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  1. I would absolutely adore the idea of winter being warmed up by new Ellie album at last.
  2. I came here to confirm that Knives Out is definitely up there with the best whodunit mysteries - so slick and stylish. I might watch it again. Everyone did great job.
  3. Hello. jj2 We are missing 5-6 members before the game could be started. Join us, thanks.


  4. How are you sis, it's been a while since we spoke.


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    2. Margerine Flange

      Hope things will be better than fine in your life. 

      I'm active for 2 years in this site and i still don't know what Holy Trinity is, enlighten me please.


    3. Ghostface

      It's a game that require from the players to choose three songs that fall under the certain theme. The themes are different with each new challenge. Every round, three players are getting evicted until there are three clear winners.


    4. Margerine Flange

      Ok, let me try since the forum is dead lately and i don't have anything else to do here.


  5. Hello everyone. More precisely to those who still dwell here to stop by and take just few minutes to participate in this very special mega-rate ( that doesn't see high rating numbers as of now jj5 ). Thanks. jj2


  6. Ghostface

    I am putting my signature on all of the contracts/games that will transpire.
  7. I always use at least 125 mL of milk for my fruity-integral brekafast ( when I actually have fruits and cereal for brekafast, then I like to blend them all with milk in a blender ) and at least another 125 mL of it to pour it in my coffee.
  8. Ghostface


    And after every round, two songs will be evicted - one from the former and one from the later album.
  9. Ghostface


    California being the worst song on the album is objectively false statement.