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  1. Single

    Definitely feels like Ye is against the people most of the time lol
  2. Feel like she's getting patronizing now
  3. Review

    Truthfully did not expect that comment line haha
  4. EP

    Too bad it didn't happen ;( Always down for new Abel.
  5. Album

    This thing has the potential to be SO GOOD if her non-single songs can just live up to par with the rest.
  6. Album

    Not really digging his style this era
  7. Album

    Honestly about time, but I'm afraid it's going to be total trash aside from singles.
  8. BEYOND ready for this one to FINALLY be an official single. We NEED it lol
  9. Album

    The album i'm most excited about for this summer!!!
  10. EP

    Ah, I gotcha. I'm glad to at least know some new music is out there though, even if we have to wait!
  11. Single

    Solid song, but can't really get exciting about anything else Selena does until we have announcements about her new album
  12. Shawn's best single in a minute. Got that summer feel to it
  13. Single

    The references are deep
  14. Album

    I wonder how much his most recent comments on slavery could possibly affect this album's release success...
  15. Single

    The video for this one is unreal. So haunting in some ways...