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  1. Dancing With Our Hands Tied Wildest Dreams Cruel Summer no body, no crime illicit affairs Cold as You You're Not Sorry Girl at Home Haunted But the first 5 here are equal.
  2. That doesn't mean anything substantial. Maybe no one has been wearing outfit like those, because they had been fashion backwards. That being said, Round 14: ELEGANT because we have to teach Chacon what glamorous, sharp look is. Although, Paris dress fits too.
  3. Considering what Chacon thinks is glammed-up, I am not surprised that is also fashion forward in his opinion. Round 13: DEVOTION like this Chacon will never understand because of his twisted ways:
  4. epiphany Shake It Off closure Change Look What You Made Me Do We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together ME! Never Grow Up A Place in This World
  5. august The Archer Coney Island End Game Enchanted I Wish You Would Everything Has Changed Teardrops On My Guitar SuperStar
  6. This isn't purely just because I want more points, but it is more because you are not right and you are doing everything to bring your methods and tactics and interpretations upon us. Round 12: FORWARD as in forward looking and thinking, which is not associated with Chacon's mindset.
  7. Being gorgeous isn't automatically not plain, Chacon. Go back to your cats.
  8. Yeah, in Milky Way we do have our interpretation of plain you still haven't quite got around. Well, then going by the best contestant pick is not the way to go, thank you very much.
  9. It doesn't say that is also scored based on how the best contestant fares, which shouldn't be the case, because multiple people can get and got maximum points just going by the rule of scoring you listed.
  10. This is plain too: Point blank period. But it's fool's errand trying to get soemone try and see who thinks red carept looks, photoshoots are automatically not plain and everything else is plain and who doesn't have criteria for what is 2 points and what falls under 4 points. Now, getting B or C in school will be hard if there is great A in the class.
  11. I like how we have learned that getting out of bed in the morning qualifies you as glamorous per Chacon's standards.
  12. Not everyone has curlers as far as I know. Comb is common sense, but not for you apparently. The hair style from the pic I posted is cute, but is is certainly plain - it's just basic. So now, just because there isn't any difference between pink and gray jacket is blamed upon someone's genitals and sexual orientation? Accept that both jackets are nice, but plain. I don't have to pretend. But, this is close to what I get to see. Aren't these two beauitful? But still not glammed-up. Wrong. There should be criteria what is required for 3 points and wha
  13. So this hair style is less hefty than this one ? I mean, hair style on the left pic requires something for her hair to look curled up a bit. The left hair style pic is basically what you get when you comb hair - volume. Comb is the plainest accessory among hair-style gadgets. Furthermore, where is the difference between red and gray jacket besides the pure color? That black top on the left pic is, at least, more "eventful" than top, white, bland crop shirt on the right pic. Both are wearing jeans and Xtina on the left got herself a nice hat I must admit. She actual
  14. What? I didn't say any of that. There is obviously difference between and . But don't act as if there isn't difference between and . If pink jacket look is glammed-up in your opinion, what would you describe red dress look as? I am not sure there is an answer. Face could look greasy because of the cream, for example, doesn't mean it is dirty and because you can't know for a fact that her face was dirty in that pic, then your point doesn't stand. Moreover, she wouldn't put make-up on a dirty face anyway. Also, if you think that pink jacket hair st
  15. The one that will be abandoning Earth is you, because you should go back to your galaxy.