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  1. I just saw a YouTube video of her set in Liverpool — I saw that there are rumors after seeing the merch that this was a run of the “Aguilera 2022 Tour” which would be nice since I think some artist test out shows in Europe before coming back to the states. The new costumes were cute. Although, I wish she’d dedicate a larger segment to the Aguilera album and still do some songs off of Liberation as that’s still a new-ish album too. (Like I Do, Deserve, etc). I’m glad they’re incorporating a little catwalk into the stage and some fireworks in places for certain songs. I just wish she’d perform s
  2. I wonder what song she’d sing — A fool in love would be a great idea.
  3. Yeah, I mean I’m with the side of the fan base who thinks she shouldn’t have gotten work done because she looked fabulous but I get the pressures society has with women and aging. I’m a little curious as to why she got veneers? I didn’t think she needed them, but that’s just me. As far as the weight loss, I think she looked wonderful at the Hollywood Bowl show and I’m glad whatever work she’s had done on her body looks good and mostly natural. Personally, I think she had some kind of procedure done. Maybe not a BBL, but fat removal of some kind. And I don’t blame her — if I had her m
  4. I’m assuming she’ll do beautiful, fighter and ain’t no other man. She might also do some covers if she doesn’t have a new album out by then. Hurt would sound amazing but she said she’d never sing it live again.
  5. I’m also still searching for the “Liberate” Crop Hoodie and the dishwasher magnet. I haven’t been able to find either.
  6. They just sent me an email saying that the sweatpants I ordered were sold out.. uhh
  7. I don’t think so, because tickets open to the public on June 1. I’m hoping it’ll be able to be live streamed.
  8. Singer and songwriter Christina Aguilera has long been renowned for the power of her voice. She’s racked up No. 1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 in three straight decades—making her only the fourth female artist to do so—and she’s won six Grammy Awards including one Latin Grammy. There’s only one thing this powerhouse singer hasn’t done: perform an entire concert live with orchestra. With Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic this July, she’s going to change that. You don’t want to miss this.
  9. Has anyone ordered merch from her website and not gotten it? I ordered the Xperience hoodie and matching sweats 6 weeks ago and I haven’t gotten them. I emailed the company the merch orders go through and haven’t gotten a response.
  10. It looks like she also may have gotten veneers. I’m hoping it’s just the filter from the video