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  1. Ghostface


    Ghostface agrees it will be placed first. Unlike Future Nostalgia.
  2. Ghostface


    Cool, Levitating, Hallucinate, Love Again are the tracks I am most enjoying as of now. Overall, I would say Don't Start Now, Cool and Love Again are my definite favorites.
  3. Ghostface


    Love Again
  4. If some ( you ) are here for the drama, doesn't mean everyone else is. And why would anyone be here for any kind of the drama, especially something like this? Not being judgemental towards those who find that kind of hobby as an entertainment fulfilment in the slightest, but still. And the whole point is that this shouldn't have been the thing back then, because it is pretty transparent what was this all about. Apparently, people do crave for drama, so it is pretty evident ( from everything I read about this ) that some used this as their form to attack a person they don't like no matter if they had been able to see through this scheme or not. But the major point is that nothing of this matter and yet people turned this into something of epic proportions. Like, this ( edited ) phone call is not important. At all. That's the most apsurd part. For the sake of the drama you mention, people were willing to give this situation very significant role just because they didn't like certain person in the first place ( because they had their own preconceived notions apparently ). I repeat myself, this is borderline laughable, but I guess it served as a form for everyone to see what are people able to do when there is anything that they could do against someone they dislike. Even though, there is not a reason ( like here where the reason wasn't present since person everyone grabbed for neck was telling the truth or people ignored true intentions behind this on purpose ). Which is a shame may I say, because you could have been doing much more important and immensely funnier things than dedicate yourself in a stone throwing action and "hunt" after someone you don't particulary find likeable ( not to mention that liking or disliking someone you don't personally know is a different kind of problem/topic ). "She did what she had to do..." This pretty much is very telling about someone's character I must say. You basically agree that when someone doesn't like certain person, they should be free and willing to resort to similar tactics. I would apply evaluation of hobbies and priorities, but hey, whatever you like.
  5. Chromatics & The Weeknd - this is the best piece of music in 2020 so far. Fantastic. lotus1


  6. So, where we gonna go? I whisper in the dark Where we gonna go? I think he knows He got my hearbeat Skipping down 16th Avenue Got that, oh, I mean Wanna see what's under that attitude Like, I want you, bless my sould And I ain't gotta tell him I THINK HE KNOWS
  7. That’s like resume of the whole thing. Why would she or anyone else for that matter lie about something that was recorded? I mean, there is a proof. When that happened, I never really paid that much attention to it since it was obvious. It seemed like some sort of cheap telenovela trick that lasts for one hot minute and that’s it. It’s like me calling you on the phone with intention of recording the whole conversation. First things first, why would I actively record the phone call? Then, why would I leak it and in fragments at that? To do what here these were trying to do. Never have I ever thought something this clear would blow up to those proportions later on, but I guess you are right with stating that some needed to use something to take her down. Luckily for Taylor, truth is the best defense.
  8. I mean, not to be offensive or anything remotely similar, but this was transparent to anyone with a functioning brain even back then. People don’t record conversations with other people just because. Intention of staining Taylor’s image was clear as sky. I would agree it’s nice to see this being brought to the day of light in full though despite being old news.
  9. Ghostface


    The best song here is still Do What U Want, while fortunately, Alejandro was also added to the list. I definitely enjoy Bad Kids too. Such a carefree statement tune.
  10. Ghostface


    True, but those are primarly arthropod borne diseases and while definitely present, not as easily or rapidly spread as respiratory infections such as influenza and now covid-19 that don't require other mediators ( insects ). For example, rabies has almost 100 % fatality, but is more easily regulated viral disease. I agree that panic is not the way to go through this, but they are many people in the world who already have various kinds of immunodeficiencies, metabolic and other chronic diseases ( diabetes, hypertension, other heart and lung conditions ), other infections that are vulnerable to this. So, all this hype building up is to contain virus for it to be hard to get to those who fall under risk group. Also, the more a microorganism is spread between living beings, the more virulent it gets.
  11. Ghostface


    Do What U Want is the best one here so far. I would probably place it in the top 15.
  12. Ghostface


    1. Bad Romance 2. Born This Way 3. Applause 4. Perfect Illusion 5. Just Dance/Stupid Love
  13. This is the one I still listen to the most ( or at least it's top 5 ) out of all the albums from 2019.
  14. Ghostface


    Avi as as beautiful as Cornelia Street is.
  15. Happy New Year legend ajay1 

    1. Ghostface

      Good thing I didn't forget to respond and wish you great new year in December 2020. jj2

      Thank you. hug1

    2. Margerine Flange

      oprah15oprah15oprah15oprah15 Where have you been? Hope everything is ok. oprah15


      Congrats for entering the promo team btw. oprah15

    3. Ghostface

      Thank you very much. hug1

      Yes, it is. I have been travelling for the first two weeks in January to visit my cousins. Then exams week/s started, but here I am. jj2