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  1. It looks like she also may have gotten veneers. I’m hoping it’s just the filter from the video
  2. Also anyone know where I can find the dishwasher magnet? It’s not on her website
  3. Yeah, nothing in her website unfortunately
  4. Does anyone know where I can buy the Liberate crop top hoodie from the liberation tour? I can’t find it anywhere!
  5. I saw those, I’m mad she has Liberation era lips on Bionic merch thinking we wouldn’t notice..
  6. I thought she got the red hair to cover up the fact she was getting Botox/fillers/lip injections and the red hair was distracting us from that? No shade at all, that’s just what I thought the reasoning was.
  7. Am I the only one that bought it before it was taken down? I’ve had it on my iTunes this entire time.
  8. This would be GREAT to see as a Netflix special - this and the Liberation tour.
  9. I wonder what songs off stripped would have matched those visuals? It would have been an entirely new stripped tour then?
  10. Oh wow! I never knew that. Ugh I hope she answers some questions about what the Bionic tour would have been like— setlist, consumes, etc.
  11. Wait.. what happened to the stripped tour in the US?? I always thought that in the US it was Justified/Stripped, and overseas it was its own tour?
  12. For me it would be: Back to Basics (the most cohesive and “professional” tour) The Xperience (so many confetti moments they I loved, and production, but wasn’t a fan of all but 4 songs songs being shortened. Also with she would have done the Bionic/Not Myself Tonight version she did in Morocco.) Stripped (for as big as that album was at the time, I thought the tour was okay, but could have had more production) Liberation tour (this was my first time seeing her live and I thought this tour was pretty great for the obvious low budget and smaller venues I wish sh
  13. I just saw that Luke posted on Instagram that he was surprised to find out that he wasn’t with Christina anymore half way through the Xperience residency and the X Tour. Does anyone know about this?
  14. None of this is taking away from my excitement about seeing her Sept. 20. I am however taking a drink every time she says “we say” 😂
  15. Oh wow, I never noticed that! Thanks for pointing that out!