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  1. Ghostface


    Learn To Let Go and Let 'Em Talk deserved to be top 20 AT LEAST, even though they should probably be higher. At least, Woman got inside top 15. Tik Tok is one of her classics, so it probably shouldn't have missed top 20 as well.
  2. We got Fancy based on Clueless and now ( hopefully ) this. I guess, music videos based on decade's defining teen movie fit Billboard's #1.
  3. Interesting combination and I am definitely here for it. Sound would be amazing ( or at least, I have that feeling considering how different they are sonically ).
  4. Ghostface

    Celeb News

    Oh, I am so happy that this deal thing turned out to be really good. And five more albums? Whew, I hope I will pull through all those future classics.
  5. Ghostface

    Whew, I am the one who likes this one, but still was blown away by all the arguments in the OP. I am sure certain members should just give in and admit they like it.
  6. Ghostface

    Well, Tove Lo, being newbie with only handful sold records, wouldn't go on a trip more expensive than this anyway.
  7. Ghostface

    Celeb News

    It's crazy how almost all of her instrumentals deserve to be released on their own. It's like you can find something new about them even though you listened to these songs numerous times.
  8. Ghostface

    Giving Me Life and Portrait are definitely shaping to be highest points on the album with songs like 8th Grade and The Distance following up. I think that A No No and Stay Long Love You belong in the same territory ( somewhere between 6 and 7 ), but both of those are definitely catchy, memorable visits.
  9. Ghostface


    Oh and Thinking Of You at least broke top 30, but I hoped for higher place.
  10. Ghostface


    Past Lives, Wonderland, Hymn, Finding You, among the others, could have done better.
  11. Ghostface

    Should have punched Sylki dearest like this while he was in hospital bed. Multiple times of course. Until he realizes A No No is big enough for only 2 Wendys. I am becoming slippery.
  12. Ghostface

    You wanted 0? A No No... That's not happening, Sylki darling.
  13. Ghostface

    After all the flowers you got, isn't it a bit anti-climatic you managed to pull through? Anyway, I feel like you were too harsh regarding A No No. 3 seems alright for it and for Stay Love Long You as well. Also, I think One Mo' Gen should be one Wendy shorter, but I agree with all the rest. ( Maybe Caution should get 3 and half Wendys ).
  14. Ghostface

    All right, Hannibal Lecter gave initial listen to the album and consensus is that he is mostly pleased. First of all, I would like to point out how Mariah's approach towards the record is what's the most interesting part here: it definitely feels sensual, airy,fragile, but in a inviting way. Tender atmosphere surrounds all those songs and her voice is mostly breezy which I appreciate the most. Before album dropped, I hold huge like towards all previously released songs: GTFO was really nice introduction to the whole era ( now that I listened to whole project ). With You was being dismissed by fans, because it allegedly is not suitable enough as a lead single, but I disagreed then and re-listening the song, I am now even more inclined to think it definitely is in the top half. A No No is definitely felt like most infectious out of them and I appreciate her shady, ironical take on it. The Distance seemed like the most forgettable then, but it fits now well. I was mostly interested in how will title track and Portrait sound and the later is probably the best ballad on the record, most emotionally charged and lyrically top notch. Caution feels like prequel to the GTFO again with that snarky approach, maybe less infectious, but still being few cuts above decent. Stay Long Love You has featuring that goes well with the rest of the song, even though rap verse feels a little bit uninspired, but it is catchy. It is actually as infectious as A No No and feels like she is finally activating full sensual mode on, doing everything she said she was going to do. When I wrote that Portrait takes the cake, I obviously forgot about Giving Me Life and 8th Grade. Giving Me Life is so nicely structured, you just don't feel that the song is over-long and I would add that outro and whole last minute of it is one of the most fascinating parts of the song and album as a whole. 8th Grade is not loosing battle with Portrait in being emotionally driven, fragile experience. One Mo' Gen felt like the track that caught my interest the least, even though I consider its verses as the strong moments here. Runaway would actually be nice addition to the standard version. I like its up-beat, kind of empowering vibe with pre-chorus being the highest watermark. I understand why people were naming Caution ( as an album ) cohesive piece of work. All songs really do align well together and as I have already stated, they are tied with nice print of fragile, kind of chilly, yet heartfelt energy.