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    Well, I always accepted when my answers weren't counted, so my strategy is not that much existent actually. Those are not lies. You were the one jumping around at first and later calmed down while pretending you feel threatened ( which you are still doing ). There isn't more than one narrative here though, so I am sticking with the truth and obvious course of events. I don't think creating running loops will help us in this conversation, especially when it didn't prove itself futile with applying new themes running in cricles tactics and now with since when my posts have been goofy. Over-competitive, even slightly abrasive. And no one is accusing you of not playing fair or against the rules, but bending and manipulating situations can only get you so far really. Of course you are free to expect points to be counted fairly ( which they were and are to this point ) and answers be transparent, but when the answer isn't worth the point, it isn't. Why letting yourself beating dead horse when it was explained why something happened or didn't happen. Someone reading how hard you are sticking to mentioning my supposed rules breaking would also find it shocking I have always respected those and abode to them, so you can bet I gave them detailed read, like I usually do. Also, why would I edit joke posts? Not my fault how you interpret them. ( I can also tell how that is your problem, but I am politely discussing all the matters with you gracefully. ) Art and words are open to that kind of thought process, so I am glad you were the ( only ) one to point out how much disturbing they came across to you. Nice to know I inspire someone's synapses in that direction ( even though it is not the most pleasent thing to actually consider ). But here is the thing: "Every strategy is good to remove the competition and you know a thing or two about it as we can see!" This is the basis of manipulation tactics you are using - trying to set things up making me some terrible guy that scares people in the game and the most frightened of all is, naturally, you. Now that's disaccreditation of one's character. But it never worked, so why now? Besides, you were receptive of that kind of correspondence in previous round, but considering how you went left with they way you behaved, you are actually pinning my approaches as sinister. Truly happy to know you are with your peace now. I believe people can up themsleves and nice to witness that process with fellow co-player even though anything that isn't related to #1 is not something you need, but I choose to be compassionate.
  2. Ghostface

    Well, players did feel a little bit uncomfortable witnessing your actions, but I didn't mean that you should issue an apology for them/us. In fact, would an apology matter if it weren't honest? You can't blame people for pointing out inappropriate behaviour. You should be happy that you are playing with such no-complacent people. They also chose to accept your new stance on the whole thing, which speaks enough. And no one is trying to bring down anyone's character. You can't be striking the match and be the hurt innocent simultaneously. They are not goofy now, they were intially goofy posts and everyone seemed aware of that. Just like everyone was aware of your over-indulgent actions. So, yes, not the same. And of course, you are free to feel the way you like about those statements, but you will be the only one taking them at face value and as you please, especially in a situation where there is fire under your feet, so you need bigger "bad guy". But, I accepted that and glad that mine terrible posts dissolved the second you heard pleasant tune/voice. Maybe those weren't that difficult ( and that much trauma inducing ) to cope with after all. Evidence? Evidence that you went out of your way to assure you get those points. You were constantly trying to get those points and host was bending the reachings of the universe to eventually accept them, so that your projection of being first happens, but you reached your pick tonight with how much you can hit the gas pedal. And I would like to speculate that we haven't seen everything you are capable of, but I am actually rooting for you and your peace of mind, especially now that you are calming your spirits down with music.
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    We are now able to conclude this round. Definitely more on the anticlimatic side considering High by the Beach basked into pool of 8 favouring votes in contrast to Burnt Norton, which had gathered 2 saving votes making it our next evicted song. @V For Vendetta , it was really nice having you on board for your time being in the game. Thank you for your contribution to this thread. Don't forget that you are taking part in last round, so expecting you there. @Snow ( High by the Beach ) is getting comfortable in Head of Household's chair yet again. But, of course, it won't be without special task to complete. First, every song that could have been possibly put up for eviction in previous round ( 24, Salvatore, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood and Music to Watch Boys To ) managed to avoid to vote for the nominees' pair that contained their own song. This will now grant you half of Head of Household benefits. @CharnyBoy @Moira O'Hara @LÉON all of you can possibly nominate 1 song and every song is fair game ( including these mentioned ), except High by the Beach. You will do this separately via PM. @Snow will have to do usual. You will need to choose up to 2 songs and considering you actually were nominated and managed to win HoH, you can possibly name songs that are now part-time Head of Households if you like. Songs that overlap in the PMs will be put in the ring during the course of next round. On a side note, since I am the host and the player that has to choose one song to nominate, I will be using Wheel Decide/Wheel of Fortune for that.
  4. Ghostface

