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  1. Superstar


    And Ready for It But it's cute
  2. Superstar


    I can, if I want to
  3. Superstar


    First Love
  4. Superstar


    I misunderstood you There's an intro, interlude, and outro
  5. Superstar


    I posted that before Ari confirmed the amount of songs she'll be performing
  6. Cool but she should really change the name
  7. Superstar

    Migrate vs. It's Like That Touch My Body vs. We Belong Together Cruise Control vs. Shake It Off I Stay In Love vs. Mine Again Side Effects vs. Say Something I'm That Chick vs. Stay the night Love Story vs. Get Your Number I'll Be Loving You Long Time vs. One and Only Last Kiss vs. Circles Thanx 4 Nothin vs. Your Girl OOC vs. I Wish You Knew For the Record vs. To the Floor Bye Bye vs. Joy Ride I Wish You Well vs. Fly like a Bird Heat vs. Sprung 4real4real vs. Secret Love Emancipation: 13 E=MC²: 3
  8. Superstar


    You Are What You Are instead of Beautiful
  9. Superstar

    Much Too Soon - Michael Jackson
  10. Superstar

    Well, one of my faves is already gone I would be very sad
  11. Superstar


    Consideration - 75 James Joint - 20 Kiss It Better - 75 Work - 40 Desperado - 80 Needed Me - 65 Yeah, I Said It - 70 Same Ol' Mistakes - 70 Never Ending - 60 Love on the Brain - 70 Higher - 70 Pose - 45 Sex With Me - 60
  12. Superstar

    I asked @Onika if he could ban her
  13. Superstar


    Excited but when is an album coming?