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  1. <span style='color:#'>Lyric</span>

    Fall in Line officially debuts at #1

    Oh God
  2. <span style='color:#'>Lyric</span>

    Celeb News Dr. Luke claims Kesha is responsible for him not working with Katy anymore, wants $50 million from Kesha

  3. <span style='color:#'>Lyric</span>

    Photos Gaga leaving studio looking like she just finished BTW 2.0

    Yeah queen!!
  4. <span style='color:#'>Lyric</span>

    why do madonna stans hate britney?

    I love Britney, my problem is with her fans.
  5. <span style='color:#'>Lyric</span>

    Why are Mariah, Rihanna and Dua loved by the straights but the rest of the pop girls aren't

    Madonna is beautiful. And straights love the body, not the music or talent. Christmas songs everybody loves.
  6. It's time to forget the past.

    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      I don't know what you're going through, but yes the past often hold us prisoners. The past contains the pain, regrets, lost loves, etc But the past also contains good memories. We can create new memories instead of thinking of the past memories. We need to live before we realize we wasted our life thinking of a stagnant part of time that has already gone instead of seizing the gift which is the HERE and NOW that we own. <3


      Idk if my words were useful of just me babbling about something irrelevant to u. If it's the latter I'm sorry for rambling. oprah11

    2. Lyric

      Thank you for the support. ♡♡♡

  7. <span style='color:#'>Lyric</span>

    Best and worst FOTP album covers from their latest releases?

    1 - Golden 2 - Reputation 3 - Anti 4 - Rainbow 5 - Me. I Am Mariah 6 - Joanne 7 - Rebel Heart 8 - Limonade 9 - Witness 10 - Lust For Life 11 - Glory
  8. <span style='color:#'>Lyric</span>

    Update: Madonna’s son still hates her

    100 % lie...
  9. <span style='color:#'>Lyric</span>

    Better songwriter: Mariah vs Gaga

  10. <span style='color:#'>Lyric</span>

    Please help me, what's the name of this dramatic music track??

  11. <span style='color:#'>Lyric</span>

    Ugly bitch murderer Robin Trantin ditches Pussycat Dolls reunion in favor of a "new generation" lineup

    Oh my God!!!
  12. <span style='color:#'>Lyric</span>

    Music Video Fall In Line (Music Video)

  13. <span style='color:#'>Lyric</span>

    So Gaga lost against Era Istrefi

    I love my queen Gaga and I loved this queen!! ♡
  14. <span style='color:#'>Lyric</span>

    Fall In Line to debut at #98

    I can't believe!!
  15. <span style='color:#'>Lyric</span>

    Accelerate vs Make Me... vs Fall in Line vs Slumber Party

    Fall In Line Slumber Party Accelerate Make Me