    Well, we had chance to find out those aren't only observations on my part. People saw through that technique, but it is all right, because what else could you state anyway? An apology was at least cute, even though odd coming all of a sudden, but I am sure it is and will be decently appreciated. Oh, such a pity and I was being happy you would try that theme. Oh well, there are millions of those, so you will apply few of them over time. Also, don't cling to false speculations that someone has conversations in their head. And you never said how willingly you would take that, but fine, at least, things are exciting with all those shenanigans on your part. Well, I would say tribulation here is you trying to make my goofy posts seem like serious statements and on par with your actions, but we both know they are not the same. And believe me, I trust in your intention to calm down a bit, because there isn't stress-inducing factor ( like, not being on the leaderboard's top for example ) in sight yet, so that's good actually. Those were questions and I choose to believe you if you classify them as speculations. Playing the villain is continuous act and hard work after all, it goes to the end of the game, so you have to regroup at times and deescalate. And we all will welcome that.
  5. Ghostface

    You also didn't remember what have you initially caused soon enough after things had gone south for the host, but it was nice to see you can at least pretend you are well intentioned. Sea-beach theme is really suiting on the screen for the summer though, so you can try that one. It makes me content knowing you are playing to win. And no matter what like we had chance to witness. Speaking of problems, maybe that's the one that should be solved first. And no, dear co-player, I am nothing but fond of you. And of all your tribulations. And something makes me believe you were ready to put us all on fire, because you wanted those points so bad. If beating a dead horse is not your favourite thing to do, what about beating alive horse, or host, or other co-players? Filthy mind inside your skull it seems is interesting for this kind of conceptual game, but needs to be pointed out as such.
  6. Ghostface

    The only common ground here is that you will change your current phone theme like you promised, so I am glad it will work out for you. Not my fault I stated things I/people normally do. Well, like I mentioned, I am glad it keeps you fulfilled being at the summit of the scoreboard. Seems like nice source of validation. I like that for you. The greed for points that managed to make host's life living hell in a few minutes, because you didn't score everything you wanted with those nice answers is also not something relatable, but I am once again happy to find out it won't keeping you awake. I mean, producers chose right person to play villain I guess.
  7. Ghostface

    I guess it doesn't make sense if you say so, but reality is reality and it will be okay for you new phone theme as well, I promise you. Stop with the projections about haunting down some points, data analysis answerer. I am happy to know you are keeping track of the leaderboard though. Maybe you will even win. I bet that would calm you down a bit. Well, I have clear conscience, so I will. But I will pray for your peaceful rest as well.
  8. Ghostface

    Applying new theme is applying new theme. Seems like you will have to accept it and try it on your phone, because you use it that much so there is a possibiltiy you will get bored with the same one after a while. I don't know what points you are trying to gain as well, because not all answers are worth them apparently. Neither on Earth nor Mars.
  9. Ghostface

    I love being surrounded by dreamers. But yes, I messed up with that P round thinking it was T half of the time, so you might have a shot.
  10. Ghostface

    Well, if you are applying new theme, that means you are changing previous one. At least here on Earth. I can't vouch for those heavy farms on Mars containing usual mechanics where people go on a date to practice their wellness skills.
  11. Ghostface

    It means that you can change current pic/theme on your phone's screen while being inside auger on some fictional farm.
  12. Ghostface

    I didn't know aphids had charcater nor that they would know what verbal assault is.
  13. Ghostface

    You would have better shot with Pretty Please by pop phenomenom Dua Lipa projected to amass most points for her biggest pick on the Pandora chart in Paraugay.
  14. Ghostface

    Alright, this was actually unpredictable turn of events and it aligned well with the game itself. It was funnier to be here like some sort after the after-game thing. Hope no one will actually feel bothered, it was fun. But, on the other side, I hope host gets rest and have good laugh while reading all these pages tomorrow. The most timportant thing is that we are having fun and we are feeling sorry if anyone overindulged themsleves too much.
  15. Ghostface

    I did, they replied: UrBANov Arrested.
  16. Ghostface

    My wish will come true once this report get past FOTP's authorities' verifaction and FOTP's Game Community approval.
  17. Ghostface

    Well, maybe host should host this game when you are at work, so you get even more efficient while answering.
  18. Ghostface

    @Urbanov are you at work right now? Why aren't you answering my calls when I know you don't let your phone slip out of your hands?
  19. Ghostface

    Maybe @Urbanov is home/baby-sitter, so he has to use phone to contact home owners, parents, collect data where they are, when they will be back, etc.
  20. Ghostface

    I answered with applying theme that one though, so no. It is okay. There are worse things than getting disqualification.
  21. Ghostface

    I am also filing a report for your disqualification. And I am doing it on my phone indeed. Note that for letter R.
  22. Ghostface

    Hey, setting @Urbanov on fire is fun! And also, host is not coming. I hope those who contributed to this won't get to sleep tonight and rot instead.