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    I also think that it is worth mentioning that there is something contradictory about the reputation era being ''for the fans''. Why do i say that? Because Europe, Asia and Latin America got paid dust on the tour. Her singles (especially Look What You Made Me Do and Ready For It) divided the fanbase Plenty of fans were turning away from Taylor due to the Ticketmaster Verified Fan controversy. And plenty complained about the lack of activity in the rep era. Yeah, the era did well commercially but dig a little deeper, and you will see what i mean.
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    Unpopular opinion: There was always something awkward to me about Taylor Swift wearing dark clothes, being edgy, making pop songs with hip hop beats and rapping and it is about time to get it out of my chest. I'm not calling her ''try hard'' by any means, i just think that for a while watching Taylor like that made me feel i didn't know her anymore in the sense that i wasn't feeling like watching Taylor Swift, a sweet natured woman who made songs about shaking off the haters.
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    Well, country fans OF COURSE were gonna be disappointed with Taylor making a pop album but she delivered quality with 1989 and deserved all the success it got. Hoping that the TS7 era AND album will make up for the disappointment because you have NO IDEA how awful it was waiting from August 2017 til May 2018 for something big to happen. Remember when ALL OF US thought that Taylor Swift was gonna deliver an iconic performance of LWYMMD at the 2017 VMAs? Remember Taylor Swift being in talks to perform at the 2017 MTV EMAs in London where she was nominated for 6 awards, her label chose SNL instead and she lost all of her awards to Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello? Remember when it was rumored (thanks to Global Citizen) that Taylor Swift was gonna attend the 2018 BRITs and eventually skipped it and lost Best International Female Artist to Lorde?? Those were some REALLY dark days.
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    I'm still wondering how did her producers thought that Taylor Swift rapping on Ready For It and End Game would be a good idea. As i mentioned, the idea of Taylor rapping it feels to me like her producers wanted Taylor to fit in with today's pop music by making her rap and try hip hop/trap beats as a way to catch up with rappers who were dominating in 2016 and 2017.
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    Yeah but compare TIWWCHNT, IDSB, LWYMMD and Ready For It to most pop songs today. Those songs may be different in Taylor's discography but it's nearly the same as most pop songs which are built around trap/hip hop beats and those rolling hi hats which have been dominating the Mainstream since 2016. Believe it or not, almost EVERYBODY (including rock bands like Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park and even 30 Seconds To Mars) experimented with trap and the results spoke for themselves. 1989 was an experimental record and YET DID NOT PANDER TO TRENDS. There were sparks of creativity along with sleek production, sticky melodies and catchy as hell choruses. While reputation has gems like Getaway Car, New Year's Day, King Of My Heart, Gorgeous and ESPECIALLY Delicate but there are many moments that also baffle me.
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    by boring i meant lack of promo, interviews etc. I know that it was intended to be that way but it was boring nevertheless. I have a twitter account but that doesn't change the complexity of the era. Barely anything happened from August 2017 til May 2018. Only 2 award show appearances is extremely disappointing for her comeback era.
  7. It is a decent song. I'm not a fan of the EDM beat drop in the chorus but i appreciate the verses and the ''Romeo and Juliet''-esque storyline within the lyrics. It's moments like this that showcase that Taylor is still a good songwriter, but the production choices from her producers are not fitting enough.
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    ''Re-arrange the era'' Pretty much everything tbh: August 2017: Surprise performance of LWYMMD at the VMAs November 2017: Ellen interview (1st week) Performance of Call It What You Want and Gorgeous at the MTV EMAs in London (2nd week, 12th November) SNL performance (18th November) February 2018: Surprise appearance at the BRIT awards and performance of End Game with Ed Sheeran March 2018: Performance of Delicate (Acoustic) at the iHeartRadio Awards. August 2018: Getaway Car as single. I get it, she wanted to be private but the reputation era was supposed to be her comeback era after EVERYONE thought that she was over in 2016. OF COURSE, i had big expectations for that era. Not to mention that barely anything happened from August 2017 til May 2018. It's great that she is happy currently but i wish i could say the same for the era because it was so boring.
  9. It is another pop song with trap/hip hop beats. The same as most pop songs since 2016. If you are gonna do a dark pop song, at least do something interesting and not pander to today's trends. Taylor Swift always had a strong sense of musicianship.
  10. johnny1248


    To be honest, even after 100 listens it is still a mixed bag. If you are gonna do dark pop songs then at least do something interesting with it and not follow the trend of generic, boring, atmospheric and generic trap pop. Pop rock or even 80s darkwave inspired synthpop would have been WAY BETTER to make dark pop than do the same as pop acts are doing at the moment (Halsey with Bad At Love and Now Or Never, Ariana Grande with God Is A Woman, Everyday, Everytime and the whole thank u next album tbh, Demi Lovato with Sorry Not Sorry etc). That is why i find songs like IDSB, TIWWCHNT, LWYMMD, End Game, Ready For It and So It Goes among the worst songs in her career imo. Not to mention that Taylor rapping feels like as if her producers tried to convince her to compete with rappers who were dominating in 2017.
  11. For such a terrible song, it was a fantastic performance.
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    The least said about the album the better if i'm being honest. By FAR her worst record. Half the time it's garbage (look what you made me do, i did something bad, end game, so it goes, ready for it and this is why we can't have nice things) and half the time it's really good (Delicate, Getaway car, New Year's Day, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, Don't Blame Me, Dress and King Of My Heart) While the album is solid from a songwriting standpoint and i do feel like Taylor is being satirical on the 1st half of the album but the appalling production choices ruin any chance of the songs being good. Gosh, who the hell told Taylor that following the trend of generic trap pop and doing rap would be a gold idea? How did Jack Antonoff go from producing many masterpieces from 1989 and Melodrama (Out Of The Woods, Liability and Perfect Places) to something Look What You Made Me Do and This Is Why Can't Have Nice Things? Same applies for Max Martin where he produced so many good songs from 1989 (blank space, style) to something so basic, messy and generic trap pop like ready for it and i did something bad? I love Taylor Swift to pieces but reputation is a big NO from me. It's so sad that her producers chose to do something so commercial leaning instead of something that had many sparks of creativity like 1989? Gosh, couldn't her producers find more creative ways to do "dark pop? 80s darkwave synthpop, pop rock with elements of grunge. I could go on. Sorry lads, an unpopular opinion but i don't like the album. If you do like it then fair enough, music is subjective after all. But on the other hand, it didn't resonate with me.
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    Hahahahahaha. Republicans are scratching their butts because of it. I love that.