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  1. I cannot see SCOUTS upholding this, it would be a travesty if they did. It's abolutely ridiculous. Trans men and women who are serving our country have more bravery than us all.
  2. From E! News: The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been such an iconic staple of pop culture for so many years now, it would feel so weird without it
  3. I don't disagree with you on child porn, but I refuse to believe a human being enjoying two consenting adults (or more) perform sexual acts is "detrimental" to society.
  4. Again, I didn't say his jokes were funny. I'm just not in the business of going after comedians. You should never take a comedian seriously. I think comedians are so important right now, especially in the current political climate. And sorry, but I would rather go after the people in Congress and in the White House actually making backwards laws and policies that really affect LGBTQ+, like the transgender military ban.
  5. Whether or not you find his jokes funny or not is subjective. I personally don't find the jokes funny, however, it's comedy. It's literally a JOKE. Comedians are supposed to find / cross the line. I don't think he should've been forced to give up a gig over stupid jokes he did 10 years ago. The right wing has done a NUMBER on comedians like Michelle Wolff and especially Kathy Griffin. They literally almost ended her career over something that was supposed to be a political statement and not a legitimate threat. We have to remember that it was a very different time 10 years ago. There wasn't this mob-mentality "cancel culture" on Twitter and social media obsessed with coming after people and trying to ruin their entire careers over petty things. Sometimes the criticism is legitimate, but other times it's just stupid and petty. There are way worse people to go after than Kevin fucking Hart. Do you REALLY believe he is homophobic? I mean come now. Why not go after all of the right wing / far right wing people who still have platforms and careers despite their disgusting views which are LEGITIMATE and not a joke. I also wonder how many people trashing him as "homophobic" are the same ones laughing at the homophobic Millie Bobbie Brown jokes, for example.
  6. Can Disney STOP IT with the live action remakes?! I'm praying for the day one of these flops so hard they cancel the rest planned.
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  9. It's embarrassing, close minded, and childish to want a family to grieve their loved ones in peace? Sis what kind of a reach is that? "Faking moral superiority"? I don't know about you, but if I were grieving loved ones I certainly would not appreciate people dragging them for something they did 25 fucking years ago and completely ignoring their accomplishments. I have not once dismissed people's critique of the Reagan and Bush administration, I have been saying that their critique is completely relevant, it's the timing that's inappropriate. You're also completely ignoring and missing the points I'm trying to make. H.W. actually took more action than Reagan on the issue: "Once he became president himself, George H.W. Bush accelerated federal spending for HIV research and response, but there simply weren’t enough affordable drug options at the time for any kind of widespread global health initiative. At about $20,000 a year, even that highly effective drug cocktail from 1996 was way too expensive to offer in low- and middle-income countries in any sustainable or widespread way." Have several seats, or stay tacky and upset I guess.
  10. Says the person who thinks dragging people who just died while their families are grieving is appropriate. At least I have a moral compass, sis
  11. So much progress has been made for HIV/AIDS since then. If anything, his old homophobic policies only dredged up already-existing homophobic attitudes. These attitudes have changed DRASTICALLY since the 80s and 90s. Has much as I disagreed with Reagan and Bush, they also served our nation in WWII, and so are war heroes and deserved to be called heroes. If you think gay rights could have flourished under a Nazi regime, I would love to hear that theory. The top comment I posted also makes a good point, H.W. signed the Hate Crime Statistics Act, which was probably the first federal law to recognize LGBT people as a protected class. I'd rather have this president then our current sitting president, don't act like you wouldn't as well. @attitude also makes a good point. Society as a whole is also to blame for the lagged response in the AIDS crisis. Come to think of it, was ANYBODY, Democrat or Republican, talking about the disease before Reagan officially acknowledged it in 1987? Celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor were the biggest voices for AIDS awareness in those days. Homophobia was still a huge societal problem then, we have to remember that it took until this decade for the nation to favor marriage equality over 50%. It took Obama until 2012 to favor marriage equality and Hillary Clinton until 2013. How would you like if somebody you loved and cared for died and someone talked about only the bad things they've done in their life and all of the mistakes they have made? Imagine being the Bush family right now and having a spotlight put on this issue in the wake of their mourning. Imagine losing a beloved father and grandfather, only to have people putting them down and calling them out for something they did 30 years ago. I have mourned family members who were no doubt homophobic, but had truly good hearts and were loved by everyone. Just because someone has one bad trait about them, or just because someone has made a mistake, does not make them "evil" or a "monster." Y'all really need to grasp the concept that not everything is all good or all bad. It's disrespectful and trashy, period. You can have basic respect for people and disagree with them and their policies. Some of you really do NOT understand this and only think in a black/white scenario. And just as I said, if this is okay, then Republicans bashing Carter and Obama is okay when they ultimately pass. Stop acting like you wouldn't be pulling your hair out if Republicans ran attack columns toward the Obamas the same WEEK he passed away. Democrats would be losing their collective MINDS.
  12. Criticising 25-30 year old policies in 2018 does absolutely nothing for those who suffered and died from AIDS in the 1980s and 1990s AIDS crisis and does absolutely nothing for those suffering from AIDS in 2018. I'm sick of people acting "woke" on the internet for cool points. What's been the progress on AIDS in recent times? Who are some of the top doctors and researchers working on the disease? How are people with HIV/AIDS getting by in 2018? THAT'S what I want to hear about on World AIDS Day. Fuck if I care about policies from 25-30 years ago that I cannot change. Going after someone when they die for something they did 25-30 years ago is vengeful, disrespectful to the family, and overall just tacky and self serving. You can have disagreements about somebody's policies or choices, but my god, have some damned decency and respect when they pass away. If it's okay to criticize someone you disagree with when they die, it's okay to criticize anybody when they die. Democrats would be having a FIELD DAY if Republicans were criticizing a Democratic president on their passing. It's basic decency to have respect and give condolences when somebody passes away. By criticizing the dead for something they did you disagree with, you are making their death about YOU. I wouldn't want somebody criticising me for past mistakes when I die, so I'm not going to do it to somebody else. I'll take the high road.
  13. "No one cared when they died" Sis that's why we have World AIDS Day. Again, the criticism is relevant, but disrespectful to the Bush family during a trying time. I never believe in reveling in someone else's death and a families pain. This is just enabling people to feel that way. I may not have agreed with his policies, but I can have some basic respect for the guy to wish his family well on his passing. Bringing up 25-30 year old policies and criticizing them in 2018 does nothing for the people who suffered back then.
  14. Bush Sr. was loved by his family and was a father and grandfather. They are currently grieving over his loss. Criticizing policies from 25-30 years ago doesn't change them. It doesn't change the amount of people who died and suffered at that time. There are so many things he could've posted on world AIDS day, and this is what he decided to post? I don't see how criticizing old policies from 25-30 years ago helps anyone suffering with AIDS NOW. His criticism is 100% relevant. It's the timing that is inappropriate. The Bush family are human beings and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect just like everybody else.