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  1. WHAT? The damned title track / lead is already out. And it's a little bit snatched! Wow, Ari, sis really did that.
  2. You're not really wrong, especially if they market it as a mixtape and not a "real" studio album - but I think what a lot of fans are excited for is the quality, not a commercial push. Hugely positive reception to the team she's working with and the quick recording turnaround. It's a good sign that she's fully confident in the creative space she's been in lately and is taking advantage of it right away.
  3. The messy title, weirdly quick recording and release (while another two singles are still active, no less), and lack of features are how you know this is probably gonna be lowkey legendary. Perched for her best record and all that tbh.
  4. Lucky Strike


    I would assume that sources like Pitchfork and Stereogum would have received some sort of press release or promotional notice about the single, and that would have potentially mentioned "Party for One" being the lead for a full album. Until we receive more information from Carly, her management, or her label, I would assume that information to be the most correct that we have so far.
  5. Lucky Strike


    "Party for One" will be, by a significant margin, the best song any pop artist has released since Emotion Side B introduced us to "The One." Dissenters and heretics can try it but they won't get far, come at me!
  6. Lucky Strike


    "Strawberries & Cigarettes" is pretty cute! It's got that classic Troye vibe to it. One of the many tracks he's got that should have been played up and down the radio across the world.
  7. Incredible that this song has spent so long in the top 5 - like, five months now or something? - when it's really not even that good, for Maroon 5. Get those chart points M5 and Cardi, obvi, but I'm just a little salty that the phenomenal "What Lovers Do" didn't get this kind of treatment. Their best song and one of the best pop singles this decade, and it just gets slept on compared to this one. Then again, I've literally never understood the GP's taste when it comes to M5 - it's always up in the air whether a song will be a hit for them, regardless of whether it's great or totally not. Ooh, snatch that hit, Ari. The light is comin' to bring back everything the darkness stole.
  8. Lucky Strike


    The last single? I mean it's good, but that's annoying. I've been having dreams of hearing "Lucky Strike" and "Plum" on the radio - I guess some things are too good for this world, though. I personally prefer Blue Neighborhood's length and the specific, like, vibe of some of the best tracks; "Wild," "Fools," "Cool," etc. (really almost every track on the album) are wildly nostalgic for me just because of how much I played it that first year it was out. Bloom excels in specific tracks - I'd place "What a Heavenly Way to Die" at the top of his discography for example - but there's just not enough of it. For me, the album is a moment like The Fame Monster or "Love Without Tragedy." It's a piece of work the immediately strikes you as being brilliant, but is over before you can blink, essentially. I hate getting 10 tracks or less - especially when one is an automatic skip, then it's really just nine!
  9. Lucky Strike


    I mean I love Bloom but I can get with this perspective, I need more Blue Neighbourhood in my life. He jinxed this one by not releasing the Carly collab tbh. It just didn't have enough Sad Gay Magic in it.
  10. Lucky Strike


    Fair, I'll settle for that! I still play it a little too much anyway, so it's all good. Perched for TS3 in, um, probably another 3 long years?
  11. Lucky Strike


    Honestly, I'm just a stan and a lousy sucker - anything he puts out I'll replay for hours. Anything he doesn't put out but I get my hands on, I'll also replay! I'm easy to please and really gay, so he can do no wrong. Except for The Good Side, that was wrong.
  12. Lucky Strike


    Blue Moon is so damn good, though. Like, it's everything I need in a Troye song. Sad, catchy, melodramatic, have gotten drunk to it, etc.
  13. Lucky Strike


    I wouldn't be mad at all if he pulled a Carly and stuck some good unreleased tracks on a new album/EP and just released it out of nowhere - but I'm also perfectly fine hunting down songs myself. I'm sure he has enough from Bloom and Blue Neighbourhood to put out something for fans, though.
  14. We haven't gotten a legitimate, properly-planned album since literally her first one. I don't think any of it is her fault, but I'm going to take this with a few grains of salt, after the events of the last few years. I'd love to get another album, really - but will we?