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  1. How did y'all get over your first break up sisters? ny10 I've been listening to Adele's entire discography and I think I'm close to my Britney meltdown gaga1

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    2. Kyoteki


      He cheated. I flipped out and exposed ha for cheating. And I said I need proof youre sorry and he cried on a recorded video apologizing for like 20 minsand I still didn’t takehim back jj4 


      I dont play with cheating. Most relationships I had end with the other cheating and I use to blame myself, and I tell niggas this and they. Still. Do. So  I think that day I decided to not blame myself and play dirty to him

    3. Kuchisabishii


      always play them cheaters dirty kesha8 

    4. Kyoteki


      @Chris Morlock ‘m currently in a happy relationship so I’ve calmed down a lot. Lol