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  1. The singles are flawless tho hun. I tried to wash but I'll always serve you post Malone
  2. Cause I f**king hate my everything
  3. Its really coming like I really don't have to force myself to stream Dangerous Woman
  4. This era is about to get interesting
  5. The relevance. The Impact. The longevity. The ATRL who
  6. Well some say Trump is a good president
  7. I'm a slave 4 u <Oops I did it again Overprotected > Stronger Lonely> Don't go knocking on my door I'm not a girl> Satisfaction Boys<Don't let me be the last to know Anticipating < What you see I love rock n roll < Lucky Cinderella > One kiss from you Let me be> where are you now Bombastic love > Can't make you love me TWYTM =WYESI When I found you > Girl in the mirror Before the Goodbye > You got it all Wiltbm = Dear Diary I Stan both but whew
  8. I just woke up from a power nap I knew I felt a shift in the earth
  9. I'm not suprised Someone who was one of the few repping aesthetics along with Gaga just wants to drop the ball That's like if Beyonce stopped after IASF
  10. She should've released Bionic a la Original plan in 2009 with I hate boys as 1st single Stripped Is overrated Lotus slayed it was just the bad mixing and editing of the production that made it messy in a negative way Liberation is gonna be a GP favorite She should've took more advantage of the Spanish market Her re-inventions didn't mess her up, it has made her We may not get Choreo-Tina back at all Nobody wants to be lonely is slept on
  11. Pretty simple thread Join the ring fighters