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  1. wait. i JUST noticed i havent seen you in a while. ohno1 

  2. Ghostface's perfect Valentine. oprah7oprah13


  3. Being gorgeous isn't automatically not plain, Chacon. Go back to your cats.
  4. A blessing! oprah7


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    2. Ghostface



      Well, actually, you got it right. And I confess that I was listening to her mixtape just now and I like what I hear. Raw Thoguhts and


      are pristine! alex1

    3. Shawn's Slave

      Shawn's Slave

      A pop-punk princess on the horizon? 

      She looks like a mixture of Ivanka Trump and Megan trainor in that second video fall4

    4. Ghostface



      No worries, I got it as a compliment since I do like/fancy Olivia too, but I was just taken by Baby Queen's punkier and more blasting punch like you put it.



      Oh my! I see those resemblances now. fall7

  5. Both @Mario and me can be true We are happiness! But my pain will go away since you are a villain I guess you will have high price to pay for seven years of mayhem
  6. Kif Kroker Not that it’s unexpected, maybe even more than Ned Flanders.
  7. @Trunks has finally opened up and put his species photograph as his avi!
  8. I miss Dreamgirls’ songs from the championship too ( like everybody else ). 208 old songs plus new ones incoming to compete again!
  9. @Trunks‘s birthday isn’t on Holy Day.
  10. Rave GIFs | Tenor


    1. Max


      I live for the applause, applause, applause katy3 

  11. Devil's playground is @Trunks 's favorite place for hang-outs.
  12. Yeah, academic year ends in the end of May here, but in order to get enrolled into the next year ( which starts in October ), you have to pass exams until... October. So, June, July, August and September are free of classes and such, but you still need to study if you haven't passed all exams in June and/or July. TABS already secured with everything sorted out. Count of Monte Cristo is that big story that transcendences time and captures betrayal, love, repentition, family issues in such magnetic manner - I guess people gravitate to it since it is a revenge story of a man who has b