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  1. Devil In Paradise >>>> +30MG
  2. Jonas Blue - Supernova Jonas Blue is a DJ... no vocals from Teddy and the song isn't even on the standard, it's a deluxe track. The disrespect
  3. the album is coming soon tho
  4. So. A big reason for the sudden increase in monthly listeners is due to this: Apparently Nightcore remixes are super popular. This Devils Don’t Fly remix was posted March of this year, and has since gained 5million views and over 4K comments (and none are the usual troll X factor comments ). There’s a couple more of these NC remixes of DDF with 1M+ views, that one is the most popular tho. It also explains why Devils Dont Fly is the first song listed on her “popular” section on her Spotify page. The remixes is kind of trash so hoping more people continue to che
  5. Made some covers of my fave unreleased songs from her. Serving "edited on microsoft word" ffff and I cannot deny or confirm that Maybe I'll sign up for another free photoshop trial and properly edit them later
  6. Of course she releases the worst one of the two. She really does hate the 329k 10 fans she has left
  7. Riot in My Heart is amazing, I really hope she releases it, cuz chile this youtube rip aint it EDIT: Nvrmind I found a semi HQ version, but nonetheless, I better see it on NK3
  8. 329k This is great, considering for a while she was actually going down in followers. She was at 286K back in March, 284K in April. She was closer to 300K back in January. Meanwhile Cruel Youth remains a flop kiiii.
  9. Bitch at least needs to change her first name back to Natalia, “Teddy” just ain’t it. I feel like “Natalia Kills” persona still has a much bigger presence and following than Teddy/CY, literally everywhere. Here, Twitter, her Instagram comments, etc. A comeback single Natalia Kills ft X Factor Guy She Bullied - Doppelganger In Our Midst would be iconic and make headlines over any other song she release under CY name ugh
  10. At least we can all agree (or those of us with taste anyway) that Outta Time and BDC are both far better than Flop Me
  11. New name change confirmed (Forreal tho disappointed if shes not keeping the songs for herself I love the titles ugh)
  12. Finally you spilled some tea. Both are awful. She should have kept the $200 budget spent on those two videos for some more episodes of Love, Kills
  13. I said what I said but ur welcome
  14. Them not having the solo version up. Floperscope indeed. Nice avi btw, Free is ha best video from Perfectionist