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  1. They had so much potential hits on their last album with WFH being a smash. Their team f-ed them up. They never pushed for Flex, Write on Me, etc. They could've built a very strong presence with that leading to this current album. But then again, with Camilla leaving, this is bound to happen. Seriously, what group ever stayed for so long after one of them left? Even 1D, which was a Titan, also broke up.
  2. So what happened to being the savior of music and music artists? Aren't they also on fire for shitting on indie artists and they claim to be FOR ALL the artists???
  3. Celeb News

    Are we really pulling the whole "I have bisexual friends that are not offended by this..." I mean, really? I am ambivalent towards this whole issue, I don't know what to think. But for someone who always gets recognized as someone that CHOSE being gay and being refered to it as a LIFESTYLE like choosing to be a vegan is harmful. You have no idea how bigots have perpetuated this narrative - making gay conversion therapies legal and perpetuating ignorance that being gay is a choice had given them mileage that would take a generation to eliminate. I won't criticize Hayley for saying what she said. Because I can feel that it has a deeper root, and it can prove detrimental to the LGBT community in the long run. If you guys would follow news about gay rights, you would realize how far we are in getting that stigma erased. Venture out these pop forums and stop obsessing over pop girls and LOOK. It's legal to discriminate against LGBT in a lot of countries. Google has to have a freaking checkbox to places if it's LGBT-friendly. That is how f-ed up this world is. Gay people are literally getting killed in some countries. We are hunted like dogs like it's the modern witch trials. This SJW culture you're talking about, it becomes a miniscule concept when you realize that Indonesia lashes you if you're caught having gay sex. And that Singapore will imprison you for being gay. Let's not even start with Russia. P.S. And I'm livid with these celebs coming out as 'bisexual'. Well, sure, okay, hun. It may or may not be true, but these celebs making a mockery out of the struggle of true bisexuals for attention is just making it all meaningless. You know these straight celebs are using bisexuality to be edgy and because it's convenient for them to just date normally and still get the label for convenience. Bitch, please. P.S. BUT PERSONALLY? I am more offended on how terrible the song is. Trying hard to be Lady Marmalade, but with 3 myas.
  4. Album

    Isn't that a bit redundant since Xtina is singing the song?
  5. Other

    I got a tiny shock when someone said a week earlier her sales were doing well and showed this similar image. And now it's not? Maybe they cancelled after seeing her and Demi on BBMAS? I kid, I kid. She just needs to push to the mountains with the promo. It's hard for her and Kelly Clarkson in this day and age. They totally ignored the streaming era transition that a lot of their peers have transitioned well (Britney, P!nk, JT to an extent).
  6. Performance

    It was not their best. Demi was shaky all over. Xtina sounded good on her first few parts, but she should've informed Demi on those ad-libs she does near the end, because Demi was scraping for her life. It was OK, Demi was just really shaky and sounded so nervous. She really should have just dodged the Bb5, she had apprehensions, so she should've just dropped it. I think she was pressured since Xtina did go silent before the A5-Bb5 build up to let Demi shine. It's a tough note to sing especially someone that has unreliable technique like Demi. We love a good screamfest though.
  7. NAGL for her. But I truly empathize with her with regards to lack of sleep. It will definitely drive you crazy and become violent and think less.
  8. I hope most of them are Republicans. But knowing the Duggars rate, they might just compensate for everyone, jfc.
  9. We love a tea. And that should not be surprising about Brando, considering he was a very sexual guy. And she looks so great after all these years, aging gracefully.
  10. Achievement

  11. That was good! I hope they aill both slay the BBMAs. hope Demi manages to hit the Bb5 live as that’s a very good turn in the song.
  12. #7 in iTunes now. i’m gonna go sleep.
  13. I don’t know how the iTunes app work, probably just caching. it hit #8 just less than an hour ago. It’s all over Twitter. It was like #15 an hour ago, then #12 and now at #8. edit: #7 in iTunes now. i’m gonna go sleep.
  14. When the gays start covering a song, you know it’s a HIT!