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  1. Ghostface


    I think she will actually manage to have sold out dates, because when the tour starts, it is basically promotion of itself. If reviews are good as well, nothing to worry about for the rest of the dates.
  2. Ghostface


    Halloween and Carly on the same date? I approve. This also means we are closer to new single/song.
  3. Ghostface


    All right, after few days of listening to the song, I realized how much I appreciate Kesha further exploring folk, country-ish genre. She showed she could own this style on Rainbow. Song is not coming across as the most perfect, but her voice really lifts up whole experience.
  4. People were not sure how would Lana's collaboration with Jack Antonoff turn out and we got two great songs out of it. So, maybe Lana and Marina could surprise us in a positive way as well.
  5. Time for praying to rihAllah from now on.
  6. Ghostface


    This fall seems early and unrealistic since we don't have any news regarding new single, but I would also say spring 2019 is more accurate prediction. 
  7. Recent 90s influx got me...

    B.B. '90s kids will understand

  8. Ghostface


    I am developing reasonable fear that this will happen here as well.
  9. Justin Timberlake - SexyBack ( Director's Cut ) 


    1. Kuladon

      Reported for CP. tay8

    2. Ghostface

      Report me. Don't hesitate being traitorous. tay8

  10. Do you possibly think that Sean O'Pry will make an appearance? Seems like some baseless hints were posted during this whole hiatus when it comes to singles.
  11. Ghostface


    Well, at least 6 singles are guaranteed at this point if we are considering tour video, which will happen. Also, Delicate still dismissing the idea of free falling is nice.
  12. Whew, you should put higher expectations. Time for LWYMD video's record to be broken with runaway GC.
  13. Yeah, all remaining songs were considered at one point and emotes really do enhance posts, this one in particular. Getaway Car was somehow logical choice, so I am happy with it. And I just want from her to surprise with another smashing look like she did at BMI. I know she can do that, especially now when her tour is coming to an and in the North America.
  14. Ghostface


    I am ready for 7 months to pass and lead single for TS7 then. But of course, we need that tour video first, so prepare for This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things ( nice things as in I Did Something Bad being a single for example ).