to see how all of you react to it and what you think about it <3

  2. Honestly, I hang out more in the EDM / Rave spectrum. Plur, Kandi, the handshake, fanny packs, etc. Doesn't mean I'm not keen to learn new things tho but I'm in a pop forum because a lot of the music I make has pop flair to it and because its cool to see the things you guys and gals talk about in here. I like the forum! So that's how!
  3. LOL I'm so lame....when I saw this thread and clicked on it, I was listening to a demo copy of my own song haha So....shameless plug NuJ4X - Confessions of a Pop Star
  4. Oh...that's confusing. Isn't that photo inside?
  5. What does "shades her fans" mean?
  6. First Purge. Really, really racist movie. I was blown away by it. Not in a good way either :-/
  7. Hey Lady Gaga fan! I stan her too :D

  8. When I get to sit down with my wife and watch TV, we're usually watching Masterchef, The Purge, American Horror Story, Shameless, Are You The One, or the 100.
  9. I rarely have time to play any video games....but when I can squeak them in, I'm playing: Overcooked 2 - PS4 Halo Saga Remastered - Xbox One Microgolf Masters - iOS