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  1. NuJ4X here

    Gearing up to release next single "Confessions of a Pop Star" and really excited about it! I'm especially excited to see how all of you react to it and what you think about it <3

  2. Honestly, this makes me uncomfortable to think about. I've been to one of the RMS Titanic museums and seen actual artifacts from the ship. Actual pieces of jewelry, silverware, and one of two life jackets that survived. The story is horrible and I've seen the wall of names of people who died. I've heard recordings from living survivors and how it destroyed their lives. Resurrecting the ship that destroyed so many lives and killed so many people just doesn't seem like a good thing to do. Then sailing it down the same path the RMS Titanic went down? I can't get behind it. I'm sure the new ship will be beautiful because the original was a masterpiece...but fate and time decided to bury it at the bottom of the ocean. Maybe that's where we should leave it and its story. Adding a new chapter to the book that is finished doesn't seem good to me. *shrugs*
  3. I don't feel like Reputation was as good as 1989. But I honestly liked the way Reputation sounded more. 1989 was just such a well written, well assembled, well arranged, and masterfully finished record. It really opened my eyes to Taylor Swift as an artist. Reputation sounds really cool though. Being in the electronic spectrum, I appreciate the tracks more. "...Ready for it?" and "Look What You Made Me Do" sampling Right Said Fred's "I'm too sexy" (one of my all time fav jams) I hope she wins big with this album so she makes another one like it. More electronic Taylor Swift please!
  4. NuJ4X

    Music Video

    Honestly, I hang out more in the EDM / Rave spectrum. Plur, Kandi, the handshake, fanny packs, etc. Doesn't mean I'm not keen to learn new things tho but I'm in a pop forum because a lot of the music I make has pop flair to it and because its cool to see the things you guys and gals talk about in here. I like the forum! So that's how!
  5. You KNOW she's happy about that for sure! PLATINUM baby! w00t (that's the dream)
  6. NuJ4X

    Celeb News

    That's why she's my inspiration man, I'm telling you. Sure there are tons of pop stars, but there is only one Lady Gaga. In everything she does she's inspiring. I just cross my fingers every day that one day I'll get to meet her and play my upcoming single "Confessions of a Pop Star" for her because she inspired me to write it and its dedicated to her and I even included some of Joanne in it. Her father's sister. Lady Gaga 4 life.
  7. NuJ4X

    LOL I'm so lame....when I saw this thread and clicked on it, I was listening to a demo copy of my own song haha So....shameless plug NuJ4X - Confessions of a Pop Star
  8. I can't put my finger on why, but I really don't like this song. I know that seems crazy because everyone else is in love with this track. But I just can't get into it. The world flair it has is dope, but Cardi B not so much. DJ Snake always puts out the dopest jams. I loved Magenta Riddim...but just can't get into this one. It more annoys me then anything else lol
  9. 4x platinum? That's hella dope. That song was amazing and Kesha as an artist is pretty amazing herself. I can only dream that one day I get ANYTHING certified platinum lol I'd die from happiness haha But for real though...thanks for teaching me that lesson. I could't find it...my Google Fu is off today I guess lol but that'll help me a ton going forward so thank you and respect <3
  10. NuJ4X

    Music Video

    Oh...that's confusing. Isn't that photo inside?
  11. Oh yeah? Hm....thanks for correcting me on that. I Googled about that and all I could find was RIAA math on a full album. Nothing on a straight single. If that's so, 150 streams count for one unit, then she's got a platinum single on her hands and that sounds about more like what she deserves! Thanks for having my back on that!
  12. NuJ4X

    Music Video

    What does "shades her fans" mean?
  13. That's pretty beast honestly...but according to the screwy math of the RIAA, that's only about 133,000 copies sold. So not even gold can you wrap your head around that? 200 million people listen to your song, and its not certified 200x platinum. But, if 200 million people PURCHASED your single, it would be 200x platinum. I don't get it.
  14. That's amazing lol I can't even believe that...oh wait, sure I can Makes me wonder though, how bad did the doll smell and from what for the police to believe it to be an actual person?
  15. I spend a lot of time listening to music during the week. Its a really intensive process for me. For work, I mostly lay in bed at night after my sweet wife has fallen asleep, and I'll browse the billboard charts. I'll listen to what's out, go back and listen to what came out and note differences of artists from song to song. Chord structures, lyrics, delivery, etc. I pay attention the way it was mixed and mastered, what effects were used, and how it was arranged. For my music a lot during the day, I'll listen to whatever I'm working on. Over and over and over and over and over until I can find no errors. Until I totally run out of ideas on how to improve it. Until I am exhausted on it. For things just for myself, I'll listen to all my favorites. That doesn't get to happen as much as it should. But I'll throw on some Aron Chupa, Tom Petty, Lady Gaga, Sam Sparro, etc. Just whatever I feel like listening too. I do listen to my own music a lot. When I get a song I'm really excited about, I listen to it over and over until its released and then I try not to listen to it anymore LOL can't be too fluffed up on your own brand