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  1. omg, thank you so much! i followed you back
  2. not stanning excellence? i can't imagine.mp3 stanning playback, no.
  3. not arianators boycotting 7 rings, but instead gained 6 million more streams in that case, let's boycott the entire album and sweetener too
  4. hi @Yoncé.thank you so much, nice to meet you too! i'm here for someone who stans EXCELLENCE.
  5. hi legend, have you seen miss Grande's new achievements? wigs wigs
  6. Please stream LOONA's new song "Butterfly", which is very different from their previous debut concept. The music video also celebrates CULTURAL DIVERSITY, which is a huge step up for K-Pop music industry. 

    Also, stream [X X] on Apple Music and Spotify! ari5

  7. 'break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored' will most likely debut at #2. STANS ON TWITTER ARE HAVING AN OUTBURST
  8. thank you so much, hannah! OT: it's annoying how some people expects miss grande to sell 500k-1m pure sales, when they know Ariana debuted in the streaming era. OAHs pulling everything to invalidate her in some way, because they know Ariana always proves them wrong.
  9. the production SNAPPED on this one!
  10. you are right, but in the light is coming's situation, it's unnecessary. rihanna needs to fill the 2nd verse, miss grande doesn't have to. the song could still be cute at 2-minute mark.
  11. yeah, the unnecessary sampling and the unnecessary feature disappoints me, also that repetitive chorus, who decided to repeat the chorus twice? i'm suing.
  12. ariana did the right thing, but i'm not gonna slander pharell even further because 'the light is coming' is a BOP when edited and shortened
  13. With 'break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored' recently hitting 3 million likes, Ariana Grande is the first artist in history to have 11 videos with over 3 million likes on YouTube! breaking records like it's nothing