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  1. Ghostface

    Ugh, but doing something like blockbuster is tempting me though. This theme screams bloated, huge, massive.
  2. Ghostface

    Well, back to the future indeed.
  3. Ghostface

    @Maraj didn't get lucky enough it seems.
  4. Ghostface

    I should have gone with Paramore's Caught In The Middle instead.
  5. Ghostface

    If there is next time, I will start sponsoring indie-minimalist projects instead of these blockbuster(s).
  6. Ghostface

    "You giving us a screenshot of the definition of nostalgia like us judges are stupid sent me."
  7. Ghostface

    Both George Michael and Candyman crossed my mind, so nice to see them in other people's entries. Also, @Feoba is still holding up well, but I can't be fast enough to check all of those this quick.
  8. Ghostface

    @Freaky Prince after sustaining top spot after tonight...
  9. Ghostface


    See? This is how to sign up. But you are already in the game.
  10. Ghostface


    But you are also signed up. Thanks.
  11. Ghostface


    But you are definitely signed up. Thanks.
  12. Ghostface


    Hello, hello. It's a birthday week for reputation. Even though the same applies to Fearless, it was released day later. Considering we had 1989's edition and that both Red and Speak Now probably have more songs than active members at the moment, logical resolution was going with reputation. I am not going to list any instructions or notices as of now. All we need is to gather 15 members willing to participate first. You should know that you won't be choosing song right away. If you want to play, you will just have to note here that you want to be signed up. When ( and if ) we manage to get 15 members, the rest will be explained. ... Ready For It? End Game I Did Something Bad Don't Blame Me Delicate Look What You Made Me Do So It Goes... Gorgeous Getaway Car King of My Heart Dancing With Our Hands Tied Dress This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things Call It What You Want New Year's Day
  13. Ghostface

    Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now MØ - On and On HAIM - Now I'm In It Selena Gomez - Lose You to Love Me Katy Perry - Harleys in Hawaii Kim Petras - Icy CHVRCHES - Warning Call Tove Lo - Sweettalk My Heart Alicia Keys (f/ Miguel) - Show Me Love OneRepublic - Somebody to Love Charli XCX (f/ Clairo & Yaeji) - February 2017 OneRepublic - Wanted Grimes & i_o - Violence Charli XCX (f/ HAIM) - Warm P!nk (f/ Khalid) - Hurts 2B Human Jax Jones & Tove Lo - Jacques Lana Del Rey - Fuck It I Love You Lana Del Rey - The Greatest 5 Seconds of Summer - Teeth Taylor Swift - Lover
  14. Ghostface


    This is logical fallacy. If she doesn't remember ARTPOP, then how can she state she doesn't remember it? She could ( or perhaps should ) have written I am trying to forget ARTPOP.