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  1. nataliakillsstan

    Omg I low key hope they get leaked
  2. nataliakillsstan

    POTRAIT OF A FEMALE IS SO GOOD!! I was a bit put off by devils in paradise but I’m excited for this new era now
  3. nataliakillsstan


    Omg it’s so good
  4. nataliakillsstan

    I just cannot get past her rhyming devil 6 times other than it’s good though
  5. nataliakillsstan

    She won’t release it she only seems to release like 1/50 of the songs she makes, it’s what annoys me the most about her
  6. nataliakillsstan

    Tell me how gays can do all this detective shit with their faves’ music files but can’t even do basic math our minds, they amaze me sometimes. Portrait of a Female sounds interesting, Red Lamb I don’t even know what to think, Power Lines is an absolute serve, and Very Beige is hearted leading me to believe it’ll drop soon
  7. nataliakillsstan

    Ohhhh, yeah I can hear that. Same sort of buzz thing.
  8. nataliakillsstan

    Yes what the fuck was that she rhymed devil with devil like 5 times... is this bitch dumb?
  9. nataliakillsstan

    She’s so messy I still stan though
  10. nataliakillsstan

    I mean... she’s cute. She’s no trouble, but she’s cute
  11. nataliakillsstan

    Girl where?
  12. nataliakillsstan

    Oof you’re so observant Why does everyone love Very Biege so much? You haven’t even heard it yet
  13. nataliakillsstan

    Damn... if she scraps childish I’ll be PISSED She better drop this album within the three months like she promised she’s such a flake omg
  14. nataliakillsstan

    I don’t know about all that... childish sounds legendary though omg I’m so excited I wonder why she won’t play violent roses..
  15. nataliakillsstan

    Omg ikr I was worried she’d be rapping the whole time but she snapped!