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  1. Bionic-Boy-84


    It was incredible. Artwork, visuals, some of the new sounds she really went for (Monday Morning, Elastic Love, Birds of Prey). It's just a shame it never picked up momentum and fizzled out because of the Gaga hype. I also hate how the label yet again pushed for a ballad to be released second (like Hurt) to soften her sexual image from NMT and replicate the success of Beautiful. She should have pushed the boundaries further and released Woo-Hoo second with a kick ass video. I would say that it's probably my favourite album of hers. Stripped is still artistically her best but I have grown so tired of the singles being performed over and over. It's kind of diluted the album for me. It's a small achievement that the album reached number 1 in the UK! (although it did then achieve the record for the biggest drop from the number 1 spot in week two of release).
  2. Bionic-Boy-84


    Personally I would love her to sing these - in any order: Genie / 2.0, WAGW, I Turn To You, Come on Over, Lady Marmalade, Dirrty, Beautiful, Fighter, CHUD, Voice Within, Impossible, ANOM, Hurt, Candyman, KGB, NMT, Bionic, Woo Hoo, You Lost Me, Vanity, Express, Your Body, LTBL, We Remain, Accelerate, Fall in Line, Maria, Massochist, Unless its with you.
  3. Bionic-Boy-84


    Ah yes, I see that now. I think i found it confusing as i saw an image to confirm the dates with the liberation image / tour heading,
  4. Bionic-Boy-84


    Wow people on here have an attitude in responding to others opinions. Personally I think adding the unused songs she kept in her 'back pocket' on a re-release during the opening dates for the residency, along with a new single, would be a nice idea. Then she could end the residency (on the original, or extended final date) with a new album launch.
  5. Bionic-Boy-84


    Or that! Isn't this meant to be the Liberation show but as a residency? That's why I suggested it.
  6. It would be a smart / exciting move for her to re-release Liberation as the 'Xperience edition' with the new cover as the new image of her face with the jewels. The new version could include 2-4 new tracks. Again, a sensible fan suggestion which may never materialise!
  7. Bionic-Boy-84

    Celeb News

    Its great business sense that she's announced a residency, although not so good for the bank balance of her fans who only have the option of flying over to Vegas if they want to see her! I would absolutely love to go but I just cannot afford it. Would it have killed her to do 2-3 dates in each major European capital? That could be one month and then a separate leg - Australia and Asian dates - for a different month later in the year. Although - I hope it goes well for her and this helps her stay relevant and release music quicker!
  8. Bionic-Boy-84


    I like the Xtina version but I think the original is better. The Xtina version does get a bit screechy in places and takes away from the song itself. I am pleased it got itself a studio version though as its a nice change from the album version and I do still listen to it a lot. LOVED the performance on the voice. It would have been nice to have Artpop see a bonus disc with some remixes and additional songs. This for example, and the live audio of 'I wanna be with you' which eventually became Dope.
  9. Bionic-Boy-84


    Not to sound shallow but i really wish she would ditch the huge coat and hair scraped up with shades look. It doesn’t do anything for her. She looked so attractive in the Maria performance on the Lib tour. This is more of the look I would have liked from her. I wonder what the general consensus is from the general public on her performance? More ‘meh’ than ‘wow’?
  10. Bionic-Boy-84


    I quite like Around the World. I think it’s a good bop! I like Lotus as a shallow fun pop album. It was nice to have that from Xtina at a time when her catalogue was becoming saturated with concept albums. Oh and Searching for Maria and Maria could have merged into one song. I found it a bit strange how there was the Liberation intro and then an interlude and then Maria. I did like Liberation but with the more limited number of songs there wasn’t room for as many wasteful interludes.
  11. Bionic-Boy-84


    No. I would keep it as it is. The Christina albums I would tweak the set lists for would be B2B (1 long disc), Bionic (songs from the deluxe moved to the main disc, although I also like ALL songs on the main disc) and Liberation (remove the I don’t need it anymore interlude and replace with another song).
  12. Bionic-Boy-84


    You know what, I like all the songs on the album. Its more radio friendly and light pop and was the opposite of the direction she wanted to continue in, but I find it fresh and can bop to pretty much all of the songs on the album. I could live without Shut Up but other than that, i like it! It sits awkwardly in between Bionic and Liberation as it seems so artistically shallow and throwaway and it's clear that her label basically gave her most of the songs and said 'sing this so we can release an album'. Although saying that, some of the artwork is cheap as, and the cover image really should have been switched to one of the drape shots - as in the initial post here. Your Body should have been much bigger. Army of me should have been the comeback single with a killer video. How did Anastasia cover this?! Eugh.
  13. Bionic-Boy-84


    I would like her to either just go the whole hog and do another concept album, or do a stripped back soul esq album. Maybe less R&B than Liberation.
  14. Bionic-Boy-84


    If she was an incredibly smart businesswoman then she would do one past classic single, one Liberation single and then a new song. This would then lead to the announced release of a Liberation EP containing some songs left out from the album. But what do we know? .......
  15. Can we also talk about how much Slow Down Baby should have been a single from B2B, AND how Candyman should have replaced Hurt as the second single?