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  1. 12 minutes ago, Ghostface said:

    We had to be exemplary. bey7ny4

    I got with the trick first and I knew I would end up screaming after that car got lost there. jj2

    Now I understand why @Max wouldn't want to join us whit2

    Btw it's never too late to join if you want to make a last minute costume whit2

    10 minutes ago, Entea said:

    Btw I haven't seen this episode yet. wendy1 the pilot episode was kinda shyte I forgot to continue wendy1

  2. 6 minutes ago, V For Vendetta said:

    @Ariana @Ghostface

    I changed my set like 16 hours ago.

    It was 1am here, so I just did it before I went to sleep

    and there was a full moon so I couldn't stop myself ari8

    Also, check out the "About Me" page for the full transformation


    A classique! ari8

    I've said this once and I still think he looked like Gage Gomez when he transformed as a werewolf whit2