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    Hi, everyone! As you all are aware, the megarate is postponed indefinitely until we get a vaccine (jk until we get The Lakes ) So that's also good news to those of you who needed more time to absorb the album! Feel free to send your rates whenever your ready and just send your rate for The Lakes whenever it comes or you can just wait and send the rates in one go, whichever works best for you!
  2. Ariana


    No I wasn't too big on Nsync when I was a kid. I only stanned Britney but like last year I was thinking of collecting the Justin and JC trading cards because they were going for like $1-2 each online so those were pretty cheap
  3. Ariana


    Oh yeah I just checked online to see how much they're going for these days and they're up for like $9 to $40 Not really, the last trading cards I remember collecting were like Yu Gi Oh. But I don't see the point of collecting them anymore as much as I collect figures Oh why am I only seeing your Nsync badge? Would you happen to collect these:
  4. Ariana


    Um I wonder how much they are worth now I'd totally frame them too zamn
  5. Ariana


    Wouldn't Change A Thing is still that IT girl Invented choreography
  6. Ariana


    OMG THE TASTE This forum continues to shit on Enjoy Yourself and I will NOT tolerate it
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    Um c'mon the TASTE you exhibited here
  8. Do you like Kylie's older material? I love them so much and if you've been lurking on this forum for a while now, then you probably know I'm like the biggest Enjoy Yourself stan in here The way I use them more than the 2000s ones
  9. We stan sobriety 2020 yup
  10. Share your Kylie wine stories below!
  11. Do you think she'll have some inch resting names on the track list? Kylie feat. Dua when?
  12. Ariana


    1. Better The Devil You Know 2. The rest
  13. No Hand On Your Heart is
  14. According to my last.fm, it was Enjoy yourself
  15. Does anyone think global warming is a good thing? I love Dannii Minogue. I think she's a really interesting artist.
  16. I think Aphrodite is her best album title and she honestly should copyright it Impossible Princess comes close tho The way Fever and Body Language were also so iconic Carly Rae Jepsen decided to name 2 songs after them
  17. Ariana

    Too many to mention. But I guess the Member Megarate that I got to host and also win the title Which one is your favorite Fotp username?
  18. Ariana

    Bitch this is your time to shine to get a VIP avi
  19. Ariana

    Sign me up if there's still slot
  20. Kylie may not be very successful outside the UK and Australia but she remains to be a very respected artist compared to some of her peers and I'd love to keep it that way
  21. Poor Sway LA and The Hype House