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  1. Miss Show Business


    I'm giving it a 9. Great lead single pick. I'm very nostalgic about the Femme Fatale era in general, and imo it's one of her best albums after "the trinity", lol. The song was also pretty groundbreaking at the time for the dubstep break, which started a whole new "trend"... Britney was still a trendsetter at this time.
  2. Miss Show Business


    While Love + Fear wasn't as good as her previous albums, I didn't get the hate for it. I hope she really delivers. I want her to bring back her stage name too, SO badly.
  3. Miss Show Business


    Looking forward to this! she really has been keeping the lambs FED 2019-2020. I can forgive her now for not including Slipping Away and DYTOM on the MC30 singles because it's clear now they'll be on this release I hope they're the original masters too, and not new mixes.
  4. The lashings in the replies
  5. Miss Show Business

    Didn't know fragrance had genitalia. Get outta here with old fashioned gender stereotypes. Wear whatever fragrances you like. Back before cosmetics and beauty became such huge industries, fragrances weren't marketed towards specific sexes/genders. Men and women just wore what they liked.
  6. Miss Show Business


    Kamala was the best choice, as it's who many Democratic voters were rooting for. Already a far better choice than Tim Kaine was. I'm so happy Joe has been listening so closely to the voters and his strategists feeling VERY good about this ticket.
  7. Miss Show Business

    - Britney's - Rihanna, especially Nude imo - Jessica Simpson - JLo Glow And my absolute favorite that I'm still so depressed was discontinued... - Madonna's Truth or Dare
  8. Miss Show Business


    Lola Blanc's version >>>>>>> Kind of mad Dr. Puke stole it from her tbh
  9. Miss Show Business


    Just IMAGINE Kylie singing the chorus she would be perfect for it. PLEASE BE TRUE LOL
  10. Miss Show Business


    Gimme More vs Mad House Piece of Me vs Wait Your Turn (tie) Radar vs Hard Break the Ice vs Stupid in Love Heaven on Earth vs Rockstar 101 Get Naked (I Got a Plan) vs Russian Roulette Freakshow vs Fire Bomb Toy Soldier vs Rude Boy Hot as Ice vs Photographs Ooh Ooh Baby vs G4L Perfect Lover vs Te Amo Why Should I Be Sad vs Cold Case Love Get Back vs The Last Song Everybody vs Hole in my Head Blackout: 4 Rated R: 10
  11. Miss Show Business


    I know I'm glad the musical numbers survived, but the scenes with stills make it harder to focus on the dialogue imo. There's been rumored to be a full, uncut version for years, in the hands of film collectors... but the owners don't want to work with the studio to restore it
  12. Miss Show Business


    YESSSS This movie and the songs are brilliant. Still praying someone has the full, uncut film, and one day we can witness Judy's slayage in its full 3 hour glory