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  1. Miss Show Business


    Disney, Amazon, and Facebook all need to be broken up
  2. Miss Show Business


    I 100% agree James is a toxic person, however I do not agree that he is a predator, based on the evidence of those two men instigating. I can also agree he attempted to manipulate them. However, this was all occuring via text, and the two men could've easily chosen to discontinue contact at this point. It's been shown that these men continued contact with James even after the fact they concluded to him that they were straight. The waiter FaceTiming him was a MESS - why would a straight guy care that he was seeing another guy while he was seeing you? I would go as far as to say James has a legal case of defamation of character against Tati. I think in a court of law, with all of the evidence laid out and all of the witnesses testifying, this would not play out in Tati's favor. A well established 37 year old woman defaming a 19 year olds reputation based on incomplete and twisted stories, which caused him to lose MILLIONS of subscribers and perhaps even business opportunities, simply does not look good on her part. And remember - this started over beauty vitamins and Coachella passes. Yes, he lied to her, but just like we agreed on - he's a shitty egotistical 19 year old. I think a court of law would expect an almost 40 year old person to have handled this alot more effectively and in a more mature manner than James. I don't think Tati actually intended on "cancelling" him, if this is the case then it clearly backfired. If Tati was genuinely concerned about her reputation, she could have easily waited and had lawyers on standby if he attempted to slander her reputation, which he also apparently didn't try to do. This whole situation just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I think this became WAY bigger than it should have been.
  3. Miss Show Business


    Who's been following the James / Tati drama? I have ALOT of thoughts on it. Having watched Tati for years now, I believed every word she said. I think James has a HUGE ego and has definitely made inappropriate comments (the "It doesn't matter, I'm a celebrity comment ) I think Tati's main reasoning for making this video was to knock his ego down a bit. Knowing Tati, I don't think she would've made or posted the video if she knew it would have this much impact. I'm wondering now if she has any regrets posting the video. After watching some more videos by the drama channels, and seeing the receipts... Unfortunately I now don't believe Tati's take on him "manipulating" straight men adds up. Has he made some really inappropriate comments? Yes. Is he an idiot for his almost exclusive attraction to "straight" men? Yes. However... The recent examples have been skewed tremendously in Tati's favor. The waiter from her Seattle birthday dinner that she mentioned made a video attempting to chime in on the drama, in attempt to "prove" James' behavior. However... He actually admitted to contacting James first. He admitted to telling James he was bicurious. He admitted to voluntarily meeting with James. And the most damning, he admitted to making out with James for an hour. He then pressed rewind and told James through text that he is straight. James was completely denying this and did tell him that he's "gay no matter what" or something along those lines. This however... Is just a statement. If this is a manipulation attempt, it is a weak attempt. At this point, if I were the other guy, I would just stop contacting him and leave it at that. These guys however admitted to repeatedly contacting him. The story is similar with Gage, however Gage left out details and skewed details in his favor. DMs show he practically did the same thing: told James he was curious, and continued to contact him and invited himself to Coachella. If I were James, I would be left definitely upset and confused that these straight men keep pretending to be "curious" around me then suddenly they're not. I think these straight men knew EXACTLY what they were doing, but now that James is being dragged, they're taking advantage of the situation to skew their stories in their favor. Tati also seems to have assumed that James was "spilling the tea" to drama channels and using them to come out looking favorable... However he actually responded to one, declining to comment publicly since Tati hadn't said anything back to him. I think this just goes to show how toxic "cancel" culture is, and the lengths that people are going to celebrate another person's downfall. James is not a perfect person, but I now don't believe he deserves to be labelled "predatory", when all of the receipts show these men that contacted him actually instigated, and also don't provide any significant evidence of him coercing them into doing anything they didn't consent to.
  4. https://amp.tmz.com/2019/05/13/britney-spears-free-social-media-conservatorship-jamie/
  5. Beat me by 1 minute I'm so saddened by this
  6. From The Associated Press I'm so sad... I've been listening to her music and watching her movies. If you haven't heard her sing, find her music on YouTube. She was a national treasure
  7. How many of us have been watching porn since our teens and our sexual mental health and sex lives are just fine? I think as long as you understand porn thrives off of sexual fantasy / unrealistic standards, then your sex life should be pretty much unaffected. My perception of relationships and men have been far more warped by actual sexual / romantic experiences with men than by porn.
  8. Miss Show Business


    Ever since this was first announced, I was kind of in the middle about it. Considering her fanbase, how many of us can afford a "luxury" fashion brand? I'll wait and see when the first collection drops and the price points are revealed. I also hope Rihanna will allow it to filter down into more affordable re-sale department stores and not follow the examples of companies like Burberry who burned $35.6 million of clothes in 2017 and $65 million of clothing in the 5 years prior to 2018 to prevent it from filtering down into discount stores and ending up "in the wrong hands" (poor/middle class people, lbr.) Burberry has stopped this practice however you still won't find the brand or others of the like in discount stores. I kind of loathe the luxury fashion business and it's ridiculously overpriced, unaffordable pieces, and the overall greed it possesses.
  9. WHY do we need FIVE Avatar movies?! Looks like Disney's giving us another DECADE of remakes and sequels... Disney is just making itself into a nostalgia factory at this point. It's embarrassing... It's like originality is dead.
  10. You would have never guessed she was dealing with any medical issue shes such a trooper. The show must go on.
  11. Miss Show Business


    I'm mad that this was all so predictable... Literally the fans KNEW she was going to put out another GH and we all GUESSED she was going to use "New York City" ... This shit did NOT deserve a countdown clock. Kylie girl WYD ...
  12. I'm livid. I expected a new album... Bitch needs to "Step Back" into the recording booth.
  13. Isn't it interesting how every time Britney has some creative control over her videos, they mysteriously end up scrapped, re-shot, or heavily abridged? Everytime, Gimme More, Perfume, and Make Me have all met the same fate, and she had a concept for every single one. I remember reading a rumor that the "Everytime" video was supposed to end with her in the white outfit running towards the light and the shot of the newborn baby. But during post production, Jive ordered to have the footage of her rising out of the tub inserted into the end of the video. Similar to this, the other videos I mentioned seem to have been scrapped, re-shot, or edited seemingly without Britney having any control. If David's right about Britney using her art to communicate, which if we look back she has done quite often, then it's no surprise to me her team would've scrapped the cage footage. I do recall seeing a video of Britney shouting on set, so maybe she wasn't completely happy with the videos direction, however it still feels unusual they scrapped the ENTIRE video (which was like a $2 million dollar production right?) Instead of altering the concept and shooting new scenes. Britney's career has absolutely been hindered by poor management and poor decisions. I have no doubt in my mind that these videos would have been standouts in her career and some of her best work, but instead they're just... Forgettable, because of her teams meddling. I hope if Britney is really trying to get personal and professional freedom and get out of this conservatorship, she gets it. She's earned her freedom at this point. If Britney had almost 100% creative control of her next era, I have no doubt it would be everything the fans have been wanting. Plus, I would LIVE for video concepts about her being under the conservatorship and finally breaking free... Ugh, we need her "No Strings Attached" era