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  1. Ghostface

    Yeah, Ariana and Hyun. were suspicious. When it comes to me, it was obvious from killer’s conffession that he hid behind the study’s door after killing Gaga that it wasn’t me since I was near the desk inspecting Gaga’s body. Yeah, there were chapters later on when either I wasn’t mentioned at all or very little, but still I could always use what I just wrote to throw suspicion from myself. But definitely, coordinating votes better next time is a must.
  2. Ghostface

    And not just Divine, but Quill, billie., Madame X and Yonce as well.
  3. Ghostface

    I will get to all of this later, but at least I was sure that Divine, Quill, Madame X, Yonce. and billie. are not the killers from early on, because all five of them were present when gun-shot that killed Gaga in the study was heard. I suspected Chris Morlock being the killer for the first two chapters, because he wasn’t mentioned in those two story threads nor accounted for various situations. Then during Chapters 3 and 4, I thought Simon made perfect option for the killer, but yesterday it was obvious it was between Ariana and Hyun. Then I went back to the first chapter and Gaga’s murder. We could read that screams of Party Monster were heard on the second upper floor, where study ( crime scene ) was located, but also those screams were followed by Ariana’s and Hyun.’s screams. Party Monster was later killed and since Ariana only found bodies of Chris and SWINE while Hyun. was with billie. during Habit’s performance, I thought it really could be Ariana. Yeah, the killer poisoned Chris and SWINE during the performance and got back to it while Habits was still performing, but Ariana wasn’t accounted at all until he found victims’ bodies. Good writing. I wasn’t mentioned during that chapter, so another nice touch to all of it. So, like billie. I just wanted to say sorry to both @Ariana and @Hyun. for being reserved for information yesterday and not willing to easily share it like before, but I couldn’t be sure which one of you is behind it all. Me writing all of this just shows how much game was both engaging and enjoyable.
  4. Ghostface

    I also didn't manage to catch up with semi-finals, so this should be interesting enough.
  5. Ghostface

    Well, since late February, I started to be less active on the forum due to many other priorities I had to and still have to set out. And then I was sceptic about joining the game since I didn't know will I have enough time to participate ( well hello Pop Industry Season 8a ). But it seemed fun and it was definitely worth it. I enjoyed other games on the forum as well ( FOTP Big Brother, some of the singles and albums mega-rates, FOTP Christmas: Until Dawn, FOTPVision ) and those were the moments I really enjoyed being active here. But Whodunnit?! really made me being truly invested with others and with the game itself. I think I could have been even more active in the Chapter threads, but for now, it was probably enough. I generally like mysteries, thriller and horror related materials of all forms and this was quite a catch. I can't even start imagining how much work and thought had been put into this, because everything was brilliantly written and the concept was top notch. I am so glad we had more than 15 members, because those story-lines really made me laugh, but I was always reading the chapters and PMs like some lunatic trying to find clues below every word. Speaking about being paranoid. Did I mention those maps? They are perfectly thought-out. As I said, so many details made this game really enjoying and captivating. I do think there could be more killers as well in the future, because it would add much more mystery and drama. Also, more survivors are welcomed as well, especially if the number of players is big enough or exceeding certain number ( like 15 or 20 ). But I guess if they were two or more killers, one survivor could be indeed fair enough. That also means I am all for another season. Thanks to the players that were co-operative enough and to the rest as well of course... special thanks to the killer being also co-operative ( ) and big congratulations to @billie. and @Hyun.. I guess Divine and I died, but @Quill will be happy now knowing that at least billie. managed to survive. Oh and one more thing, @fab's ghost won't haunt me anymore in hell ( ) when he realizes I was innocent and that I made the same mistake(s) regarding some of the answers I provided, but yesterday's night was definitely the peak. I definitely WAS laughing at how everything went down, organically of course. Cheers guys and thanks again. Hope we see each other again soon. P. S. Being crushed between the walls means @Searching won't pester me or anyone else anymore. It also means people will at least remember those final moments of the show.
  6. Ghostface

    Well, that death is indeed memorable.
  7. Ghostface

    And I knew watching Charmed episode Sleuthing with Enemy in the home theatre had to mean something.
  8. Ghostface

    How? I can't believe. I should have trusted Divine all along.
  9. Ghostface

    I will book you one-way ticket flight to Martinique, you lunatic bastard.
  10. Ghostface

    Already either dead or fled.
  11. Ghostface

    * One of the allegedly death victims being the killer. *
  12. Ghostface

    He will win. Just wait and see. When I clicked that submit button, I felt knife slashing through my meat and touching the bone within.
  13. Ghostface

    If the killer gets us tonight, we are all to blame, because all of you are stuck on winning while you fellow house-guests might get slaughtered, but you don't care. I wanted us to catch that bastard together, but you don't care. Damn. The killer will win tonight. That's what we got. 11 people dead and we decided to add to that amount. I hope you are happy. *Ghostface is done snapping*
  14. Ghostface

    Oh God, our heads are exploding enough already as it is. Our notifications exploding won't help save our lives.