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  1. Electric Light


    Take a look sis But stan Gaga's magum opus tho
  2. What's the most played song in your iTunes library? Mine's currently a tie between Ariana's Sometimes and Kygo's It Ain't Me (feat. Selena) with 182 plays. Runner up is Troye's for him. with 181
  3. The wig levitating 1-2-3 punch that is Ganja Burns, Majesty, & Barbie Dreams cry2

  4. Reading this for the 10th time only makes it even funnier
  5. Electric Light


    Her team is getting ha that Grammy nom.
  6. OUT NOW https://itunes.apple.com/nz/album/havana-live-single/1436659692
  7. The most underrated pop girl has released another bop cry2


  8. Electric Light


    This bops real hard It almost sounds like Anywhere's sister
  9. Electric Light


    I love how the song still felt kinda short considering it's almost 10 mins long Truly an opus
  10. When will our faves release a pop perfection like this ny10