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  1. With the Sunday Times newspaper in the UK
  2. I'm suggesting that maybe the individual digital download of the album if purchase separately might be the extended version. The one i have is the same as the LP track list, maybe it has to be this way. I hope you are right anyway!
  3. It was via we are vinyl which is the company who provides the digital download for all of these debut lp releases. I can only be scammed if there should be additional songs, which er ..... there probably isn’t. Unless the digital download with the vinyl release is only meant to be a straight copy of the track listing. Who knows.
  4. Sorry. I hope there’s another version but the download version with the picture disc clearly just shows the original 12 songs
  5. My picture disc arrived today. There’s no additional tracks on the digital download. Is there where fans were hoping there would be extra material?
  6. Bionic-Boy-84

    Celeb News

    I remember listening to the album version when I bought Bionic and feeling disappointed, like they produced the song to match the sound of the album rather than keep the acoustic sound from the performance. I am curious to hear what the Goldfrapp collaborations would have sounded like. I feel like Xtina can transcend into the music on a deeper more artistic level without all the gimmicks and tired old hits.
  7. Shivers! I remember this time so well. This was the first taster song for Bionic, it was exciting that she was back on the scene, and that performance SLAYED hard. Really, it still gives me shivers now. Perfection. Probably one of my favorite ever performances from her, along with Aint No Other Man at the Movie Awards and one of the Say Something award show performances where she does it so subtly, but with so much emotion.
  8. Bionic-Boy-84


    Yes definitely. I just see her with the fake lips (Lib cover and Accelerate video - hot mess) and think, why did you do that to yourself? The more I go on about it the more I start to sound like other people criticising her. I suppose it’s just a criticism to ALL women who opt for cosmetic surgery who don’t need it. It’s so frustrating.
  9. Bionic-Boy-84


    Haha I love how it’s seen as suspicious. I’m hoping she has her new Spanish album out and the follow up to Lotus by this time next year.
  10. Bionic-Boy-84


    At the end of the day, its her choice how she looks. I think the frustration is around the fact that she doesn't need any of the surgery or botox, and she looks worse with it! I don't feel particularly annoyed with her weight, as again it is her choice. I think what has irked me at times is the choice of what she wears when she is going through a more voluptuous phase. it comes across as trashy and nasty, gimmicks which she doesn't need as she's so unbelievably talented!
  11. Bionic-Boy-84


    I know. Where’s my OBE
  12. Bionic-Boy-84


    I’ve been collecting since 1999 lol.
  13. Bionic-Boy-84


    No. It’s the only one which wasn’t! (Aside from MR, Xmas, KGB albums).
  14. Love this! For my own love of the song, I would include We Remain somewhere at the end. The opening of the song just screams ‘show finale’ for me.