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    Confirmed by the Washington Post: Click the Link to read the entire dedication and overview of Aretha's legendary career. https://wapo.st/2nGhZxN
  2. You just said you agreed white actors should not be playing roles that represent people of color. Why is it different with gay people? It is a part of your identity that cannot be changed. Being a serial killer is not even comparable... Being a doctor is completely different and not comparable because it's a choice to become a doctor and it's a different career. Being a Holocaust survivor is also not comparable because it's not an identity, it's a tragic thing that people went through. A tragic thing that happened to a diverse group of people that included people of color, disabled, LGBT and more. The biggest thing, is that this takes roles away from LGBT people who could have these great opportunities. How many doctors are also actors? How many Holocaust survivors are actors? And so on. Straight actors should NOT solely play gay roles. Period. Same goes for gay actors, they should have the opportunity to play roles they connect with and not have to keep playing straight men.
  3. Because those roles should go to GAY ACTORS who are otherwise not being cast in mainstream film. Even Call Me By Your Name was played by both heterosexual men, and it was the probably the biggest acclaimed LGBT film along with Moonlight. Gay actors DESERVE these roles. Acting is about playing an individual character, and NO one can play a gay man better than a gay man!
  4. HOW did he get to there from HERE?
  5. From Page Six: What are your thoughts? Honestly this is a bit extra... I don't think you need to like someone or their music to respect them or recognize their impact.
  6. I agree with this, because internalized homophobia and sexism is such a big problem in the gay community. However I also agree that this character sounds rooted in stereotypes. I mean the gay community does have "campy" men, I'm not denying that, however I think this "campy" character should be played by an actual gay man, instead of a straight man. That's the most insulting part. Otherwise this role doesn't feel authentic and feels rooted only in stereotypes.
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    Other news sites are reporting it, most notably Detroit news sites
  8. Miss Show Business

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    This is absolutely heartbreaking to hear. I hope she can pull through, but the reports don't make it sound likely. My thoughts are with Aretha and her family right now. She's such an icon and a legend, and we all love her dearly
  9. Miss Show Business


    The man bun will be as comical in 20 years as the mullet is now bookmark me
  10. It existed without them, it will still without them
  11. I would actually check it out if they did this. As someone said above, I loved how you could customize your page.
  12. Miss Show Business

    This is so catchy
  13. Things you didn't think we're owned by Disney ... Are owned by Disney it's way too much. And this isn't even including their theme parks and hospitality