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  1. She hasn't look this good since Say Something times. This is a good sign for her next era.
  2. Why would he do it to Christina as they weren’t a couple. Have you been complimentary about all of your exes???? he’s entitled to say what he wants about his exes, we all are, I’ve never seen him say a bad word about Cameron Diaz.
  3. He didn’t use Britney for anything, he was hurt by an ex and retaliated, Cry Me a River would have still been a huge success without putting. Look alike in the video, all of this happened in the early 00s, how bout we move on and get over it? he’s one of the biggest male stars of the past 25 years like it or not.
  4. Why? success is success!!! She was the lead artist on Lady Marmalade, she made Say Something what it was, she had a writing credit on Feel This Moment and Move Like Jagger was a juggernaut success. I love that she enjoys collaborating so much, makes her music all the more interesting.
  5. The Eye cover sorry. The one you posted, 5/10
  6. I love the You Lost Me single cover (one with the eye) 9/10. I even got it tattooed on my arm, along with a few other Christina themed things
  7. Virtual interviews are the new norm so she can do interviews in Australia, UK, Spain etc from her mansion… perfect for her.
  8. The label paying for month of studio sessions won’t be cheap, they will expect to see results, they will have set deadlines for sure. totally different to Christina recording everything in her personal studio which costs them nothing.
  9. Video is cheap and uninventive, the song and video didn't connect for a reason. I've tried to forget Accelerate ever happened. Skip it every time I play Liberation.