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  1. michael1814


    This album is Pop Perfection! I would have liked a feature or two to break it up a little but she served! best Pop Album of the year easily!!!!
  2. If this doesn’t at least get nominated for a Grammy I’m gonna riot. She has released 3 songs in the past 12 months that deserve Grammys noms but Reflection 2.0 needs to win best Pop Vocal Performance hands down.
  3. It annoys me, this song is literal vocal perfection but the world doesn’t care about vocals at the moment, it’s all about rappers and and crap music. this song deserves to be heard but as usual, it won’t be because Spotify pushes crap non stop.
  4. The video was filmed 6 months ago, I think her face is looking a little more natural now.
  5. michael1814


    Rosalia commented 2 mins after she posted it, that can’t be a coincidence.
  6. michael1814


    If only she had a residency or something for you to go and see . . . Oh WAIT!!!!
  7. michael1814


    Back to Basics is her most cohesive album, and had three sizeable hits. Candyman is also her most viewed Solo video on YouTube, English spoken song anyway.
  8. michael1814


    I actually dug into it a little and yeah, steaming has made the charts a mess, I don’t think they have ever been this stagnant and boring. The music has no substance and is generally just crap. the stuff the kids are listening to would have been laughed at 10-15 years ago.
  9. michael1814


    With the streams for Fall On Me being so bad, I am starting to think there is nothing that can bring Christina back to commercial success. Fall On Me is sooooo good and it's doing nothing, it's a really sad moment!
  10. Who cares? she had the performance of the night, sat front row and looked like she had a great time. Song is breathtakingly good, I could care less if it's a hit when it's as good as it is. Spotify has ruined the charts for the most part anyway. I'm gonna go watch the performance of the night again, BRB!!!!
  11. Yeah, song is doing ok so far on iTunes. Now we need some playlist love and a video to push the song. Fall On Me has so much potential but Spotify are either gonna kill it or give it life, it's a sad time for music.
  12. That's the definition of comparison ^^^^
  13. I can't get over how good Christina sounds on this song!
  14. I guess that makes sense with Christmas in 5 weeks.
  15. That must be why one of her fans are comparing her situation to slavery, two sides