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  1. All 'thank u, next' tracks charted for a second week, making it the first female album in history to have all of its tracks chart on the Hot 100 simultaneously in multiple weeks. #1 7 rings #4 thank u, next #8 break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored #46 NASA #48 needy #53 bloodline #55 bad idea #57 fake smile #58 imagine #62 ghostin #74 in my head #95 make up
  2. Coming for a billion! poor God is a woman stuck at 200m and thank u, next at 300m
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  4. He's also not saying or posting anything about it which adds smoke to the fire. So disappointing.
  5. Also, the biggest album debut so far of 2019.
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    oop my first megarate, let me join.
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    oof fixed it, thank you so much for noticing the error OT: Another day, another failed attempt of discrediting Ariana's SUCCESS!
  8. I got so much HITS, got so much PLATINUMS
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    y'all honestly should get a job or sumn
  10. If these two replies were written on Twitter, stans will FUME. OT: Another day, another slay!
  11. Imagine in 2019 if you have a job or a life, will you be able to stop being obsessed at Ariana and stop making weak attempts at getting her dragged?
  12. In just 33 DAYS, '7 rings' became the fastest song in Spotify's HISTORY to reach 300 million streams! For reference, 'thank u, next' reached 300 million streams in a span of 42 days. THE ARIANA REIGN JUST WON'T STOP!