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  1. Exactly. Debuting high does not matter when it freefalls right after.
  2. I wouldn't include Mariah on that list. Ariana's songs are mostly about sex. Katy Perry tried to be woke with CTTR but that's about it.
  3. ploopy

    This thread further proves Nicki vs. Cardi is irrelevant, no one is even talking about them 1/2 of the 1st page and onwards.
  4. The only thing I can contribute to this is how drastically her looks changed from covering Adele/Gaga to ME aesthetic. Which was impressive tbh, but she really looked drastically different - almost unrecognizable.
  5. ploopy

    She is delivering. I can’t believe people are still sleeping on her. Get over it, she needs a second chance.
  6. ploopy

    It’s really funny how selling 10m or 2m are already flops based on an artist’s standards. And then here we are with main pop acts struggling to get 1m SPS. Sales are dead.
  7. Don’t care about the album title. I just want bops!
  8. ploopy

    It was HUGE. You probably heard it but did not know the title or the singer. It's still being played randomly up to this day. The songs on this list is expected, none can argue the power of these songs during their time. I got so sick of some of these songs at some point because they got overplayed during their peaks (IWALY, One Sweet Day, The Boy is Mine).
  9. GIAW is a single you release from an album that already has 2-3 hits prior. She hasn’t learned from DW. It’s a cute grower bop, but not something you release to sell an entire album. Also, that song title is not going to get a hit. Seriously, a chunk of her main market is full of white people that think Jesus is named Jesus and is white and God is a guy. She already cancelled herself with that. So let her preach about ‘not caring about the numbers’ before she gets a #1 hit or a Grammy. People always put her on a pedestal equal to what veterans (Britney, Xtina, Gaga, Katy, Beyonce, etc.) have achieved in the past while her achievements pale severely in comparison. Have some goddamn respect. She is in nowhere near the level that she can do whatever she wants. She’s Jlo at this point without all the heights. And Pete is ruining her. She needs a wake up call, and her album tanking might be it. Also PROMOTE, sis. You’re not Enya or some shit. Edit: What's the point in bringing Xtina in every @Agugaga posts when his topics are legit? You can't argue with him using numbers and facts from your fave just makes it pathetic. Just shows your fave has nothing to back it up. Xtina has done all of this before and MORE. We get it, she's flopping, well no shit - but her peak was something current pop girls could ever wished for.
  10. ploopy

    Not all pop stars are vocalists, so no.
  11. ploopy

    The fragile masculinity was overflowing in that clip.
  12. ploopy

    She has like one song that is good, or there’s two I don’t know. She’s releasing singles relentessly hoping for something to stick. She sacrificed quality in return. I mean, at least Daya and Bebe Rexja released bops. Are we really pretending she is releasing worthy singles?
  13. ploopy

    They usually reconvene in the dream world.
  14. ploopy

    She has always been a feminist by convenience, like some racially ambiguous people are black by convenience. And her clothing line is a rip-off of Lululemon. But that's nothing new to her, since she's built off success thieving off from someone else.
  15. ploopy

    P!nk beating Britney and Xtina. Who could've predicted this during their peaks?