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  1. I think I'm kinda done with Christina tbh. This whole "Era" has just soured me on her, she really hasn't put in any effort and didn't even bother visiting any Spanish speaking countries minus 3 quick shows. I have been holding out hope that something good was coming after La Fuerza but La Tormenta came out of nowhere and she forgot about it before it was even released, then the Sueltame video was released 8-9 weeks late. La Luz was supposed to be an E.P and I was expecting . . . something but all I got was a single Ballad that she again forgot about the day she released it, even per
  2. Nothing official is saying more coming. We’ll see but at this point it’s looking like it’s done.
  3. Most confusing thing for me is why wait 4 months to release a 1 song E.P?, doesn't really make any sense . . . . Especially with the lack of any effort put into La Tormenta, I think everyone kind thought she was saving a few big songs for the last E.P.
  4. It means she should make the odd song or do a collab that the gays will actually listen to.
  5. Her fans are generally gay men aged 30-40… That’s all I’ll say. I’m the same, if nothing happens next Friday, I’m done, I can’t with the disappointment anymore.
  6. I just don’t see the point of releasing music when no one is going to hear it, this song will do absolutely nothing and has pissed off a huge chunk of her fan base with more broken promises (3 E.Ps with 6 songs). We are 6 songs short and I for one am taking a break from Her cause I’m pissed off and frustrated at her lack of care for her fan base.
  7. Your Body was a great Pop song she again did nothing with.
  8. This will go down as one of the worst “Eras” ever for me. It started out ok but ended with Santo for me. I am very angry, sad and frustrated about this whole thing, well Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.
  9. Not sure how you can call one song with a 30 second intro an “E.P”… I really enjoyed Chapter One… Chapter Two and Three are a giant waste of time and I’m kinda pissed at myself for being excited for the past 7 months waiting.
  10. I wanna say I'm annoyed or angry at all this after following her and waiting etc but I'm just not surprised at all so I'm kinda numb to it all. She announced an E.P to release one song . . . . which is probably the kind of song you release as a forth single or leave as a fan favourite album track, this will be lucky to get 100k stream first day. I'm actually a little gobsmacked
  11. If there was a Grammy for messiest Era . . . . The new song is ok, but it goes on for 1.5 mins too long and isn't radio friendly whatsoever. Is this it? I waited 4 months for One song? . . . .
  12. Song is nice but releasing it as a new single?, it's just another release that will do absolutely nothing. I guess the Aguilera era is now over???
  13. She looks very very good, I don't really get much from the clip to be honest, can't really find the melody but I'm sure I'll love it in full.
  14. It's being reported that Christina will be performing "La Reina" at the show this week . . . you know, the song released 8 months ago 2 E.Ps back . . . . Why can't she just do things the way she should, she's about to release new music and she's going back to the beginning . . .
  15. If this song is simple and beautiful like Say Something yes please!, I don't need the vocal acrobats, we all know what she can do, she doesn't need to always show us!. It's looking like the 3rd E.P will have 8 songs, I doubt they are all going to be Ballads, especially if there is a song with Rosalia which is looking more and more likely after her liking the post (first thing from this Era she has liked). The cover for the E.P is fantastic!. I am hoping she has a physical release plan, imagine a bundle with Aguilera and the 3 E.Ps on Vinyl . . . Aguilera ha