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  1. Most of the above. I LOVE the candyman sailor look. My three would be how she looked during the lift me up performance on help for Haiti, her look during you lost me on the American idol final, and her ANOM performance on the MTV movie awards. Also her looks for bound to you in burlesque, the pero video and the very natural look in the say something video / performance. That’s six but I can’t choose!
  2. She completely dodged / misinterpreted the light and darkness concept question.
  3. The Q and A is up! It was nice reading the (extensive) answers and the imagery was lush. ....but kind of everything we have seen / heard before.
  4. I read she said that too. I’m always sceptical about those comments from stars once they lose their popularity. I guess now she’s rich, so she can quite literally enjoy making music and not rely on the success as much to pay her bills!
  5. Christina always seems quite modest about success and since losing her superstar status, she has had a lot of commitment to her family Do you think she is solely here now for the music and fans, or does it bother her that her music is no longer (as) successful?
  6. I’m disappointed in the merchandise to be honest. It comes across as really cheap with a basic lips image on a white tee. It would have been nice to have the album cover or the cat artwork as some of the tee fronts.
  7. I loved your body and was sure it would be a hit for her. Alas, it wasn’t. I think army of me was crying out to be a single. Your Body, AOM, LTBL and Just a Fool would have been the right singles. In that order and with decent videos. She could even have started the AOM video with the lotus intro.
  8. She could have changed it up in many different ways. With the deluxe tracks and little dreamer, there was more than enough songs to divide into two cds. I do also love the Bionic album title. I would want her to keep that. She could have played with the album artwork and had one cd as the robot (experimental electronic songs - elastic love, Glam, Bionic, Monday morning, birds of prey), and then the second cd being the humane / pop side of her (lift me up, I hate boys, I am, all I need). I think that would have worked better.
  9. Half and half. If you take 4-5 songs off disc one and merge them together then it would be perfect. For me, disc one is fierce until oh mother. Then it starts to lag. Disc two is great but more short and sweet. Mercy on me is a major skip for me. Nasty would have been perfect for disc one! Imagine if she had released that as a single along with candyman, and relegated hurt to the last release.
  10. I don’t think I’m up for Christina jumping on the fame of another celeb and camping her image up for a whole residency. I would say one performance but I think the Burlesque thing has been and gone. Could have been great at the time.
  11. Did anyone hear the snippet of easier to lie from Lotus? It sounds sweet.
  12. True. But Cher is much older, and she had tonnes of albums under her belt by that point. Plus it worked better with the mamma Mia movie coinciding. I would still like to have another original album from Xtina, at least for now.
  13. I would have LOVED some new bionic merchandise to celebrate the anniversary. I think they would have sold like hot cakes ... much more so than the merch for the debut album anniversary
  14. God I hope she doesn’t do a whole covers album. Maybe the odd song. It just comes across as so cheap, like something a record label would release for a failing artist, or one a tv and theatre artist would release.
  15. https://imgur.com/bNFdJEx https://imgur.com/APGiYpK https://imgur.com/0DbUKgl https://imgur.com/36cXj1M https://imgur.com/dl1SJYo https://imgur.com/ik0XHJT https://imgur.com/KehWEPq https://imgur.com/frxqrDM Actually when re-reading the interview it’s more gay / sexuality orientated than what I remembered, less about the music. It’s still an intriguing insight into her mindset, which isn’t captured in more conventional interviews. The Madonna confessions interview was great. Lots of fan questions about the blonde ambition concert on dvd, and other stuff.
  16. I feel like interviewers or publications need to ask the questions the fans WANT to ask, as if the person asking the questions IS a fan. Did anybody read the B2B cover interview in attitude magazine back in the day (no pun intended!), or the Madonna confessions interview? Even the Kylie X one. All around 2006-8. These are the types of questions she needs to be asked.
  17. Track-list 2 there - Replace Mercy on me with save me from myself, and add Here to Stay (Pepsi advert mix), Nasty (the Burlesque outtake track), I got Trouble and Nasty Naughty Boy and I would be happy with that.
  18. That frustrated me. I was so hyped for the goldfrapp tracks and they never surfaced! They spoke about that time in an interview once, when she ‘reached out’ to them lol. Just false promises.
  19. I asked about what songs were not used for the final version. I don’t know if any other than kimono girl, and little dreamer. Also, what had she planned for the Bionic tour.
  20. It’s an odd song. It doesn’t have a strong enough hook or chorus to be a major hit. It has grown on me massively but when I first heard it I was slightly underwhelmed. It came across as cheap, especially with the black pvc and devil horns artwork. I think most fans either don’t mind or actually like the song, but I can appreciate that it comes across as a sex sell out in some respects, especially folllowing the stripped and B2B albums. Although saying that, the video is one of her best and she looked fantastic. She really put effort into the visuals / aesthetic for the video, and a
  21. Lotus is great, up to let there be love. All fresh vibrant radio friendly pop tunes. After that it becomes incredibly bogged down by Ballads and some other fast numbers sprinkled inbetween them. I do like most of the tracks but it lags when some of the same types of songs are set together. There were some decent pictures taken for the album, but the cover artwork is horrible!! Although the intro is amazing
  22. The standard albums she released I listened to ALOT. So the cds aren’t in great condition, but the cases aren’t too bad. All of the other stuff I shoved in the wardrobe lol.
  23. Such a difficult list! Im pretty certain on where the albums kind of fall in terms of which I find stronger than others as a complete package. Back to Basics for me, hasn’t aged well. I LOVED it at the time, but now I feel that there are so many average songs sat between other amazing ones. Plus I’ve kind of overplayed it (and Stripped) more-so than the others. Stripped Bionic Liberation Back to Basics Lotus Mi Reflejo Debut