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  1. nataliakillsstan

    My Way and I Want It Now are both complete shite tbh Riot In My Heart deserved better
  2. nataliakillsstan

    Ugh I wish keep dreaming
  3. nataliakillsstan

    Who are these 10 thousand people?!?
  4. nataliakillsstan

    The gays are FINALLY starting to forgive her At this point I can only hope that her and her husband get divorced so she kinda has to change her name back even then though I doubt she’ll leave Cruel Youth.
  5. nataliakillsstan

    Ugh queen just want her back.
  6. nataliakillsstan

    Would she be getting any coin from that or does it just go to interscope? Where is she getting the money to fund that oxy addiction without dropping new music
  7. nataliakillsstan

  8. nataliakillsstan

    No he’s not I watched the season to see what actually happened a while back and he got eliminated like a week later people just pretended to like him because of her.
  9. nataliakillsstan

    I thought this fucking song was big in Germany?!?! A legend, an icon, the other pop girls could NEVER.
  10. nataliakillsstan

    Outta Time delivers vocals, lyrics, and instrumental . Boys Don’t Flop could NEVER.
  11. nataliakillsstan

    Sis... Outta Time is a BOP
  12. nataliakillsstan

    Ugh I WISH Im getting kinda sick of this Teddy Sinclair shite. Still love her though.
  13. nataliakillsstan

    But then why would they be attributed to Disgrace records? I swear that label is just her and her husband If so, we better be getting another Rihanna song.
  14. nataliakillsstan

    Ugh I really hate her sometimes. “Other projects” What does that even mean? We’re waiting sis. Boy I got a PhD I got a masters in boyology
  15. nataliakillsstan

    She deleted the tweet but it kinda went along the lines of “I know it’s not the same anymore but I’m proud of you” and tweeted the link to the album. I think something happened but neither of them really said what