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  1. I still have some hope some things will change. Apparently, pressure is mounting on congressional Republicans to support the more bipartisan bills the House has passed. I know the Senate recently started the process to start debate on the Enhanced Background Checks Act. This is why elections are so damned important. People's lives are on the line... They shouldn't be, but that's the way it is. Eager to vote this November.
  2. She won her primary election for re-election... Unbelievable, some people in this country.
  3. That's the scariest thing with this case. Roe v. Wade was ruled as violating the 14th amendment, which contains the equal protections clause, and was used to create the "right to privacy" precedent. This was the same amendment and precedent used to rule on issues such as the case striking down all of the remaining sodomy laws (2003), and of course DOMA and gay marriage. The courts reversal here would set a new precedent in all of these cases, meaning it could toss out all of these cases. Yes: the supreme court could rule that the government has a right to punish consenting adults in
  4. I'm saying the outlook of the era would be grim if she doesn't have another single success. But it's quite possible she might, so that's why I'm not going to count out the entire era just yet. If she doesn't, the era will look very frontloaded.
  5. Let's not be too dismissive. Easy on Me easily replicated the chart success of Hello, and the album has amazing pure sales for 2022. It's sold 5 million copies already on mostly pure sales alone. I don't think it ever was realistic to think she would pull off another 25; 2015 almost feels like a drastically different time when thinking of just the music industry. Streaming is totally dominating now — whereas then, it was slowly starting to catch on. I will agree though, that the era definitely has slumped. Whereas 25 had When We We're Young between Hello and Send Your Love, I don't
  6. I don't think he has enough raw talent to last Shock value only lasts for so long, and we see that with artists like Madonna and Gaga. After that dries up, you've better have something else: Madonna delivered some of the best ballads of her career, continued performing elaborate stage shows, gave an acclaimed performance in Evita, and released one of her most acclaimed albums to date. Similar to Madonna, Gaga switched it up by releasing a Jazz album with Tony Bennett, tweaked her sound and image to be more appealing to the GP, and gave an Oscar nominated performance in A Star Is Born as
  7. SO happy for her. What an amazing gift she can celebrate after the past 13 years... She can have new beginnings and truly heal
  8. Bruno imo is one of the only interesting male artists. I like his material and his style / image. Ed... While I've always thought of him as a talented songwriter, I must say, releasing the same album so many times over is getting old. I'm hoping, in the 2020s, the GP finally stops rewarding white male mediocrity and instead supporting artists who are actually interesting for a change.
  9. Can't say I 100% see what you're saying... He still seems really panicked about being perceived as gay. Perhaps that is what's causing him to want to hurry up and marry... And as many of us have discussed here, no one's trying to "push" a sexual orientation on him; he just doesn't do himself any favors when he confronts the subject and sounds combative and insecure, as if he is gay and not fully accepting of himself. And we all say this because most of us went through it, too. As for Camila, her image and career is as good as dead to me and to many others after the racism scandal. That re
  10. This is absolutely horrifying. I am glad he is alive. I hope he is able to find out who did this and bring him to justice.