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  1. michael1814

    It’s a bit sad when stars like Mariah fall as far as she has! No songs charting on the Hot 100 or even the Bubbling Under Chart and the album is going to sell 50k with probably 10-15k coming from a ticket bundle!!! this is probably going to top out at 75k all up with SPS which is beyond tragic!!!!
  2. RIP Liberation Tour… at this stage anyway. She’s had, she’s had a successful U.S tour so at least we can all be happy about that!
  3. Fox Theatre had 4 seats left. This tour has really had good word of mouth as there were hundreds of tickets 6 weeks ago. I am glad this tour will be viewed as a success!!!!
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6348789/Britney-Spears-struggles-sell-tickets-new-Las-Vegas-residency.html
  5. https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/music/britney-spears-fails-to-sell-tickets-to-her-new-domination-concert-series-in-las-vegas/news-story/4a8090c0b66f456dac098195f936187c
  6. Concerned why? it's Texas, of all places not to sell out it was going to happen there. I am actually happy with how she sold there, if they had roped off the top layer it would have look a lot better. The next concert is almost sold out and the one after that is sold out so fret not.
  7. michael1814


    New Single maybe??? The song is really good!!!
  8. michael1814


    This is all catching up to her. Look at the ticket sales for the first few shows of her new residency… they aren’t great!!!!
  9. You think? Because of a song she won’t even be singing on the tour.
  10. Ticket sales so far have been pretty terrible so I wouldn’t imagine you’ll see any European dates unless they pickup.
  11. michael1814


    I don’t remember her saying when those shows would be announced. Where was it said?
  12. michael1814


    Deadline how?
  13. She was most likely doing everything she could do be able to go on stage but it didn’t happen. Did you really expect her to do it the day before… sorry guys, still not feeling great so don’t think I’ll be at work tomorrow, 24 hours from now. that would have gone down just as well.
  14. No they haven’t. With the bombs being sent to people today in America the safety concerns are understandable, hence why this has been barely mentioned. Just Timberlake cancelled his show too. im sure she will talk about the postponed shows when they have been worked out.