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  1. Miss Show Business


    Probably my favorite Bey album next to ST. This era was such a SERVE. The ballads are flawless, and the pop songs are so fresh and bops to this day. Love love love this album.
  2. Miss Show Business

    Rarely, I got the free copy when it came out, as well PerchedT for R9
  3. Miss Show Business

    Watching this floppage is so entertaining. Like, I still cannot believe she has a label, a team, a manager, etc. all trying to make her happen. She was probably the least talented member of 5H and once they split, it was over for her. Seeing the over abundance of promo and still no one checks for her is a KII.
  4. This. I love them both, it's so embarrassing.
  5. Miss Show Business


    Hope it flops into oblivion.
  6. Wow! It's almost like, it's remembered or something
  7. Miss Show Business


    Always loved the Rainbow album art. Her best, easily. High Road was a little bit disappointing and bland to me. I also love Animal, just classic Kesha.
  8. Miss Show Business


    PerchedT for the Pitchfork review.
  9. In a supporting role. Big difference.
  10. Miss Show Business


    I don't really listen to it, to be honest. this era was a colassal disappointment for me. Especially after Rebel Heart.
  11. Miss Show Business

    The original, obvs.
  12. "Sharing that body like it's our last meal"
  13. Miss Show Business

    I guess this is where I'll cut in... For a comparison, Hard Candy sold the same amount WW than Britney's Circus did, which was considered a HUGE comeback era for her. Also both had enormously successful tours attached, The Sticky & Sweet Tour remains the highest grossing female tour of all time. So, to say Hard Candy was a "flop" is ludicrous. MDNA sold half of what Hard Candy did; however it scored a top ten single and extended her record for the most female top ten singles of all time. MDNA also had a massively successful tour, where it became the second highest grossing female tour of all time... She literally has, not one, but two of the highest grossing female tours of all time... Going back to the Britney comparison, Britney was 10 years into her career at the time, Madonna was 25 years into her career. If all of this doesn't spell out to you Madonna's impact? Well... There's really no helping you then. I guarantee you people remember plenty of Madonna songs. LAV, Material Girl, Papa Don't Preach, LAP, Express Yourself, Vogue... etc.