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  1. From the Guardian: He's literally going up against the wealthiest man in the world, he's about to get scalped even further
  2. Miss Show Business

    Her most iconic MGM performance next to Over the Rainbow Thank you for tagging me here, I didn't realize there was a Judy Garland thread here. To see that people still remember her warms my heart. She was without a doubt the greatest female entertainer of the 20th century (and imo amongst the greatest female voices). If anyone wants some goodies by her, I'm more than happy to share since it's harder to come by, just PM me.
  3. Miss Show Business


    Can't decide if I'm turned on or jealous, ngl
  4. Loving these replies. Maybe this is the clownery that will finally put an end to these damned remakes
  5. If this isn't proof the world is changing, I don't know what is. This makes me so happy for the future and what's to come. Homophobes can seethe.
  6. Miss Show Business

    Handmade Heaven has me shook. Still so disappointed/salty she dropped "& the Diamonds" from her name though. What was she thinking... It was so unique and something only the fans really understood
  7. Twitter is so toxic, honestly good for her. She should stay off of it to make a statement about how toxic social media is.
  8. Miss Show Business

    General News

    Unfortunately we live in a world where animals and humans have to die. Animals will always suffer, whether they do in the wild or at the hands of humans. Now this isn't a reason not to reduce the suffering of animals, however there are certain things that cannot be controlled. Animals, including humans, will always kill other animals for food. Even if humans ate less meat or no meat, animals in the wild still need to eat meat to live. Even house pets like cats require a diet of meat. There's no escaping it. Also, quite frankly, I don't consider the lives of chicken, cows, and pigs, to be as valuable as human lives. Anyway, PETA is also notoriously a terrible organization, and a hypocritical one, at that. That's my two cents.
  9. This is so horrible... I hope he got a good view of his assailants and I hope they're caught and throw in jail. People who do this are the scum of the earth.
  10. From CNN: Florida Today noted this is Florida's seventh mass shooting in less than three years.
  11. Miss Show Business


    This is why losing SCOUTS was so detrimental. This will likely affect trans service members for years to come. And God knows what other LGBT+ rights will come to the court. They could easily roll back marriage rights with a conservative majority. This is why I was losing my mind fighting with stupid "Bernie or Bust" idiots in 2016. This is what was at stake. The fact that any of these justices voted in favor is disgusting. Serving in our country's military is one of the bravest and most honorable things you can do as a civilian. Maybe the justices who voted should endure basic training to see what these people go through. I hope this is fought until the bitter end. Words cannot describe how frustrated and disgusted this makes me.
  12. Miss Show Business


    Not Russia, the United Nations. Russia should face global sanctions for this blatant human rights violation. We unfortunately can't depend on Russia to end this.
  13. Miss Show Business


    Disgusting and horrifying — cannot even imagine what these poor men are dealing with. This should be declared an international emergency and a genocide, and Russia should suffer crippling sanctions for this. This is shameful.
  14. Miss Show Business

    Celeb News

    Coco Chanel was a Nazi sympathizer who took advantage of Nazi occupation and basically stole the Chanel company from the Jewish businessmen (the Wertheimers) she originally made a deal with in the 1920s to run her business. It wasn't until after Chanel died that the business was returned to the Wertheimers, who still run it today I believe. Rihanna may not have started her career in fashion and cosmetics, however she is way above the person Coco Chanel was.