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  1. I am glad she is not giving us break since late November - first with Thank U, Next, then with 7 Rings and now full album is practically knocking on the door. By the time Valentine's day rolls in, all songs will be memorized.
  2. So, sitting in one of the local caffes tonight turned great. They fueled speakers with such nostalgic songs:

    Prince - Purple Rain

    George Michael - Faith

    Roxette - Spending My Time

    Kylie Minogue - Love at First Sight

    Britney Spears - Everytime

    And then they threw Hush, Hush by Pussycat Dolls and Birthday by Katy Perry into the mix to spice things up. 

    Punch after punch. bey5

    1. Aidan.

      Wow oh wow all this talent

  3. Ghostface


    Definitely. It takes some of those songs ( or National Anthem or Brite Lights or Queen of the Gas Station ) to start Lana party and then procede with "blue" moments. Always put some more rhythmic songs between those melancholic mentions and that is really party even for casual listeners and non fans. As I said, I can listen to Terrence Loves You and other similar in tone by her even when I don't necessarily feel that way.
  4. Ghostface


    I understand what you mean, but Lana's melancholia is definitely suitable for me no matter the mood. It has probably something to do with the fact that I have saturated myself with her music in the past, so I can appreciate Lana songs anytime. I actually feel that way with other artists similar to her and her style. Of course, many parts of her discography are better experienced when your emotions align with the atmosphere of the songs.
  5. Ghostface


    This reminds me of time from one week ago when I was sitting in a caffe and two girls were listening and watching National Anthem video for the first time. Naturally, they were mesmerized. At least enough to listen to it several times while there. I had to intoduce myself and suggest they should check Lana further, because it will be definitely worth it.
  6. Ghostface


    If you manage to get your ears off of the Born To Die ( album ) anytime soon, Ultraviolence will definitely solidify your addiction regarding Lana's music.
  7. Ghostface


    If anything, at least dreaming is free. But those calendar stamps are definitely intriguing. I don't think they are reoutation related though.
  8. Ghostface


    The power of good song and quality music.
  9. She has really become streaming queen, hasn't she? Her official single releases top each other. This new album with possible second smash is definitely cementing her superstar status, esepcially taking into consideration that she was always present for past five years.
  10. Ghostface

    Celeb News

    I just wanted to write Is it cool that she listened to that, is it too soon for her to do that, 'cause it is delicate. As a joke of course. But then I ran into debate which is pointless to have, especially now when dust is settled. To be completely honest, it was pretty obvious even back then who was pulling Soraya-like moves and who was the protagonist of this specific case. Good to know all three of them are past this melodrama type of unecessary mess.
  11. Ariana Grande = Lord of the ( 77 ) Rings.
  12. Thank U, Next/Imagine 7 Rings
  13. Ghostface

    Celeb News

    Is she getting 1989 and Red on a date?
  14. Ghostface


    I would probably have to listen to it few more times, because it seems like grower to me. Chorus is catchy and I appreciated whole piece half-way through it, around second chorus. The video is definitely packed. I apprecite style and the way it fits the song.
  15. Ghostface

    Both are talented and both are exploring different themes through their music. Maybe not even that much different themes, but they do have different approach. That's why I enjoy both of them. There also lies the reason why would they leave comments like this on each other's music. I am not even sure she meant anything bad with that ( old ) statement. I don't see myself aligning with Lorde's view that much here though. Either way, I am happy both are creating such amazing music, so their differences don't mean much.