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  1. michael1814


    If only she had a residency or something for you to go and see . . . Oh WAIT!!!!
  2. michael1814


    I actually dug into it a little and yeah, steaming has made the charts a mess, I don’t think they have ever been this stagnant and boring. The music has no substance and is generally just crap. the stuff the kids are listening to would have been laughed at 10-15 years ago.
  3. michael1814


    With the streams for Fall On Me being so bad, I am starting to think there is nothing that can bring Christina back to commercial success. Fall On Me is sooooo good and it's doing nothing, it's a really sad moment!
  4. michael1814

    Who cares? she had the performance of the night, sat front row and looked like she had a great time. Song is breathtakingly good, I could care less if it's a hit when it's as good as it is. Spotify has ruined the charts for the most part anyway. I'm gonna go watch the performance of the night again, BRB!!!!
  5. Careful, they will say it wasn't her song soon enough even though there is a version without Christina and it has 470 million less streams than her version. Simple fact is Christina Aguilera & A Great Big World - Say Something was a massive Grammy winning success, Britney hasn't had any success as big as that song (or Moves Like Jagger) since 2004. Chart masters also did the math and Christina has sold more units total than Britney this decade. She also made a lot more money out of The Voice than Britney did with X Factor. Christina writes songs too so she would have made more money out of her music than Britney has. Britney's touring has been very successful but she get's fuck all of it because she has so many people behind her/pulling her strings Drag her all you like but Christina has had a good decade!!!!
  6. I’m sure Xtina would prefer Grammy wins/nods to a platinum single. maybe Britney is allowed to win Grammy’s?
  7. You can have your Max Martin puppet girl ill stick with Christina who since Stripped as been an individual, Stripped will also remain the best album either of them have done end of story, let’s move on, I feel we are missing new exercise videos on Britney’s Instagram!!!!
  8. If she was allowed? Was she not an adult with millions in the bank? Part time Mother was always her gig. thank the lord for K Fed being the better parent!!!
  9. Christina decided to take 6 years off to be a good mother and support her family…
  10. Nicki Minaj has sold more singles and albums and had more success touring, by definition she is more successful than Missy Elliott, there I’ve done it, easy
  11. And yet they are yet to actually prove their point.
  12. Yeah, Stripped, the album that basically every pop girl has named as a major inspiration. metacritic means less than nothing.
  13. You mean the album that got two Grammy noms? Not bad huh, Glory got a few too yeah? Oh wait, she hasn’t been nominated for a Grammy in 15 years. I’m sure knee has a new exercise video on Insta for waiting to be watched so off you go. 😘
  14. And the album still managed to go Gold… Glory is yet to get a single cert worldwide.