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  1. AllieCat17

    Hey all! Found this in a different forum the other day and just wanted to share it with you all. I think it could be a hit! I've just never heard of this guy before but I'm looking for more now for sure [YouTube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiMD6HklpvY[/YouTube]
  2. AllieCat17

    Has anybody else heard of this guy before? Heard this the other day and thought it was legit enough to share
  3. AllieCat17


    Just boring. Zayn needs to get back to the huge songs he had on "Mind of Mine"
  4. AllieCat17


    Decent song and all, but it's time for Selena to show us something new.
  5. AllieCat17


    Yeah Yeah not at all, it's totally the coolest thing out there right now to come out.
  6. AllieCat17


    Agreed that he needs to change it up, but I also do feel like this is the ultimate evolution of his style so far.
  7. AllieCat17


    Wonder how much of the album he will play on his new tour!
  8. AllieCat17


    I'll absolutely take it if it sounds like Nice for What, but I don't need anymore "God's Plan" songs on there
  9. Feel like she's getting patronizing now
  10. AllieCat17


    Truthfully did not expect that comment line haha
  11. AllieCat17


    Too bad it didn't happen ;( Always down for new Abel.
  12. AllieCat17


    This thing has the potential to be SO GOOD if her non-single songs can just live up to par with the rest.
  13. BEYOND ready for this one to FINALLY be an official single. We NEED it lol
  14. AllieCat17


    The album i'm most excited about for this summer!!!
  15. AllieCat17


    Ah, I gotcha. I'm glad to at least know some new music is out there though, even if we have to wait!