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  1. ploopy

    So her texts about Katy Perry not raped officially makes her own case a lie? Sure, jan. It hurst her case, yes - but it does not negate the truth of whatever happened with her and Dr. Luke. Let it unfold, your conclusion is terrible. Logic, sweetie, I'm so sorry...
  2. ploopy

    because she is not this kind of performer, I don't know if she realizes it. she has the vocals, and I see her performing more on a less dancy setting. she has no energy to do dance pop live.
  3. ploopy

    I ain't giving that pedo & rapist supporter my streams, so Splenda by default. And some of you gays here defending her and caping for her disgusts me to my inner core.
  4. ploopy

    Everyone's a fad until they get longevity. Cannot tell that until she's relevant for 5-7 more years.
  5. ploopy

    Her stans are just as crazy, if not, worse. They're like a cult nowadays. There's no saving any of them.
  6. ploopy

    Layers upon layers of shade in that article.
  7. ploopy

    Lol, what a joke. And DW is only 7.6? Utter disrespect to her magnum opus. There's no way Splenda is higher than DW, ever, not even 100 lifetimes. Yeah, no. Ariana is basically serving watered down Tinashe on 80% of the album.
  8. ploopy

    A lot of good albums were rated low. I’ll leave it at that.
  9. ploopy

    Really dont know what’s pathetic. The child with that mouth and parents, or a full grown woman PICKING A FIGHT WITH A CHILD. Nicki is embarrassing
  10. ploopy

    Wait till she gets her numbers next week. How you going to go against Ariana, BTS and the TRUE queen, Aretha?! And not to mention she still be fighting Travis and Drake. Well, she’s Chun-Li, right? She should be thankful she got a #2 off an album with no hits.
  11. ploopy

    Yaaas. One thing that all prehistoric animals went through, evolution. These young people can learn a thing or two.
  12. ploopy

    She went straight to ARTPOP. DW is truly her magnum opus.
  13. ploopy

    Mte. This just looks bad. Her desperation was the punchline of every joke, and her excuses did not help
  14. ploopy

    It’s a very nice comeback for Ms Janet. The video is so amazing.