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  1. Probably her best PWL song/single imo Shocked comes close, too.
  2. Bruno imo is one of the only interesting male artists. I like his material and his style / image. Ed... While I've always thought of him as a talented songwriter, I must say, releasing the same album so many times over is getting old. I'm hoping, in the 2020s, the GP finally stops rewarding white male mediocrity and instead supporting artists who are actually interesting for a change.
  3. Can't say I 100% see what you're saying... He still seems really panicked about being perceived as gay. Perhaps that is what's causing him to want to hurry up and marry... And as many of us have discussed here, no one's trying to "push" a sexual orientation on him; he just doesn't do himself any favors when he confronts the subject and sounds combative and insecure, as if he is gay and not fully accepting of himself. And we all say this because most of us went through it, too. As for Camila, her image and career is as good as dead to me and to many others after the racism scandal. That re
  4. This is absolutely horrifying. I am glad he is alive. I hope he is able to find out who did this and bring him to justice.
  5. 10 Republicans supported this impeachment in the house, and I think at least two Republican senators in the Senate have, one of them I know being Murkowski. The nice thing about a trial after he leaves office, is that Dems will control the Senate and make the rules. Republicans can't sweep any evidence under the rug like they did in the previous impeachment. All of the evidence will be presented to the Senate and thus to Americans watching, too.
  6. Only president in US history to be impeached twice ✅ Only president in US history to be impeached in his first term ✅ Only president in US history to be impeached with bipartisan support ✅
  7. What's the difference between the basic and premium plan? Honestly I understand them having to raise the price sometimes, and I am so appreciative they have never used ads.
  8. Has anyone else been scared and concerned all day even though you don't live anywhere near DC? I've had the most bizzare feeling about this all day. Of course I saw the videos all over Twitter. I went out today trying to distract myself but still saw all the discourse happening and it was hard to turn away. I'm hopeful for the future now, but wow, how low we've sank. It's so shameful.
  9. The Other Chick video leaking a few months back I will never forgive her label for sleeping on all of these BOPS
  10. Mte. If it was mass released on vinyl pre 90s, you can find great copies for dirt cheap in flea markets and thrift stores that carry vinyl