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  1. So Christina, Miley (who constantly spoke up for the Free Britney movement) Cher, Madonna and even Mariah say lovely things during the trials and tribulations but after it’s all finished Gaga says one thing and she gets endless love??? Something fishy going on… Praising a film she hasn’t seen of her Boyfriends best friends client…
  2. It’s been rumoured Xtinas next single is with Tini who is killing it with her song “Bar” at the moment.
  3. Can you show me where Britney has praised for stood up for Christina over the years please… When Christina went through hell in 2010 Britney has there for her right???? Or when she was being fat shamed or slut shamed Britney stood up for her right???
  4. Ok, your math ain’t great 😂 if Christina has been around since 99 and threw shade till 04 that equal 5 years… there have been 17 years since so around 80% of Christina’s commercial career she has been positive towards Britney. Britney has also shaded Christina let’s keep it real. Britney is entitled to be an asshole to whoever she wants, I’m just grateful a lot of people are standing up for Christina cause she’s done nothing wrong here.
  5. The last time was in 2004… not sure how you are with math but that’s 17 years… which is a long time.
  6. Britney post is simply narcissistic. Britney has never shown any compassion to Christina… she’s still playing the victim Nd I feel bad for Christina having to deal with this.
  7. So Sam is out trying to be something alone and doesn't have to make a comment but an ex friend of Britney's who hasn't mentioned Christina's name in a decade has to, ok. Christina did nothing wrong, Britney has come across as a complete c*nt today. I have a family member who has been in a conservatorship since the early 80s, my uncle who is a paranoid schizophrenic. I can 100% tell you, Britney needed the conservatorship in 2008.
  8. She was unstable when the conservatory started… have you seen her fiancé dodge Britney questions the the movie premiere he attended? Why doesn’t he have to talk about it???
  9. Over the past year I can’t think or another person who said something so heartfelt and personal as what Christina did in June. If you want the whole interview they had already said we have to go, there was no Britney shade and guess what, the world doesn’t revolve around Britney Spears (hard to believe). how many other artists haven’t said a single word on it???? I lost a lot of respect for Britney today, any other female artist would get torn to shreds for coming after another female but because Britney has mental health issues she won’t be called out.
  10. That’s what I’ve been saying, I don’t k ow why she feel she has to be a blonde, she looks fantastic with dark hair
  11. You're this close, just wait for the final product, it'll be out in 12-24 hours
  12. I didn’t realize the leaked song lyrics were Somos Nada, Somos Todo… so it’s the same song I was hoping it wasn’t the leaked song we were getting “sigh”, she’s done this song 20 times before in English. excitement level back down to a 3
  13. I got Sonos and Somos wrong, I don’t speak Spanish…