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  1. Ghostface


    Well, I would agree that Plastic Dolls shatters Joanne in some aspects, but it melts down in presence of electrifying 911.
  2. Ghostface


    Plastic doll literally being plastic next to 911 though.
  3. Ghostface


    Fab needs a 911 Can you patch the line? Pop a 911 Then pop another one
  4. Ghostface


    1 Rain on Me 1 911 1 Sine from Above 1 1000 Doves 1 Babylon 6 Alice 6 Free Woman 6 Fun Tonight 6 Plastic Doll 6 Enigma 6 Replay 12 Sour Candy 13 Stupid Love Top 3 is spot on.
  5. Ghostface

    We have already agreed to count my last's round points alongside top answer(s) for each question.
  6. Ghostface


    Born This Way The Fame Monster ARTPOP/Chromatica ( as of now ) The Fame Joanne
  7. Ghostface


    Well, unless you don't want to win.
  8. Ghostface


    Fever sure has got me good What you do when fever takes hold? Fever Hot Forever Yayo - 4
  9. Ghostface


    Although they both are proper nouns sharing top shelf’s liquor, only one creates war in and around you. At least more than the other.
  10. Ghostface


    Well, hello. Pick up my favorite liquor off the top shelf and write a 9 next to California.
  11. Ghostface


    1. Do What U Want ( top 2 on ARTPOP if not the best one there ) 2. Telephone 3. Poker Face 4. Judas 5. Rain On Me 6. Million Reasons
  12. Level of infectivity must be really high in Brazil considering that almost 45 % of tested results are positive, which, and I am not sure, isn't/wasn't case in any other country ( at least following the official data ). Argentina seems to be dealing with the crisis well since the beginning even though they have experienced surge of cases as of lately, but the situation, fortunately, seems rather stable there.
  13. Ghostface


    Poker Face Judas John Wayne Rain On Me Sexxx Dreams Speechless
  14. Ghostface


    I never managed to actually rank her albums besides Red probably taking top spot. Both 1989 and Lover are interchangeable, but I am not sure how to fit them around Speak Now and reputation. It comes down to the mood after all.
  15. Ghostface

    I am embarking tomorrow. Will send postcards SOS signals.