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  1. Saint.

    She mentioned her because she is better.
  2. Saint.

    Exactly she’s so delusional it’s ridiculious and clearly trying to throw shots at Ariana all cause I dragged her fatass fave. It’s one thing to be upset but to ignore facts and continue to be delusional.
  3. Saint.

    No tears left to cry went to number one in multiple countries and so did problem and she’s a big force outside of the us. She is very global let’s not be delusional do your research honey and speak facts and not your opinions.
  4. Saint.

    Girl bye I don’t stan for charts and no I call it like I see it. Christina is shit and Ariana’s team doesn’t push her accordingly. Unlike you deluded stans I can accept and embrace my fave for her flaws when someone talks about your fave you get upset and in your feelings. Now you keep it cute or put that shit on mute and continue to wait for liberation or whatever that bitch called it. Let’s hope it isn’t another 10 years. Goodbye Felicia
  5. Saint.

    She should’ve performed it to be honest. She literally only performed it at Coachella and to be honest her team fails at promoting most things. A few performances would’ve helped her significantly and it isn’t really a radio friendly song. Her team makes the mistakes of overlooking great songs to be single. Ala greedy which screams summer smash but they picked a song like everyday to be a single. There are so many other contributating factors but i won’t discuss any further.
  6. The only thing she’s working on is getting those lips filled that bitch isn’t releasing or working on shit she’s just getting the little fans she has left hopes up high
  7. Saint.

    It’ll bounce back once the video goes up and the guys flock to see that ass
  8. https://twitter.com/dirtydannyyy/status/986078171136249857?s=20
  9. The one delusional Stan thinking she’s better than Beyoncé
  10. Beyoncé definitely possesses soul probably more soul than xtinca and you really are delusional if you think she’s a better singer. Beyoncé literally can perform 7 songs straight dancing and performing and sound flawless and xtinca can barely sing I will always love you standing still without butchering it and running out of breath. Beyoncé sings circles around ha effortlessly and she sings with soul without oversinging something Christina has a MAJOR issue with like let’s be clear. Not to mention she is 10 times more consistent than xtinca when people go to see Beyoncé they are going to get a show with Christina it’s either hit or miss lol
  11. She wasn’t better than Mariah before her voice deteriorated the only other person who was giving Mariah a run for her money was Whitney.
  12. You’re reading way to much into fotp dear
  13. Saint.

    When is this going to happen again