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  1. Last night, I put up a poll on my Instagram asking "Who is more relevant in your country?" and the fags have spoken!


    1. Madonna


      Global queen Godonna has won! Local singer Mariah can't relate, isn't that right? @light741

  2. PRISM is such a gorgeous album and must always be listened in full. fall3

    It truly has no skips and still sounds fresh even after 6 years! fall3

    1. Kenya


      Tea! Spiritual, Ghost, Legendary Lovers ny3 

    2. Venus XCX

      Venus XCX

      Double Rainbow, CYB ny3 

    3. Chris


      i wouldnt go so far as to say there are no skips katy7

  3. Wow I remember my Twitter being a 1D fan account like 5 years ago. Then this week, I logged on to a bunch of Kpop stan accounts that came out of nowhere dead1

    1. MagneticElectric


      first they love you then they switch, yeah they switch like...dead2

    2. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      A lot of 1D fans switched to kpop boy bands after they broke up

  4. I can't wait til everyone sees why Bebe Rexha is called The Modern Day Whitney. ari5

  5. The way this sounds like a Christmas song! Queen of all seasons indeed brit2


  6. Madonna Maluma demi1

    Bitch I'm @Luca demi1

    y yo loco, loco demi1
    Bésame la boca demi1

    ¿y tú qué me das? demi1

  7. Fall on your knees moo11
    O hear the angels' voices moo11
    O night @Divine moo11

    O night when Christ was born moo11

  8. I haven't listened to Lemonade for a while but All Night still remains to be that song I want to hear on my wedding cry5

  9. I called in sick at work for 2 days now due to "fever.zip" jj2

    now becoming legit sick and asking for an off will be awkward as hell brit2

    1. Ghostface


      You play stupid games

      You win stupid prizes


    2. Shego
    3. Kylie
  10. Long overdue, but if you haven't yet, welcome her to the forums!


  11. @GLORY @Luca @Venus XCX @Roman Zolanski I'm hearing the thing again brit2  It's the Mac notification and not the messenger sound. brit2 0:16


    1. Ariana
    2. Luca


      Yeah it sounds similar but it is NOT the same sound! clap1 

    3. Phoebe
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  12. Upside down demi1
    Bouncing Off the ceiling demi1
    Inside out demi1
    Stranger to this feeling demi1

    Got no clue what I should do demi1
    But I'll go crazy if I can't get next to you demi1

    1. Robi


      A*Teens they were amazing! 

  13. KM94 is 25 years old default_rip3.gif wow

  14. Nah you ain't seeing things or hallucinating, @I Brings That Levity take me for a ride 



    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Well atleast someone knows where the name is from moo11

    2. Ariana


      Well imagine not knowing where it's from moo11

  15. nothing but respect for the man that made me gay 623063120700506126.png?v=1


  16. WAIT.. All this time I thought this was Katy and @Dennis Reynolds is a katy stan brit2





    1. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand...


      There's also lyrics from Hungry Like the Wolf (a song on that album) in my member title.

    2. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      I thought it was the comic book version of Harley Quinn  fall5

    3. Hylia



      9 hours ago, Gravity said:

      I thought it was the comic book version of Harley Quinn  fall5


  17. @Ghostface CHOKE



  18. I've always wanted to know the context behind this gif bebe1like who would record the Glitter ad then slow pan up to the WTC dead1FDupSMV.gif

    1. Skyline


      Maybe the person was turning on their camera to record the towers, but when it turned on it was automatically facing the Glitter ad before they moved it up to the correct place? ari9 I don't know if that's what happened but that's what I assume it was.

    2. ajp


      I’m with @Skyline. Smartphones weren’t invented yet and this would have been taken on a camcorder which are clumsy to operate. rav3


    3. Ariana


      Wow well if that's the case, that's legendary giveup3 i need the videographer to explain this 

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  19. I guess my greatest failure as a collector is not buying the ARTPOP vinyl before it went out of print and the cheapest you can find now is like $250 brit2

    1. Hylia


      At least foil copies of the cd can still be found (:

    2. Ariana


      @Hylia i need the non-foil edition tho i feel like they didn't make that much copies of those brit2

  20. bye bye miss american pie demi1

    drove my chevy to the levy demi1
    but the levy was dry demi1
    And good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye demi1

    1. Ariana


      yes we knew him from that demi1

    2. Madonna


      4 hours ago, Madame X said:

      Even Don Mclean stanned that song and made a cover of it. demi1 

      gag1 My thoughts exactly

    3. Hylia


      The original Doin’ Time where the cover is better! Although I stan Don’s original too

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  21. D9-0JOCWkAEMs2y?format=jpg&name=900x900

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      I have some questions to ask 

    2. Chris


      omg flashbacks fall5 

  22. What's the favourite sandwich of dutch hamsters? jj2


    Hamsterdam and cheese!



    1. Fletch
    2. ajp


      Limburger and Spelt Breda