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  1. Stick like toffee, sip like coffee
    wake up, change your mind and drop me

  2. look what i found, no need for searchin 


  3. and apparently it happened in a park
  4. Electric Light


    Just got my ticket! I'm so fucking excited
  5. Electric Light

    No this is
  6. Electric Light

    I'm A Mess is shaking
  7. There's so many hot guys here in Bangkok. cry9imready1

  8. What happens if I cement my ex's diq cheryl1

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    2. Chris Morlock

      this is me not promoting this so mj1 

    3. Electric Light

      You're already an accessory to this expedition sis jj5

    4. Chris Morlock

      not i say that i retract myself from it mj1 

      and i am doing just that jay1 

  9. Electric Light


    Ran here for Cameron Dallas
  10. Electric Light


    TOTGA is ha best ballad imo but it's up there along with Thinking of You
  11. Not Dua ruining my Last.fm scrobbles. Even One Kiss has different tags. mj1