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  1. I didn’t want to edit my previous post in order to avoid tagging everyone again, but Mer Girl has left with 6 votes actually, not 5. I am aware that still doesn’t change anything and reminder for judges @Alvarø and @Kirjava wasn’t needed, but we need to be correct. Maybe this outcome will be better. Results: American Pie won’t be served again since it had been approved by 5 judges and that wasn’t enough against Paradise ( Not for Me ), which has acquired 11 votes. @Alvarø: “No, this is equally distatestful result as the previous one. “ @V For Vendetta: ““ @Shego: “At least
  2. You gotta love this panel - and hello to all of the guest judges. I know finals are great, but this much... whew. Results: High by the Beach and Brooklyn Baby both played tug of war - both eventually picking the same amount of votes as a result - 16 each. What's the final part without Randomizer? I hope I survive the cross-fire. Choose one song to keep.
  3. Results: Bonnie & Clyde wouldn’t rather die young, but neither would Rather Die Young, so both clashed against each other with 14 votes equally distributed. It is never early ( or late ) for the Randomizer to be included. 2 + 2 lingers Voting is for the song you want to stay competing.
  4. @Cha Eunwoo doesn’t use the same breathing techniques as humans.
  5. @Cha Eunwoo had Deja Vu when I resorted to non-human language last time.
  6. Well, the easiest ride most probably so far. Results: Original Always Be My Baby remains the only version of the song that stays in the game since the remixed one has failed to collect any votes. Underneath the Stars benefits from 10 votes. Voting is for the song you want to stay competing.
  7. Positively surprised with another judge @V For Vendetta’s movie recommendation. Results: Frozen draws 11 votes to itself, which Mer Girl’s 5 can’t catch up with. @Platinum Gold: “After everything I did in order to swing you to the right side, @Cha Eunwoo, you decide to communicate in G rated manner. At least your vote was correctly placed.” @plutoniano: “My pain remains Frozen after this. “ Voting is for the song you want to keep competing.
  8. Results: The Greatest demonstrates slight lead on Norman Fucking Rockwell again with 8 votes against latter’s 7. @SockBitch: “I knew I had to say goodbye to at least one of them, but it being Norman. “ @TRENCH: “At least you new favorite is the best song ever. “ Well, the last days are upon us with 4 songs still hanging on. Choose one song to keep.
  9. Not as easy pick for judge @Mario as for judges @plutoniano and @Urbi. Results: Love Drought hasn’t experienced votes’ drought seeing how it has gathered 13 of those unlike Flawless’s Remix that was attributed to 5 votes. Voting is for the song you want to stay competing.
  10. At least you are ambitious. I am whitelighter, Demoroyale, I can’t die ( again ).
  11. Too bad you will follow his steps and remain in Demonic Wasteland. Besides, Cole? You will be warlock #3 at best.
  12. Yeah, it should be interesting vanquishing your demonic self again.