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  1. This is the wisdom, right here. Let the youngsters have their petty stan wars (like we did tbh) and can we just talk/discuss normally about music? I mean if you're still a petty little person by the age of 40, then you really missed on some personal growth/maturing.
  2. Gonna have to give it a few more spins. IDK the whole album bops!
  3. It's so good. Up there with Fun Tonight for me. UGH
  4. Signed in just to let you all know the album is THE BOMB. Slap after slap after slap. Holy shit. It actually might become one of my favorites from her. The album is an experience. She literally gave the gays everything they wanted.
  5. Eh, doesn't matter what the promo is, just drop some new music.
  6. Thank you. Thanks Fab! Just popped back for a little while.
  7. Apparently a new song leaked? I've been out of the loop lately.
  8. Oh wow...so FOTP changed a bit, huh? It's nice. 

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    2. Luca


      I was aware, I missed you! alex1 

    3. Scully


      Is Tasso still around? :)

    4. Luca


      Kind of, but he became very inactive somewhere April last year. 

  9. where are you sis? cry9 

    1. Scully


      Still around, mostly reading. Haven't posted in a while. cheryl1

    2. fab


      glad to see you're still here cry6 I always enjoyed your threads in the Gaga section cry9  

    3. Scully
  10. Cackling at this post. You guys can't possibly be serious with excuses. This is KATY FREAKING PERRY and she is doing horribly. Let's call a spade a spade, she is flopping for filth.
  11. Ah thanks. That would be great actually. New Gaga music is always welcome.