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    Alice Rain On Me 911 Enigma Sine From Above Babylon
  2. Ghostface


    Born This Way/Poker Face Poker Face/Born This Way Rain On Me Shallow Just Dance
  3. The night we painted over your fake Mona Lisa

    Lipstick on the corners, said her smile was teasin' ya

    Oh, you take my clothes off, said it's gettin' hotter

    Don't know how to swim, but let's breathe underwater


  4. Ghostface


    Chromatica is still bound to a concept, but this time around, it is directly about being dance machine. I actually think it helped her more in a way to feel as euphoric as she is rejecting the notion to complicate things more with numerous themes. I mean, after completing the album, you understand this is really the dancefloor she fought for, but she already had those battles during The Fame Monster and Born This Way. She is now paying homage primarly to herself from a distance from everything she has done before blending her selves into dance/house/retro landscape voluntarily choosing more conventional sides in that same spectrum ( for better or worse ). 1000 Doves and Sine From Above go hand in hand together and I appreciate those two and they feel somehow born from ideas behing The Edge Of Glory. Both are also thumping, so I think they are good additions.
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    Another 60 seconds and exploring the chrous further and 911 would really warrant that number, but I just feel content enough she tackled with her previous sonic/thematic topography in an indirect and sequel-esque way.
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    All of them indeed fall under stronger moments on the album. I actually do appreciate Sine From Above though. It is definitely tougher than Free Woman, Fun Tonight, Sour Candy. While ARTPOP is heavier conceptually-wise and sometimes too indulging in its own themes, Chromatica feels more liberated presenting itself as pure dancefloor-ready project. It feels volative here and there, because it is bound to be approachable. Plastic Doll is nice addition considering it gives us a little break between all the beats before and after and presents another self-reflective moment, which is still best done on 911.
  7. Ghostface


    Well, 911 being among surviving songs is not surprising. That one really does go back to raw Gaga, especially during verses and each listen makes it stronger. Maybe chorus needed a littl bit more of an upgrade, but it is still bumpingly effective and memorable.
  8. Each round surpassing in ratings previous one. Season was on a roll.
  9. Congratulations to the winners and everybody else as well. Thanks, Moira for making spicey rounds for us during last month. It was really fun and gave enough reasons to be active around here. Questions were spot on and you know how much I enjoyed answering some of them.
  10. Add half of @Royale's points to my overall score.
  11. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out I bet.
  12. Yeah, they are very dark, perfectly reflecting stormy and rainy weather, but they are still substantial when it comes to music. I mean, Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now.
  13. Elvis Presley: My Way... of dying.
  14. You listen to The Smiths? Such a great information.
  15. They can help with skeletons from the closet though.
  16. Now, let me do the same thing with my points and get some from @Royale.
  17. Tiger is good, but this beauty is something else...
  18. We are not leaving you plummeting with ratings.
  19. 3 people who answered correctly I think.
  20. I am glad other two people share the same top sentiment.
  21. That's enough to be in top 3 members with most books.
  22. Only if it is as eventful as Dahmer's.