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  1. Bionic-Boy-84


    I paid $99 for a copy via Ebay! Crazy price but I didn't have any choice. Thanks anyway!
  2. Bionic-Boy-84

    Celeb News

    SO much was on form with this album. Artwork, songs. I think the track listing and those delegated to the deluxe disc could have had some tweaking, with some bonus songs being moved to the main disc. (I pretend Bobblehead doesn't exist). The fact that the album and the whole era was cut short was so disappointing. I can just imagine Woo Hoo and My Girls both having amazing videos. To this date, Birds of Prey, Stronger Than Ever and You Lost Me and some of the best songs she has recorded. And don't even get me started on Glam and Sex for Breakfast - LOVE! Sadly I think the whole project stalled before it even built any momentum. NMT wasn't the BEST opening single after a long break (although its still amazing) and the Gaga comparisons, with her own massive success at the time, just sealed Bionic's doom. IMO she should have just released Woo Hoo second (with a video) as it may still have performed well. I hate that her record label keep pushing for a ballard as a second single, trying to follow in the Footsteps of Beautiful. That's what killed the momentum for B2B!
  3. Just watched a few of the Deserve performances from the tour. I LOVE that she has included this but I do wish she would sing it without the backing singers, and more like how she sung it on the original recording. Especially the part after 'tell me I'm the one that deserves it'. Seeing her do this alone on stage really would be something else!!!
  4. Is anybody going to one of the upcoming tour dates who could potentially pick me up and send me the LP if I was the PayPal the funds after purchase? I am conscious that the tour may not reach the U.K. and I don't particularly want to pay double - triple the price for the item via an online seller.
  5. Bionic-Boy-84


    I like 'I Will Be' as well - B Side to Dirrty. I miss B-Sides. It was cool when you would get an unreleased track on a CD single release.
  6. Bionic-Boy-84


    I kind of feel like the Katy Perry Prism cover is the type of theme and style which she should have gone for. What we got IMO, was a photoshopped cheap sleazy mess.
  7. Bionic-Boy-84


    Anybody got an update on new numbers for the remainder of the tour?
  8. Bionic-Boy-84


    The Haiti version of Lift Me Up is spine tingling! Other than that, I just can't help but crumble with You Lost Me, Stronger Than Ever, I Am, I'm Okay, Save Me From Myself, Masochist, Unless Its With You, and Bound To You
  9. Bionic-Boy-84


    Is anybody going to an upcoming date who can get me a copy of the LP, if I Paypal the funds?
  10. MASSIVE appreciation at her adding in WAGW / COOB / KOSMS. Really hope she sneaks other fan favourites in throughout the tour. Genuinely pleased that the tickets are selling fast now that word of mouth is spreading. The tour looks great! Any word of a tour book?
  11. Bionic-Boy-84


    OMG! I hope this will be released properly once the tour is done?
  12. Bionic-Boy-84


    Anyone have any updates on the tour ticket sales?
  13. Bionic-Boy-84


    The B2B album shoot was probably one of her best! Potentially beating Stripped and Bionic to the post! Lotus was a lazy shoot overall. The album cover was horrible. I did however, like the shots of her stood with the transparent drapes over her. Very natural.
  14. Bionic-Boy-84


    Vanity is amazing! I did enjoy Lotus as a whole. The first few songs sounded fresh and catchy. It kind of limps along towards the end with all the ballads so close together, but individually i like most of the songs! Your Body was such an underrated single.
  15. Deserve and Masochist are THE songs I would love her to sing. (and Unless its with you)