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    My hopes are v high, especially after the Met performance! I was shaking when I clicked on Donatella's live and it was Madonna performing wefgwkfhl But what I want most of all is for her to give us a full era again and to deliver a real concept both visually and sonically. I loved RH when it came out, and still bop to some of it now, but it really wasn't much of a definable era IMO. The visuals (Aside from the wire, which was icahnic) were pretty generic and the sound was all over the place. It honestly feels more like a mixtape, and the tour was also a bit of a mixed bag. MDNA to me had more of a theme (Recreational drugs: the rave/EDM vibe, the trippy and distorted imagery, etc.) and obviously every era prior to that was much, much stronger conceptually too. But yeah, I just want something fresh, consistent, and with more direction. I really hope the final product doesn't have more than a couple of producers on it, and I hope the visuals are strong and new too. She doesn't have to do anything crazy looks-wise, but a switch up from what she's pretty much settled into since Hard Candy era would be much-appreciated by moi. I just wanna be gagged and surprised - and I do feel like she's going to deliver this time tbh!
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    Hi, I’m new! Can I please be added as Autotune Baby?