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  1. wait. i JUST noticed i havent seen you in a while. ohno1 

  2. Jump Then Fall 1. Bye Bye Baby 2. Tell Me Why 3. A Perfectly Good Heart
  3. Group A: Randomised We Were Happy (Taylor’s Version) Don’t You (Taylor’s Version) The Other Side Of The Door Jump Then Fall Untouchable Invisible Tied Together With A Smile Superman Randomised almost to a T. Group B: Girl At Home I’m Only Me When I’m With You Mary’s Song (Oh My My My) Hey Stephen The Outside A Place In This World Superstar Picture To Burn
  4. You weren't alone. @Daddy Barlow was also screaming... for real.
  5. Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor’s Version)
  6. All You Had to Do Was Stay deserved to tie I Wish You Would. Group A: Sad songs Come Back...Be Here Fifteen Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor’s Version) Teardrops On My Guitar White Horse Cold As You Change If This Was A Movie Group B Forever & Always I Forgot That You Existed It’s Nice To Have A Friend Fearless Our Song Stay Beautiful Stay Stay Stay
  7. Group A: Happy songs New Romantics Mine I Wish You Would Today Was a Fairytale (Taylor’s Version) The Lucky One Welcome To New York Mean The Story Of Us Group B: All You Had To Do Was Stay it’s time to go Come In With The Rain Tim McGraw Breathe Should’ve Said No The Way I Loved You Haunted
  8. Randomizer wasn't employed to choose better song, Chacon. Just the one who would prevail with additional random vote after a tie. Group A: Fast tempo Don’t Blame Me Gorgeous I Think He Knows How You Get The Girl Love Story Starlight ME! Bad Blood Reputation leading. I can't be blamed. Group B: evermore ( the final part ) Last Kiss peace Holy Ground The Moment I Knew Everything Has Changed You are In Love Never Grow Up You’re Not Sorry
  9. Group A: Fast tempo invisible string Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince End Game Sparks Fly The Man 22 I Did Something Bad Better Than Revenge Group B exile mirrorball Wonderland The Last Time happiness no body, no crime closure That’s When (Taylor’s Version)
  10. I am not sure what are you trying to imply, Chacon, but every game has relied on human species to rank songs so far. Randomizer has been used only in regards to ties. Who can tolerate Chacon's autocracy anymore?
  11. Group A I Know Places False God Paper Rings ...Ready For It? Shake It Off New Year’s Day This Love You Need To Calm Down This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things The Best Day Group B cowboy like me tolerate it coney island Clean I Almost Do illicit affairs dorothea Back To December Soon You’ll Get Better Dear John Group B again being tougher a bit and a bit more.