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  1. Results: Not completely lonely, but 3 votes put Alone in Love in the 2nd place within self-titled and other 5 votes let this album’s finalist to be Vision of Love. @Mario: “Caution left undeservingly, but Vision of Love is sure in the final.” @Billie Frank: “Maybe I shouldn’t have protected some of you from visiting @Trunks‘s dungeon.” Everything fades away without this panel, but before that happens, time to decide which song will be Music Box’s winner and next ( 4th ) finalist. Voting is for the song you want to st
  2. Results: Get Together gets out, but not voteless ( 2 still got it ), but Hung Up gets higher up in the ranks with 11 votes. @Strobo: “Hopefully @plutoniano and @Joanna will learn that protest and pitty votes only go so far.” Only few minutes before panel starts jumping to the beat. Voting is for the song you want to keep competing. Hide contents Hide contents @Kai @Lady Gaga @Lynk @V For Vendetta @Shego @Chris Morlock @Skyline @plutoniano @Violet @CharnyBoy @BabyMario44 @Kirjava @Joanna @Reznor @Alvarø @SockBiznatch @Plati
  3. I am not spiking people’s drinks ( stop the projections ) and I wouldn’t need to do that in order for that kind of “neverending” game, Truncon.
  4. If Hallucinate, Cool, Levitating couldn’t, Don’t Start Now had to and it did. Thank you, @Snow for giving us all these pink and purple skies ( hihi ) over here and lights and lasers. Now, time for an after-party with Club Future Nostalgia and Leon Vynehall’s techno rave on repeat. Drinks all night on @Trunks of course. @TRENCH‘s drinks going to be expensive now, but that’s the luck.
  5. I gotta love my luck. As if 4:4 weren’t enough, now 3:3:3 haunts me ( half-devil ). And that also confirms judge @V For Vendetta also using dark mode. Results: 9 votes and all equally distributed between Giving Me Life, With You and Caution. Randomizer is taking double shift tonight and first song to secure itself place in Caution’s final showdown is: Vision of lonely love usually turns out to be the case, but the day to pick the winning song of self-titled is here. Voting is for the song you want to stay competing.
  6. The dynamic thing is judge @Reznor tuning in. Results: X-Static Process repeats 13 votes from the last time when we also had Intervention competing against these two. However, I’m so Stupid turns out even less lucky and getting one less vote than before -1. “It’s time we hang the host together”, @Trunks Voting is for the song you want to keep competing. Hide contents @Kai @Lady Gaga @Lynk @V For Vendetta @Shego @Chris Morlock @Skyline @plutoniano @Violet @CharnyBoy @BabyMario44 @Kirjava @Joanna @Reznor @Alvarø @SockBiznatch @Platinum
  7. First of all, it’s good that Future Nostalgia songs are in the Grand Final even when 50 % of it is correct. Second of all, Don’t Start Now and we all know deeply in our souls ( well, @Trunks isn’t qualified for soul, but in his cavernas ) that deserves. Just play it now and your decision will come narurally.
  8. Results: 8 voting members didn’t let Faded to fade ( not even special guest Alan Walker ), but 1 vote may be reason enough for Cry. to cry. @V For Vendetta: “This is what @Atlantis Princess gets for using dark mode.” You need to be cautious with this panel - you never know what they can give or do. Voting is for the song you want to stay competing. Hide contents @Royale @Atlantis Princess @Kai @Lynk @V For Vendetta @Chris Morlock @Skyline @Violet @***CONGRATULATIONS, SENTIENT BEING. YOU HAVE MENTIONED BILLIE EILISH ON FOTP. TO COL
  9. How quickly it took for the panel to turn judge @Mr. Mendes against host. And I see that judge @Walkeriana has fully corrupted judge @plutoniano. Results: What It Feels Like for a Girl will get taste of feeling what’s it like to be in the competition for another showdown thanks to 8 votes. Amazing has also fared amazing so far and now with 6 voted, but this is its limit. “This stupid process...”, said judge @Chris Morlock. Voting is for the song you want to keep competing.
  10. And it will be Jessie J themed. True, match-ups were weaker song against another weaker one sometimes, or two stronger entries competing, especially in last month(s). Luck factor important, but I think both the top 10 and the winner turned out neat enough. Also, I love all the post-game commotion here.
  11. We couldn’t get Cool, Hallucinate, Levitating or even Pretty Please here, but Don’t Start Now stays. And not only @Trunks will suffer because of that.
  12. Results: Candy Bling has brought sweetness and light to 7 voting members, which makes 2-times-voted Inseparable separated from the game. @Trunks: “Does @Billie Frank still feel playful?” Album openers facing off. Voting is for the song you want to stay competing.