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  1. Miss Show Business


    Coronavirus saving us from Trump Out of EVERYTHING, impeachment couldn't stop him; the fucking Coronavirus is likely to stop him thanks to the economic impact
  2. Miss Show Business

    Male and female love? What the fuck kind of backwards ass statement is this? Love has no gender. Studies show same sex parents are JUST AS CAPABLE if not MORE capable parents than heterosexual parents. You are invalidating millions of gay parents and their families. Shame!
  3. Miss Show Business

    What the hell? I'm a GAY PERSON why would I be homophobic? When you're literally in here defending homophobic comments? And do you even realize IVF benefits HETEROSEXUAL people with fertility problems too? I — why do we let trolls like this on here?
  4. Miss Show Business

    No tea spilled here, just homophobia.
  5. Miss Show Business


    After Billie won the first time, it was so predictable. We all knew where this was going. Lana was ROBBED.
  6. Miss Show Business


    I honestly wouldn't start making changes until Artpop. I think that whole era was sadly Gaga's first real misfire. I haven't even listened to Joanne, NGL... so maybe just scrapping that whole album / or making it more of a pop record. And scrap ASIB because I still maintain the opinion that the movie should never have been remade. Perhaps a vehicle could have been written for her and it could've been all her own film. I've been listening to alot of The Fame and The Fame Monster lately and IMO she still hasn't topped those two albums / eras. I want her to return to pop music for LG6 for SURE. I've been craving a new POP album from her since Artpop.
  7. Miss Show Business


    Still a bop I hope he produced some tracks on K15
  8. Miss Show Business


    All That Your Type Let's Get Lost Such a flawless album even 5 years later
  9. Miss Show Business


    It is World News
  10. Miss Show Business

    If NFR doesn't win album of the year, I'm never giving merit to a Grammy award ever again. I'm not even a Lana stan, and that album is the most stunning piece of art I've heard for YEARS.
  11. 45 is going to get us all fucking killed between Iran and North Korea
  12. Miss Show Business


    I can't believe this I cannot believe it's been ten years already. I still remember picking this up at Best Buy the day or week it came out. Still love this album.
  13. Miss Show Business

    Y'ALL I'M...
  14. Miss Show Business

    Video Game

    This game With my first person, I became a lawyer and built up a pretty good net worth. However, because I had a few drinks, I became an "alcoholic" and was thrown in jail for a DUI at like 60 years old and lost my job before I could become a judge I became a famous singer in my second life, but literally all you could do is pose naked for magazines, go on talk shows, and write books. So basically nothing to do with music
  15. Miss Show Business

    It's somewhat rare here, I had to drive 45 minutes out to see it for bigger films however, you can normally find tickets pretty close to you.