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  1. michael1814


    Album should come first 100% but fantastic dates are getting added!
  2. PREACH!!! Mama is serving right now!, look at what Britney fans have had over the past few years, nothing but constant bad press! Xtina fans should be happy with what we are getting.
  3. Probably because it’s so similar to My All but not anywhere near as good.
  4. Surely it costs money to register songs, there would be no point in registering old song unless you planned to actually use them!
  5. michael1814


    We are living in a culture where older female celebrities think they have to get work done, unfortunately Christina has had bad work done. She used to be gorgeous but now looking at her just make me sad because she is ruining her looks. her weight is her choice, if she’s happy being a little bigger that’s fine, not everyone needs to be a stick though she would obviously look better if she lost 3-5kg.
  6. michael1814


    There was no talk of more European dates. Looks like she might be doing more Vegas dates early next year. I would imagine they will finish the Spanish Album before announcing Latin America dates.
  7. 20 Sept - 837 tickets left 21 Sept - 935 tickets left 24 Sept - 957 tickets left 27 Sept - 1,309 tickets left 28 Sept - 1,065 tickets left 2 Oct - 1,218 tickets left 4 Oct - 985 tickets left 5 Oct - 796 tickets left Total: 8,102 / 32,000 (74.7% sold out) 1,090 to match the first leg.
  8. michael1814

    Looks like this will be the first time since she debuted that Christina won’t have a hit collaboration between albums
  9. Basically from her filming Drag Race to the Whitney performance she messed up her face, she barely looks like herself now. I don't think it's disrespectful to say someone looked 100% better before they got fillers etc. it's a compliment.
  10. She won’t stop touching her face and lips and I really don’t get it!!! She looks way better without all that shit in her face!!!!
  11. michael1814

  12. I hope she gets's rid of the Lord song. She needs to add Hurt, everyone wants it, it's one of her biggest hits, I don't care if she lips it, it should be on the list!!!!
  13. michael1814

    Celeb News

    The account has taken that tweet down as well, it's just a knee fan doing what they do
  14. michael1814

    Celeb News

    If they are happy to re sign Gwen who's latest set of shows averaged just over 300k per show Xtina would have no problem doing more shows. Haters gonna hate. Who cares. The 2nd set of shows seems to be doing just fine, she's sitting at around 73% sold with a month till the first date as far as I am aware.