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  1. Ghostface

    Serbia going from riches to rugs. Congratulations, @Maria. One of my favorite entries this season for sure.
  2. Well, two times are coincidence, but in Taylor's case it is already a pattern. AMAs, now this look here... Disco must be there in some shape or form. Not to mention how well that aligns with summer.
  3. Ghostface


    Everyone gets it, Taylor. Summer vibes will be probably all over album. I guess March 8 and March 15 also fell out of anything possibly coming out.
  4. It would be interesting. Actually, when it comes to duets including singers with different approach or even genre, it can always be attractive combination considering both of them can give something different to it. It doesn't mean it will be incoherent in sound or any other aspect. In fact, musically same artists duets can be predictable and sometimes not to so good.
  5. Ghostface

    You got that wrong. But you knew how to instantly repent with this one.
  6. Ghostface

    At least don't forget to enter plug.dj
  7. It definitely had good run ( and is still having here and there ) given everything and if next single/album comes sooner than later, reputation will thank it forever, because I assume it will have some effect on its further performance.
  8. Ghostface


    Wow, something 1989, something Red, something reputation and something Fearless.
  9. Ghostface


    Her whole discography ( ), but Red will always have my solicitor back-up.
  10. Ghostface


  11. Ghostface


    One-way plane ticket to Bulgaria.
  12. Ghostface


    Don't fix what's not broken.
  13. Ghostface


    I didn't even see that, I will let it be.
  14. Ghostface


    Correct ranking incoming: 1. Ghostin' 2. Bloodline 3. In My Head 4. bad idea 5. NASA 6. fake smile 7. imagine 8. thank u, next 9. needy 10. 7 rings 11. break up with your girlfriend, i'm ored 12. make up
  15. Ghostface


    Have y'all heard the news? Ghostin' WON!!!