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  1. The Other Chick video leaking a few months back I will never forgive her label for sleeping on all of these BOPS
  2. YES THE US! I believe this is the first time she's reached the top of the iTunes Chart in America! LEGEND
  3. This is one of my go-to depression albums
  4. Nothing Really Matters - 270 (-5) Frozen - 235 (+5)
  5. Still a bop I hope he produced some tracks on K15
  6. It's somewhat rare here, I had to drive 45 minutes out to see it for bigger films however, you can normally find tickets pretty close to you.
  7. You probably don't live near me, but I would've invited you in a heartbeat! Not alot of people came out, there was a small row of old gays who came to see it ahead of me but in total there were maybe 7-10 of us such a shame because this movie is such a classic. When I saw the Wizard of Oz in February for it's 80th anniversary, we almost had a full theatre.
  8. I don't agree with the former. But the music does slap. This is one of my favorite movies to watch during the Holidays. I saw it this year on the big screen and it was incredible.
  9. This. My cousin likes him and I thought it might be fun to take her, then I saw the ticket prices. Yikes! No shade but I would not have expected Harry Styles tickets to be so expensive.
  10. One of the only movies I like better than the original. It gets me every time