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    I haven’t put out anything so I guess I won’t attend the award yet, but good luck to everyone nominated!
  2. Flippy

    Ok, here I go Label Name: Rosa Blu Inc Artist: Gloria Trevi What I plan to do with this artist is have her be as edgy as she possibly can, while singing about topics that aren't that common or otherwise known as "taboo". She's a bilingual girl, so her main focus is in Latin America, while also expanding her legacy through North America & eventually the world. She loves people and wants to show that a Mexican girl can take over the world as much as any other artist. I plan on helping her do just that by appearing in as many places as she possibly can, making quality music as well as groundbreaking Music Videos to even unexpected collabs. She's very versatile, so her genre changes and accommodates to whoever she's working with. She has a very unique/raspy voice so she's hard to ignore. One of her wishes is also to not just be famous, but to remain humble. She wants to also found a shelter for single mothers/pregnant women in need, since she eventually wants to have her own family. Some of her main inspirations are artists like Lana Del Rey & Ariana Grande & she wants to work with Maluma & Belinda in the near future since she likes how innovative their music can be & how they're Latinos who can eventually dominate the charts. She wants to win awards not just because the beat of her music, but because of the lyrics are from the heart and personal experiences. She wants to show that she's also a human who goes through the same things her fans go through. She wants them to relate to her. She's also taken acting courses in school and majored in musical theatre so she wants to try out her career in acting as well. She's a fan of Movies and Telenovelas so she wants to expand there to begin with. This is a well-rounded artist looking forward to take over the world and I'm sure you'll love her as much as everyone else already does. Hopefully this was good enough I'm nervous y'all
  3. Flippy

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! Sounds good actually, i'm already working on my artist so we'll see how things go! If I need help, I'll definitely PM you!
  4. Flippy

    Ok, I'm going to sign up for this, but these graphics... I'm afraid I will suck with mine since I'm not a graphic designer nor do I make music lol How do you guys do it?