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  1. michael1814


    Save Deserve Fall in Line/Dreamers Eliminate I Don't Need it anymore/Accelerate Right Moves
  2. michael1814


    Sorry, didn’t think anyone would ask for that set list as it hasn’t changed in 4 years… minus FIL
  3. michael1814


    In what world would we have a set list 6 weeks before the tour starts
  4. michael1814


    What was the tweet?
  5. michael1814


    You don't need an Arena to put on a good show, especially when you are a vocalist.
  6. michael1814


    Perforing in front of 5000 people in Chicago (twice) New York (Twice and Los Angeles are hardly small.
  7. michael1814


    This was part of her Billionaires Tour, the Liberation Tour will be full of songs from Liberation so it will at least feel a bit fresher. This tour she has been peddling for the past 5 year is very stale.
  8. michael1814


    these two literally say it all!!!
  9. michael1814


    Liberation was . . . a great album but as a era it was extremely disappointing. I was so looking forward to a new Xtina album/era and I kinda just wish she had never done the album as my opinion of her has lowered a lot in the last 8 weeks.
  10. michael1814


    Who for and where is she performing?
  11. michael1814


    She answered like 6 questions from Instagram and none were that great. Nothing about a new single or the tour leaving America.
  12. I don't see any talk of a World Tour???
  13. michael1814

    I’m surprised no one has said Britney Spears. Baby - Teen Pop Oops- Teen Pop Britney - Pop In The Zone - Pop Blackout - Dance Pop Circus - Pop Femme Fatale - Pop BJ - Pop Glory - Pop bitch has never taken a chance.
  14. michael1814


    Guess we will know if the album campaign is completely over in a week or two when the VMA's announce performers.
  15. I was 12 when she started so I was there for the lot. I’m bought Stripped the day it came out, it was my main album between late 2002 - 2004. the way her career is now, especially how this “era” has done makes me a bit depressed, I was honestly thinking she was coming back strong but he came back with a whimper then shit herself back up in her mansion. I am sorry some of you didn’t get to experience Xtina properly between 1999-2007 as it was an amazing time to be a fan.